When to Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

When to Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?


Mums-to-be know the drill when it comes to having a baby. You’re the first to swat up on what your baby will need when it arrives, and no doubt you have everything ready. But you might just be forgetting the things you need right now. Including maternity clothes.

So, when is the right time to start thinking about dressing for you and bump? The question of when to buy maternity clothes can only really be answered by you, as everyone’s body is different.

However, when clothes are starting to get uncomfortable, that’s a good sign that you need to switch to maternity options. On average you’ll reach this phrase at around 12 – 16 weeks. This is when your bump is starting to appear more obviously, and you begin to grow out of regular fits.

Buying Maternity Clothes that Last

When the time does come to start wearing maternity clothes, your attention then needs to turn to what you are looking for. Including quality. Pregnancy might only be temporary, but 9 months is longer than you’d think and buying a new wardrobe every month is not a situation you want to be in.

Model wears the Maternity Lightweight Leggings.

Therefore, the most important thing when it comes to buying maternity clothes, is making sure they are designed and crafted to see you through every trimester. That means buying clothes that will grow with your body. So you don’t need to think about when to start wearing maternity clothes that will fit you next month, and then the month after, etc. Instead, find the quality that will last, so you’re only buying one lot of maternity clothes (rather than 7 lots).

Key features that’ll indicate quality that will last include:

• Supportive over-the-bump band: You need this to be thick for support, but with enough stretch to grow with you.

• Added Lycra and/or 4-way stretch fabric: Having these qualities will prove that the material will flex to your body shape, no matter how big your belly gets.

• Compression fit: Opt for compression fits that mould to your body and won’t begin to sag as you stretch them out. It’s all about that shape retention.

Buying Maternity Clothes for the Seasons:

Maternity is hard enough, but going through the seasons whilst pregnant is tough. That’s finding the staple pieces that are made for the seasons are a good idea. So, whether your buying your maternity clothes in winter or summer, think ahead to when you’ll be most in need of the comfy clothes.

If you’re heading into winter whilst pregnant, you want the cosy fits that’ll support and keep you warm. Whereas for summer maternity clothes, you’ll be seeking those lightweight essentials that will hold everything in place whilst allowing breathability.

Model wears Maternity Lightweight Leggings in Steel Blue.

For mums-to-be hitting peak pregnancy between May – August, there is nothing you need more than some breathable, lightweight clothes that will see you through the hot days ahead. Look for the staples that will keep you comfortable, supported and cool. Maternity Lightweight Leggings are the fan favourite for this period because they go with everything but you don’t have to worry about getting too warm in them.

Similarly, in Winter, you’re going to want those snug and warm maternity clothes to see you through the season as comfortably as possible. Winter can be a little easier because you can always layer up. But having a good base layer that you can rely on is essential too. Maternity Winter Leggings do the trick at keeping you cosy and supported all at once.

Buying Maternity Clothes that suit your Lifestyle:

Looking at when to buy your maternity clothes, also means where you are going to need them most. Knowing your own lifestyle and the types of outfits you usually wear, gives you a good idea about what clothes you’ll need and when you’re going to need to wear them.

If you work full-time, and have an office style job, where you have to keep things formal, searching for key items for your work maternity wardrobe is a must. And getting on this sooner rather than later is always wise, as these can be some of the trickiest pieces to get your hands on.

If you can get away with it, getting a simple, smart pair of Black Maternity Leggings is a great idea. You can layer it with corporate clothes like an oversized blouse and blazer and you’re all sorted for your days in the office. Similarly, Maternity Jeans or Jeggings in black can be style to stay smart.

Model wears Black Maternity Lightweight Leggings with a black crop top and the Beige Sweatshirt.

Perhaps you’ve got a more relaxed work environment, or you work from home? In which case, don’t stress yourself about looking smart. Find loungewear that will keep you comfy and feeling supported all day long. Maternity Leggings and Joggers are the key to staying cosy and comfy throughout the day. Just remember to keep your eyes peel for those all-important features we mentioned earlier!

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