Beginners Guide: Workout Routines and Women’s Gym Clothes

Beginners Guide: Workout Routines and Women’s Gym Clothes


Exercising is about choosing a routine and having the confidence to stick to it. Doing a workout doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can find confidence through working to your own abilities and wearing women’s gym clothes that support and flatter as you do your thing.

In this article, we’ll give you the low-down on workout routines you can get started with. As well as a debrief of women’s gym clothes that will get you through each type and extra resources to help you through. If you’re a beginner in the world of working out, we’ve got you. Check out these tips and discover what’s best to get you started.

What type of exercise takes your fancy? We’ll be covering all beginner bases with the following:

• Yoga Routine

• Running Routine

• Gym Routine

Giving you the best easy start into each of the above, as well as the outfits that are best suited for each. We’re here to give you confidence and get you feeling empowered to look after your body and your mind through exercise.

Yoga Routine

Yoga is the perfect form of relaxing exercise. But, don’t be fooled, it’s not an easy alternative to other forms of exercise. It takes core strength, flexibility, and stamina. Like anything though, there are beginner routines to ease you in and build yourself up.

Women take part in a yoga class, on LOVALL yoga mats and wear variations of the Empower Set by LOVALL.

Your weekly yoga routine as a newbie, should go a little something like this…

1. 2 – 3 Sessions per week

2. 30 – 60 minute sessions

3. Rest days between sessions

4. Full body workouts

As a beginner, you don’t want to push yourself too hard too quickly. It’ll only de-motivate you and put your body through unnecessary wear.

Instead, setting aside 2 – 3 days in the week to do some yoga is a good goal. For these routines, you’ll want to do between 30 – 60 minutes (go with what feels right for your body), making sure you use your whole body and follow a dynamic routine. This will ensure you’re building the strength in every area and therefore, make it easier in the long run.

To feel fully confident whilst getting your yoga on, we have the fits that will work with your body as you stretch and flex. And here are our top picks:

• Empower Flared Leggings & Top

Revitalise Leggings

Seamless Leggings & Bralette

The great thing about Yoga is that there is always a nearby class to join, check out your local gym for classes or search for independent classes near you. Guaranteed there’ll always be one fairly close by. Alternatively, you can do yoga from home. Either find free tutorials on YouTube or subscribe to online classes.

Some of our favourite resources for your new Yoga routine include Glo, HelloYoga App, and Yoga by Candace.

Running Routine

For some, the idea of running is hell. But we are all novices once, and the thing with running is you have to stick at it to see improvements. Running is all about compound training, eventually it’ll feel easier and easier, quicker and quicker. But it does take a certain level of commitment. Which is no problem for you, as we’ve got the routine to get you feeling good as you run.

Woman leans against a wall wearing the Empower Leggings Set by LOVALL, and running trainers.

To get you started with running, your week should consist of a routine like this…

1. 1 slow run – 50% of your ultimate effort

2. 1 speed run – shorter distance, at a quicker pace

3. 1 long run – run a 5k (or longer) at a comfortable pace

That’s 3 runs a week, but we’re not talking crazy distances. Your slow run could be 3k, and your speed run 1k, and your long run 5k. Whatever distances and paces work for you are fine. The key is, go slower than you think. It’s all about starting slow and finishing strong. Rather than sprinting off and not making it 500 meters. As a beginner if your pace is around 8 min kilometres or possibly more, that’s great. To be a runner, all you have to do is get out on a run… it’s not about time or distance.

Embrace the running life, with gym leggings and outfits that actually work practically for you. Ignore these runners who gatekeep the good clothes for themselves, because they think they’re elite for running a 4 min/km pace. Get clothes that work for you. Our running favourites include:

• Empower Leggings, Gym Top & Gym Jacket

Energise Leggings

Seamless Bralette

Some of our favourite running resources to get you going as a beginner running include Couch to 5k, Strava, and Runners Resource.

Gym Routine

One of the biggest things we hear from women, is that the gym intimidates them. Understandable, but easy to overcome.

Before going to the gym, there is this misconception that everyone is watch you and judging you. When in reality, no one is looking or really cares. Everyone is there for themselves, and that’s all they are concentrating on. In fact the gym community, is generally a very welcoming and supportive place, and as a beginner you are more likely to run into people who are happy to help rather than there to judge.

Woman stands in a gymnasium wearing the Focus Leggings and Empower Top by LOVALL.

So, if you’re taking the first step into having a ‘gym life’, here’s our recommended gym routine to get you going.

1. 3 Sessions per week.

2. Focus on a different area of the body each time.

3. Always start with some cardio and finish with a cool down.

The gym is a great place to have the freedom to work whatever part of your body you would like. To cover all bases, it’s good to set yourself a routine to focus on a different area on each session. For example, if you’re going 3 days a week, you could to leg day, rest day, arm day, rest day, core strength day, rest day. Or similar.

Whatever your pick of the day though, it’s good to start with a 20-minute warm up with some cardio – whether that’s on the treadmill, bike, cross-trainer or otherwise. And again, allow yourself time for a 10-minute cool down at the end of your session.

To get you through all that, you’ll want some gym clothes you can rely of to fit, flatter, and perform as you workout. Our favourite picks for the gym include:

• Empower Leggings, Gym Top & Gym Jacket

Focus Leggings

Seamless Bralette

Now that you have sorted your routine and outfits, here are some great resources to help you get your gym journey well and truly on the way. Our top picks include YouTube’s Naomi Kong’s ‘How to Use Gym Equipment’ series, 8Fit App, and Women’s Health gym articles.

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