Top Maternity Lounge Sets for the Modern Mom-To-Be

Top Maternity Lounge Sets for the Modern Mom-To-Be


Let’s take the pressure off pregnancy, with a healthy dose of relaxation. And what’s more relaxing than sitting back in pure comfort wearing the perfect lounge set. The top maternity lounge sets are those that elevate those precious chilled moments during your maternity. So, we’re here to help guide you to make the most of those precious moments!

Discover out top choices for Maternity Lounge Sets, and why they’re our favourite combos to get your through your pregnancy in comfort. Here’s a sneak peak of the sets we’ve got lots to say about in this article:

Maternity Seamless Set

Maternity Recharge Joggers & Everyday Pullover Hoodie

Maternity Luxe Leggings & Luxe Sweatshirt

Maternity Seamless Set

Starting with Seamless, because it’s one of the best. Which is proven by it being a bestseller!

The Maternity Seamless Set is an irresistibly silky combination, which prioritises comfort and support. The on-trend look is in keeping with modern style, something often neglected in women’s maternity clothes.

Woman wears Maternity Seamless Set in Chocolate Brown, against a white backdrop.

Maternity styles do not have to be frumpy and old-fashioned, and the Seamless Set is proof of this. A fashion-first fit that doesn’t compromise of comfort or practicality. The Seamless Set is crafted with buttery soft fabric, to treat you to that luxurious feel, whilst holding your bump with a secure, compression fit.

The best bits…

• A seamless design to keep things looking smooth

• Non-see-through guarantee to elevate confidence

• Sweat-wicking fabric to avoid unwanted patches

• Over-the-bump band with 4-way stretch

Jogger & Hoodie Set

Cosiness comes in the form of Joggers and a good Hoodie. Which is why, maternity style belongs in the form of a Jogger set that works to provide this ultimate level of comfort for moms-to-be.

Pairing up the Maternity Recharge Joggers with an oversized Everyday Hoodie (to accommodate you and bump), creates the ideal fit for lounging in. Afterall, whilst your body is busy growing a whole other human, it deserves to be treated to some proper relaxation.

Olivia Bowen wears Maternity Recharge Joggers, with white tops and oversized shirts. She stands on the stairs in her home.

The Recharge Joggers give that slim fit feel, not clinging to your body but not drooping too baggy either. A perfect in-between. With soft fabric, they are a maternity outfit staple that you can enjoy wearing. And matching them up with the Everyday Hoodie, creates that snuggled finished look and feel that you’re after.

The best bits…

• Joggers designed with breathable fabric for your comfort

• Soft-touch fabric which is kind to your skin

• Hoodie complete with brushed lining for optimised cosiness

• Supportive and super soft over-the-bump band on the Joggers

Leggings & Sweatshirt Set

Living in leggings might have been your usual standard pre-pregnancy, and it can be during too! Leggings are a go-to for your maternity loungewear looks, but we’ve got a way to elevate your Leggings fits even more.

The Maternity Luxe Leggings are all about bringing you a touch of luxury to your comfy looks whilst pregnant. Designed with luxurious levels of comfort, these Leggings are more than your everyday pair. They’re born to be lounged around in.

Olivia Bowen wears the Maternity Luxe Lounge Leggings, sat on an armchair.

But you can’t have a complete maternity lounge set without a cosy top layer to complete it. Match up the Luxe Leggings with the Luxe Sweatshirt. We recommend going oversized to suit you and your growing bump. Lean into the luxury feel with this ultimate loungewear combination.

The best bits…

• Luxe means luxury, which is what you’ll get with this set

• Brush-lined interiors to optimise comfort

• Cosy, soft and in-keeping with on-trend maternity styles

• Leggings are complete with a supportive and comfortable over-the-bump band.

Your Maternity Fit

As a mom-to-be, there is enough going on without the worry of what to wear. Sit back and relax in maternity loungewear that will suit your ‘at home’ looks, or your casual everyday style.

Our guide of maternity lounge sets will see you through your pregnancy in pure comfort. So there’s one less thing to worry about whilst maternity takes over.

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