Looking After Your Denim Jeans: Tips & Tricks

Looking After Your Denim Jeans: Tips & Tricks


You’ve found your perfect pair of jeans from LOVALL… now it’s time to take care of them so they stay perfect. Not to worry, if there is one thing we know, it’s how to look after a pair of Denim Jeans.

We’re bringing you all the tips and tricks you need to keep your Jeans in good condition. From how to shrink Jeans to how to wash jeans, we’ve got you. If you are able to keep your Jeans in the best condition, it’ll save you time and money. So read carefully!

Product Care for LOVALL Denim

There are a number of tips we recommend for all our Denim ranges at LOVALL, which will give you the best chance at keeping the Jeans you love for longer. Due to the cotton fabric blend of our Denim, these are the best product care suggestions to follow to keep the stretch, fit, and quality of the Jeans.

Zoomed in image of LOVALL leather label on back of light bleach jeans.

Our recommendations include:

• Wash Cool: Putting Jeans on a 30 wash is ideal for looking after them and the environment.

• Do Not Bleach: Don’t attempt to bleach the fabric, it will ruin the quality.

• Iron on Medium Heat: Ironing is fine but don’t allow the temperatures to get too hot.

• Do Not Dry Clean: Dry cleaning can involve extra chemicals not used in home washing, which could react badly with the denim.

Depending on the pair of Jeans, there might be further suggestions under ‘Product Care’, so be sure to read these carefully.

How to Wash Jeans?

The most common question when it comes to looking after your Denim Jeans, is how to wash them. Learning how to wash Jeans properly can save you from turning your favourite pair of Jeans into something unwearable.

Model wears Mid Blue Jeans and sits on a cream sofa.

At LOVALL all our Jeans are machine washable. So, there is no need to get to scrubbing the denim clean by hand. However, there are conditions. When it comes to denim washing, it’s not the trickiest fabric, but it’s all about being conscious of temperatures.

You should wash Denim Jeans on a low temperature to maintain the fabric quality and avoid any risk of shrinkage. The cotton blends are vulnerable to high heat. Meaning anything about 30 degrees might mean risking the cotton contracting and shrinking, or even thinning and losing its shape retention qualities.

Can you Tumble Dry Jeans?

It depends. Tumble Drying jeans hugely depends on the fabrics and make-up of the denim. Always check the individual instructions and recommendations of the products because the advice will differ.

Take a look at whether you can tumble dry jeans by LOVALL below:

Lift & Shape Jeans: Do Not Tumble Dry

Straight Jeans: Do Not Tumble Dry

Mom Jeans: Tumble Dry on a LOW Heat

Jeggings: Do Not Tumble Dry

Denim Shorts: Do Not Tumble Dry

Maternity Straight Jeans: Do Not Tumble Dry

Maternity Jeggings: Do Not Tumble Dry

Model wears Black Straight Jeans and stands looking in the mirror.

Mom Jeans can be tumble dried, but similarly to the precautions you need to take when washing your Jeans, they cannot get too hot. Therefore, you have to be mindful to keep the temperatures low.

If you did tumble dry the items against the instructions, then you might find the Jeans shrink, don’t retain their shape, thin, or lose quality. It is much better to allow them to air dry.

The Shape of Jeans

Everyone loves a different and specific fit for their Jeans, which is why we created a collection of Denim that would suit every style. Whether that’s a skinny fit, relaxed fit, or straight leg fit. However, we know some people still want to make the Jeans their own.

Model wears light bleach Jeans with yellow cardigan and sits on cream sofa.

We often see questions like ‘how to shrink jeans’ and ‘how to stretch jeans’. Really, the answer is you should avoid trying to do these things for yourself, and instead if you find the perfect fit using our Size Guides, then you shouldn’t need to shrink or stretch out the fit.

All our Denim is crafted to have added stretch; therefore, these should mould perfectly to your body. Equally, if you feel you need to shrink the Jeans down, you might be better dropping a size and seeing what the fit is.

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