What to Wear with Linen Trousers?

What to Wear with Linen Trousers?


Spring and Summer are here, and Linen Trousers are making a comeback for the warm weather ahead. Creating perfect Linen Trousers outfits is the key to making your summer looks the best they can be this season. Which is why we’re here to help you with what to wear with Linen Trousers just in time for the sunshine.

Learning how to style Linen Trousers properly will elevate your summer outfits into cute, casual, and effortless looks that you can come back to time and time again when the sunny weather rolls around. But it’s all about having the right Linen for you, and the right timeless staples to pair with them.

Black & White Linen Looks

The beauty of linen is that it does the work for you. Linen Trousers for women give you that light and airy look, perfect for the summer, with that touch of added texture and interest with the wide leg shaping.

So, creating a simple look around Linen isn’t so tricky. And one of the ways you can lean into that simplicity is to go monochromatic with black and white looks. Whether that been an all-black outfit, an all-white outfit, or a mixture. This is one of the easiest ways to make the most of your Linen Trouser looks and let the linen do the talking.

Model wears full Black Outfit. With Black Linen Trousers, a Black Ribbed Tank, and black sandals. She leans against a wall in a Cyprus setting.

Pairing Black Linen Trousers with a cute Black Ribbed Tank Top creates that loose leg look that’s complimented by the more fitted top. It combines two alternative textures which keeps the outfit interesting. But with the complete black aesthetic you are keeping things simple and elegant. Pair the look with some matching black sandals, and your summery monochrome look is complete. Whoever said black wasn’t made for summer, was lying.

Model wears a full white outfit. With White Linen Trousers, White Crop Top, and black flip flops. She stands outside, in the sun in Cyprus.n

Alternatively, if you really want to lean into the brightness of Summer. Go all-white instead. The same concept as your full black look, but flipped to become soft, bright, and shiny for the sun. Take your White Linen Trousers and this time go with a cropped top to contrast. Having the white trousers with the white crop top brings the colours together, whilst providing that softness. The cropped look will break up the whiteness, so it’s not too overpowering, but keeps that one-colour trend alive.

Model wear Black Linen Trousers, white crop top and white sandals. She stands outside, holding a woven tote bag.

Finally, if you love both, why not combine them? Black Linen Trousers with that white crop top gives that same seamless colour aesthetic whilst mixing it up that little bit to create a whole new feel. Go with white sandals to match the top, and you’ve bookended your look perfectly.

Linen & Colour

Now, we love linen in black and white, but that’s not to say you can’t opt for colour too. Colourful Linen Trousers keep things soft but add that touch of something different to an outfit. So, when it comes to how to style Linen Trousers, you also need to think what style of Linen Trousers you want to start with.

A favourite for the more colour Linen Trouser Collection are the Sage Green Linen Trousers. These have been a sell-out in the Summer Seasons, and we can see why. They immediately bring an outfit to life with very little effort. Not only have you got the texture and shape working for your body, but you’ve also now got that touch of colour to spice up your summer outfit.

Model wears Sage Green Linen Trousers with white crop top. She stands outside with her hands in her pockets.

What to wear with Linen Trousers in Sage Green, doesn’t have to differ too much from the styles we’ve already spoken about. Although, we’d avoid pairing Sage Green and Black together, as this doesn’t blend too well. However, staying on the light and bright theme, Sage Green and White are a match made in heaven.

Slip on that White Crop or the White Ribbed Tank, and jobs done. You can always throw around a light cheesecloth or linen scarf in sage green to match your Trousers and keep off any chill. But really, the Trousers bring everything that’s needed to your look. So, keeping it simple, is that simple.

If you’re after some colour, but not in a bright kind of way, you could opt for the Stone Linen Trousers. They give a beige-y tone that’s not as out there as the sage green but not as muted as the white. Landing you perfectly in-between the two.

Model wears Stone Linen Trousers with a white cropped tee. She is stepping outside through some glass byfold doors with her hands in her hair.

Unlike the Sage Green, the Stone Linen does actually match well with black or white. So any of those staples we’ve already mentioned will work well. Whether that’s a tank top, a strappy crop, or you could even go for a plain tee. Just always math the colour of the top with the colour of your shoes and your simple outfit just became really thought-out and stylish.

Styling Linen Shorts

Okay, we know we’re talking about how to style Linen Trousers, but let’s give Linen Shorts the limelight for a second. Styling Linen Shorts is just as easy. All the same colour concepts apply. You just need to bear in mind that more skin is on show. So, for those warm days, make sure you grab your SPF.

Understanding how your skin tones works with the colours will help you find the Linen Shorts outfit that suits you best. All skin is beautiful, and there are ways you can style your outfit to suit yours best. Fair skin looks amazing with darker tones and dark or tanned skin looks amazing with light and bright tones. But really, whatever makes you feel confident is a winner.

Model wears White Linen Shorts with White Ribbed Tank. She stands outside laughing with a local person in Cyprus.

Linen Shorts and Trousers and ideal for your Summer at home, whenever the weather is delivering some sunshine, or even to take away with you on holiday. And, now you know how easy styling Linen Trousers is, there’s no stopping you looking your best in linen every time.

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