How to Style Coloured Leggings with Confidence

How to Style Coloured Leggings with Confidence


Spring and summer are all about colour. But being comfortable shouldn’t have to come as secondary. You can achieve both with the right piece of clothing and the right tones, making our selection of coloured leggings perfect for keeping you comfy and on-trend this season.

But we’re not about to leave you to your own devices (although we know you can, of course, pull off the look). As legging experts, we can help you with how to style coloured leggings to get the summer look you deserve. Following our guide to wearing women’s coloured leggings with confidence, you’ll have your outfits sorted for every occasion of the summer.

Colours to Choose From

First things first, you need to decide what colours to choose from. We consider ourselves colour connoisseurs here at LOVALL, because we have over 18 colour options in many of our leggings. But colours have a time and a place. So, for summer, your style is less likely to be revolved around burgundy red or dark grey and more around elderberry purple, powder blue, or sage green.

Model stands in studio wearing the Mauve Lightweight Leggings.

The colours of the summer are light, bright, and joyful. Which is exactly why buying leggings in the shades that give off this energy, will uplift your style for the season. So, take a look at our long list of colour recommendations to get you started for your spring/summer looks.

• Light Grey

• Natural Beige

• White

• Mauve

• Powder Blue

• Sage Green

• Steel Blue

• Slate Green

There is one take away from all these colours and shades. They are light. They uplift an outfit with colour, rather than bringing cosy, muted vibes that a navy or brown might. That’s not to say there is no place for these colours in your wardrobe. But, when it comes to summer styling, the light colours are the way to go to bring a casual outfit into the season seamlessly.

Styling the Colours

The ways in which you can style a look can be dependent on the colour you go for. Therefore, starting with the colours you love for your leggings, means you can style a complete outfit around that one staple piece.

Model stands in studio wearing White Lightweight Leggings with grey top.

For many of these summer colours, you can’t go far wrong with white. It keeps things on the right track with the brightness and gives that clean aesthetic that is so sought after this season. A white ribbed tank top will often pair well with any coloured leggings, whether you’ve gone for pastel leggings or bright leggings. That is the beauty of the simplicity of the colour white.

Don’t underestimate a matching look too. Colours that you know will always go together are ones that are the same. Whether that means finding a matching set to style, or getting pieces that happen to match in colour. It gives an elevated feel that offers coordinated style. Think seamless, leggings or athleisure sets! One colour can be stunning.

The Whole Look

For a summer feel, it’s not just about colour pairings. The fit is important too. Obviously, we’re not about turtlenecks and tight long sleeves for summer. But the short sleeves, tanks, floaty shirts, and crop tops are all in.

We love the combination of a ribbed tank top, overlayed with an over-sized shirt. Roll up the sleeves and either leave the shirt open or tie it loosely at the bottom. This way you get the coverage whilst staying cool and stylish.

Model wears Beige Leggings with crop top.

Alternatively, a tank on its own gives that causal and chilled look. Tanks are brilliant for a simple look that suits your figure beautifully. Especially when the bottom of the tank meets the top of your high waisted leggings, because it flatters your silhouette.

Footwear and accessories are just as important as the main event. And when it comes to wearing coloured leggings, getting the accessories spot on is crucial to finalise the look. When you’ve gone for bright leggings, reigning the look in with muted accessories and trainers can tie the aesthetic together. It’ll look sleek without being too much.

Equally, if you’ve chosen more pastel leggings, then staying on trend with the rest of the look is vital. Which means going for a gentle aesthetic. We’re thinking tote bags and sandals! It’ll give summer and fashion all at once.

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