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Clothing for Summer Styled Your Way

Clothing for Summer Styled Your Way


Summer is officially, and finally, upon us. It's felt like a long wait to get some sunshine here in the UK. But it's finally arrived and, with it, so is the need for a new summer wardrobe. Discover how to style summer outfits this season and get all the best clothing for summer, whilst it lasts.

If there's something we know, it's summer fashion for women. LOVALL is your go-to for all the seasons, including everyone’s favourites - summer. We're talking lightweight fits, short staples, and linen looks. But once you've got all these for your summer capsule, the next step is styling them.

Cute summer outfits don't create themselves. So, take our advice and style these looks our way so it becomes your way, and your new summer style.

Lightweight Summer Outfits

Lightweight is what we do best at summer. We don't believe in giving up all your favourite go-to looks because the weather is warming up. Instead of you changing your style, we've brought you the same staples but in a luxury, lightweight alternative.

Love everyday leggings? Get them in lightweight. Love a flared look? Get them in lightweight. Love cycling shorts? Get them in in lightweight. That's right we've got all the bottoms you could wish for in lightweight options, crafted specifically for summer.

Model stands in a studio wearing the Mauve Lightweight Leggings, a white crop top, and trainers.

Lightweight leggings can be directly swapped out for any other legging outfit you've been rocking all year long. Whether that's with a tank top and over shirt, an oversized tee, or a crop top number. These high waisted leggings give every aspect needed, from a sculpting fit to non-see-through guarantees. So, if you're not ready to give up your legging looks, these are the perfect alternative to get you through the warm days of summer without neglecting your style.

The same applies for flares and cycling shorts. All crafted with a flattering high waist, they are so easily paired with any top, from graphic t-shirts to simple tank tops. Flares are the on-trend summer lightweight piece. Whilst cycling shorts are the ultimate go-tos when it gets really hot. Thanks to having both the breathability and the mid-thigh finish.

Short Summer Outfits

We're hoping the summer isn't short, but that doesn't mean your outfits can't be. Summer 2024 is the time to get your damn legs out. Every beautiful body deserves to make the absolute most of the sunshine. Which is why we encourage every woman to make the most of shorts this season.

If you fear your body isn't made for shorts, let us assure you that you're wrong. Every style we're inspiring in this blog is for every women. From plus size summer outfits to petite summer outfits. There's a reason our collections go from sizes 6 - 28 and lengths petite to tall. And that's because everyone deserves to feel their best in summer clothes that fit and flatter.

Model stands in a studio wearing Light Blue Denim Shorts and a White Tank Top.

Our shorts collection includes denim shorts, linen shorts, and those all-important lightweight shorts.

Denim shorts are ideal for that festival feel, pair them with cowboy boots and a floaty white blouse for that vibe. Or go down the more casual route with a simple tank top and a wedged heel.

Linen gives a holiday aesthetic. Light, breezy, and so in style. They're perfect to pair up with a tight top, so you get the best of both worlds with the relaxed fit linen and the skinny fit top. This will work wonders for highlighting your figure... which, by the way, deserves to be shown off.

Finally, we've said it before, but we'll say it again, lightweight cycling shorts are practically made for an oversized tee, trainers and crew sock combination. Super casual and on-trend, it's a look you can wear everyday this summer.

Linen Summer Outfits

We've touched on the linen looks with shorts, but there is more where that came from. Incorporate linen into your summer capsule, and see just how versatile it can be. From light colours like white or sage to bring out that soft vibe, or go darker with black or navy. Either way, it's the perfect piece for the sunshine.

Model stands in a studio wearing White Linen Trousers and a white crop top.

Women's summer outfits cannot be complete without linen incorporated somewhere along the way. Linen trousers are so easy to slip on over a bikini on the beach, or dress up for an evening out in the sun. Whether you're on holiday abroad or loving the British summer, they're a must.

If you have popped down to the beach, a simple linen look with an oversized t-shirt (with a classy French-tuck of course) is the perfect 'throw over' look. Keeping you on-style and dressed for the occasion.

Alternatively, pair the linen trousers with a ribbed tank top for a contrast in textures, or opt for a crop top that allows the drawstring detail to be shown. Then finish the look with some slip on sandals to give that proper summery finish.

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