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Why is this Summer So Cold? Outfits for a Cool Summer

Why is this Summer So Cold? Outfits for a Cool Summer


We’re willing the sun to shine a little more this season, but so far, we’ve had the worst of a UK summer. Cold and wet. But why is this summer so cold? We need to know why our, usually heat wave weather, has been replaced by cold, rainy days at this time of year.

We were all waiting for the warm weather but instead, we’re turning back to our warm clothes to keep off the chill. Let’s hope that the sun and heat are just around the corner, but until then we need to get some summer breeze clothing in our wardrobes to prepare for more of this cold summer.

Woman sits with a coffee wearing brown winter leggings and a jumper

Why is this Summer So Cold?

We’ve been doing our research, because this weather is not it. According to the experts at the BBC, the cold days are all down to the ‘jet stream’… yeah, we didn’t know what that meant either. But apparently, it’s brought us low pressure and strong winds here in the UK. And now cool temperatures and clouds have settled in for the start of July. Not ideal.

Apparently, however, we are not the only ones. Across a fair chunk of Europe, the cold weather has spread. Which isn’t ideal for those of us that have summer holiday breaks booked in for a European city break.

However, with every cloud (literally) comes a silver lining. And at LOVALL, we’re here to bring it to you because we have the perfect fits to layer up in to keep off the chill. So the question doesn’t have to be ‘why is this summer so cold’ but instead ‘why have I left it so long to update my wardrobe’.

We still have our fingers crossed that the warm weather is on its way. But until then, let’s get prepped with stylish fits that combat the cold summer weather.

Outfits for a Cool Summer

Investing in warm clothes now means you can keep off the cold during this miserable summer and be prepped for autumn and winter. But just how warm do you want to be? Summer breeze clothing can help layer up your outfits to keep warm that way, or you can get properly prepared with winter clothes to make use of on the worst days of the season and be ready for more cold days ahead.

Summer Breeze Clothing

For your summer breeze style, you’re going to want those everyday go-tos that are full length, but light enough to keep you comfortable in temperatures between 15 – 17 degrees.

Woman sits on a sofa wearing sage green everyday leggings and a cream cardigan.

A pair of Everyday Leggings is one you can’t go wrong with. Ideal to have in your wardrobe whatever the season, they’ll be the perfect thing to grab and wear on the cold summer days. They’re soft and cosy, with a brushed interior, but won’t become overwhelming to wear all day long in this unpredictable weather.

Woman sits on a chair with a small table by her side. She wears beige everyday leggings and a white tank top. She also has the beige everyday comfy sweatshirt around her shoulders.

Having an extra layer, that you can shove on whenever that cold chill comes, is a must. Grab yourself a cosy sweatshirt that can easily be wrapped around your shoulders or popped over your outfit whenever needed. The Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt is the perfect answer. It’s light enough to carry round with you, keeps your look stylish, and will deter the cold from reaching you.

Finally, you’re going to want some denim on days like these. Denim is thick enough to keep you warm but with a casual enough feel that stays on trend in summer. After all, who wants to compromise their style of the season just because the weather didn’t get the memo.

Zoomed in of Lift & Shape Jeans in dark blue. Model has her hand in her back pocket.

Lift & Shape jeans are the skinny fit denim that’ll get you through a cold summer whilst staying fashionable. Back on the rise, skinny jeans keep your legs warm with their form fitting design, but they don’t take it too far. You can be sure there is no chance of getting too hot, if the temperatures rise, and with various shades you can keep the summery aesthetic without risking catching a chill.

Warm Clothes for Summer

But what about when the temperatures really are saying more ‘winter’ than ‘summer’ in the middle of July. Unfortunately, that’s what we’ve all been experiencing. So, we’re not being dramatic when we say these warm essentials are needed earlier than ever before.

Zoomed in image of the fleece lining of the stone Winter Leggings.

Winter Everyday Leggings. Hear us out! We would never normally be talking about fleece lined leggings this early in the year. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and in this case, we are desperate to feel warm this summer. So, if thermal leggings are needed, why are we denying ourselves the simple pleasure of warmth.

Enjoy the feel of cosiness with the Winter Everyday Leggings which, traditionally, are designed for the cold weather when we head into the coldest season of the year. However, we’re in what should be the warmest and we’ve still not put away our slippers and blankets. And the last thing we want is to put the heating on in summer! So, why are we not wearing the solution to all these cold summer issues?

Models legs wearing olive green winter leggings.

The fleece-lining can keep you cosy whether you’re in the house or out and about. By design, they also don’t appear to look anything different from your classic leggings. Which means you can stay on style, pairing these with the rest of your more summery wardrobe, all whilst secretly keeping warm. Create outfits around them as you would any other pair of leggings but enjoy feeling cosy as you go about your day. No one will understand your secret behind keeping warm in this cold summer. Problem solved!

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