Winter Clothes:  A Guide on how to layer up, keep warm and look good

Winter Clothes: A Guide on how to layer up, keep warm and look good


Looking good in winter clothes is all about layering. Cute winter outfits are about pairing the staple base layers with the comfiest finishing touches. Create a stylish winter look that is doing bits to keep you warm in the weather.

It’s time to layer up!

Must-have base layers

To face the harsh cold weather, you’re going to want to have a selection of staples that act as the base layers to your outfits. Finding winter clothes that both insulate your body and stay flattering doesn’t have to be a one pick fix. Instead, you can prepare yourself with the basics and dress up the look with added extras to suit any wintery occasion. Plus, by investing in the base layers, you’re giving yourself endless options for alternative outfits to re-wear over the season.

Winter Leggings

Let’s start from the bottom. Getting yourself a super snug pair of winter leggings is the ideal base layer for your winter clothes collection. They are skinny fit to keep you warm and they look amazing when styled with chunky hoodies, jumpers and coats. A perfect starting point for your winter look.

LOVALL model wears the Everyday Winter Leggings in Oatmeal Beige.

Our Winter Everyday High Waisted Leggings are an obvious choice for this base layer look. With a brushed interior that is designed to be thick, plush, and perfect for daily wear, this legging is designed to take on the cold. On top of being warm for the weather, these leggings come with a non-see-through guarantee and have a sculpting and supportive high-rise waistband. Keeping you feeling confident even in the cold. It’s a win, win for your winter base layer – keeping you looking and feeling good despite the icy climate.

Want to take it up a notch? Kickstart your winter fit with a layer that has been created to take on the coldest of weather. Designed to be fully insulating, the Extreme Fleece Lined Leggings are your snow-facing basics for your winter clothes collection. Padded with a soft and cosy fleece lining and made from thick ribbed fabric, these leggings provide the ultimate protection against the cold. If you are planning any trips to go skiing or are headed to a colder climate these are ideal. Whilst they are also a must-have item for when the winter storms hit here in the UK too.

Winter Tops

Whilst the jumpers and jackets are the exciting part to the winter look, you need to settle on a base that will help keep you warm and block out the draft. Pair a Seamless Bralette (for the shear comfort factor) with an Everyday T-shirt that can be tucked in to keep things extra snuggly, or left loose… either way, these are your base layer staples for your top half during the winter months.

Model wearing the Black Everyday T-Shirt by LOVALL

Cute winter outfits must start with the winter tops that are not going to be too thick, elaborate, or inconvenient when it comes to layering up. Adding layers is the driving force to what will keep you warm, so don’t over-complicate things with endless thick layers. The Michelin man is not a trendy look for winter 2023.

The idea is to keep things basic. Allowing you to build the fit from the base layer into a complete winter winner of an outfit. Our Everyday T-shirts come in Black, White and Light Grey, keeping things super simple. The real fun starts with the added layers.

The Next Layer

Once your base layer is sorted, you can begin the true layering magic to get your winter outfit completed. Through styling with different fabrics, thick and cosy add-ons, and casual, yet warm, winter clothes, you can achieve a thoughtful winter look.

Model wearing a grey jumper with Everyday High Waisted Leggings by LOVALL

Our top jumper for getting snuggly is the Oversized Chunky Knit Hoodie. You can enjoy proper festivities out in the cold whilst staying super cosy. Completed with a floppy hood and a wide, double-front pocket, you can cover your ears and hands to protect them from the cold, covering all basis in one item. The Chunky Knit Hoodie is not just for those outings either, it is the best for sinking into the sofa along with a mug of hot chocolate on a winters evening.

Sticking with the knitted vibe, the Cable Knit Jumpers give a lean towards the festive seasons with their plait-style pattern and soft fabric design. Again, delivering that oversized appearance to allow you to cosy right into the jumper, this is a must-have for layering up your outfits.

Winter days need those throw-over sweatshirts and hoodies that are always to hand around the house. Stock up on the basic, layering up items to complete your winter wardrobe in time for the drop in temperature. The Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt and the Everyday Pullover Hoody are timeless layers that can fit under your winter coats when out and about, as well as being the comfy go-to for lounging around.

Finishing Touches

You’ve layered up your outfit, so all that’s left to do is finish it off.

When going out for your winter adventures, you’re going to want to find a winter coat that prioritises keeping you comfortable and dry (afterall, we all know what a British winter looks like). For an everyday look, we love a short puffer jacket. The cropped styles go perfectly with high-waisted leggings, as the whole outfit aligns with your silhouette. But, if you’re out all day, you’re going to want something a little more substantial. Last winter puffer trench coats were all the rage, and we’re expected a comeback this year too! They off length, warmth, and a chic, fashionable look for winter. We can’t wait to get our hands on some to pair up with our LOVALL looks.

Model sitting on floor in LOVALL Everyday Leggings in Beige, a cosy cardigan, and pulling up some thick, white socks.

It's not all about the main-body pieces though. Invest in some winter-worthy socks. This is a top tip for having a comfortable winter. There is nothing worse than frozen toes. Make sure you get good quality socks that will last the whole season, and a thick yet practical range that will fit into your favourite trainers.

Once you’ve added those final pieces, you’ll be equipped for a winter full of chilly weather, and maybe even a white Christmas. Job done.

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Margarita - Height: 5'9 | Wearing Size 10 Tall

Extreme Fleece Lined Leggings - Black

Extreme Fleece Lined Leggings - Black

Maternity Winter Everyday Leggings - Stone

Maternity Winter Everyday Leggings - Stone

Maternity Winter Everyday Leggings - Stone

Jade - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 14

Oversized Chunky Knit Hoodie - Beige

Oversized Chunky Knit Hoodie - Beige

Sarah - Height: 5'7 | Wearing Size 8

Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt - Forest Green

Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt - Forest Green


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