Everyday Outfits: What to Wear With Leggings?

Everyday Outfits: What to Wear With Leggings?


Everyday looks can be the biggest frustration when it comes to outfit planning. You need something simple, that just works. And the answer comes when you know how to style the best Everyday Leggings. We’re here to help you decide what to wear with Leggings.

No wardrobe is complete without those casual Leggings that you can wear on the daily. Problem is, styling Leggings to mix up your everyday outfits might need some added inspiration. That’s where we come in. Pair up the best everyday Leggings from LOVALL, with other timeless basics to create looks you can rely on.

What to Wear with Leggings: The Essentials

Before delving into the full outfit inspo, you need to kit your wardrobe out with the everyday essentials. Having these basics in will mean you’re always able to create a good casual Leggings outfit at a moment’s notice.

Our top picks for your essential basics include:

Tank Top: Perfect for a base layer or a cute simple top option in warmer weather.

Oversized Sweater / Hoodie: Can’t go wrong with an easy throw over for your outfit.

Crew Socks: Ideal for a casual look to layer over the top of your leggings.

Oversized T-Shirt: For light, simple looks when the temperatures hot up.

Chunky Trainers: No casual Leggings outfit is complete without chunky trainers to finish.

Once you have these items in, you’ll find sorting your everyday outfits a breeze. So, let’s get into styling!

Styling for Everyday Leggings Looks

Okay, now you’ve prepped your wardrobe with the essentials you can style these as they are or add to them to create even more looks. And remember, this is just inspiration, what you wear with your Leggings can be adapted to suit your style.

Classic Black Leggings Inspo

First up, let’s start with your classic Leggings. The best black Leggings for everyday are our High Waisted Leggings at LOVALL. You can’t go wrong in the look, comfort, or practicality departments. Plus, black goes with everything!

Black Leggings are without a doubt the most universal, so let’s kick start with a classic, black Leggings look. Start off with your Black Leggings and add the White Ribbed Tank top. Here you’ve got your base layer, a simple black and white start to build on. Plus, you’re already diversifying textures.

Woman leans against a wall in the light of a window, wearing the White Ribbed Tank Top and Everyday High Waisted Leggings in Black.

Next you just want to layer it up. A favourite look for this spring is to wear an oversized shirt, either unbuttoned or tied at the front. Go for a simple plain white, or something summery, like blue and white stripes or a pale pink. Make it relaxed. Add your crew socks, layering them over the top of the black leggings, and finish with your favourite pair of trainers.

After that, it’s all in the accessories. Depending on whether you’re a silver or gold girl, dress up the look with a few layered necklaces, some casual earrings. Then finish with a cross-the-shoulder purse or large Tote Bag.

Cosy, Spring Look Inspo

Next up, a cute spring look with Sage Green Leggings. Perfect for an outfit in the mild weather, before the sun really starts heating things up, keeping things transitional from cosy weather to Spring sunshine.

Once you’ve got your Sage Green Leggings on, it’s time to create that spring feel with the cosy elements. As a top layer, opt for the Winter Ribbed Tank again for a tight fit under your next layer. White matches well with the softness of the sage green, and again, it mixes up textures nicely.

Woman wears the Sage Green Everyday Leggings with a white cardigan and trainers. She sits on a white sofa in a lounge area.

Add to this look a knitted cardigan in white or cream. This will stick with the light-coloured themes to nod to spring but work as a cosy additional layer. The more oversized, the better. It will give you that relaxed everyday feel but executed perfectly to keep things stylish.

As always, finish the look with your favourite trainers. To match the vibe, go for beige, white, or cream colours on your trainers. On this occasion, to keep with that Spring vibe, opt for an ankle sock to show that slither of skin at the bottom of the Leggings.

Lounge Around Outfit Inspo

Staying home, nipping out for a quick coffee, or meeting a friend. These are the events that require a comfy everyday look, that require low-effort but still keep you feeling good.

That’s where beige comes in. A beige outfit can give that relaxed, lounge feel, whilst staying super on-trend. It’s minimalist but elevated at the same time. So, grab your Everyday High Waisted Leggings in Beige, and let’s build a coveted ‘lounging around’ look.

Now, we might sound repetitive, but the White Tank Top is coming back again. It really is a staple. However, this is a look where you can mix things up again with a simple White T-shirt or an Oversized White T-shirt. Whatever works for you, will work for this look. It’s what comes next that counts.

Woman wears Oatmeal Beige Everyday Leggings, the White Ribbed Tank Top, and the Beige Sweatshirt around her shoulders. She sits on a chair next to a Beige Bag and side table.

Going beige, means going beige. Pair the base layers you’ve got with the Beige Sweatshirt to create a completely matching look. When the weather is warm you can wrap this around your shoulders, for a chic, casual look. Then when things get breezy you can throw it on for that simple, matching look.

Bring the whole look together with your accessories. Including some beige shoes and a beige bag. You can’t go wrong by going beige on beige on beige. It’s super in style and turns simple outfit basics into a purposefully executed look.

In the House Inspo

Being cosy and warm whilst chilling at home are a number one priority. But it’s nice to feel confident too. So, we’ve got the cosiest look with the cosiest feel for our last styling inspo.

The Khaki Green Everyday High Waisted Leggings are definitely a staple for that warm feel. Perfect for winter and autumnal looks, or just as an easy throw on for the cool evenings in Spring and Summer.

Woman poses against a white wall wearing the Khaki Green Everyday Leggings, with a white turtle neck and cardigan. She also wears Ugg shoes and fluffy socks.

Pair these Leggings with a cute turtleneck or knit wear. These Leggings are ideal for brightening with light colours like white and cream or going the full winter vibes with dark tones like black and brown. As we head into Spring though, we’ll look at the bright vibes!

Now, when it comes to footwear we’re taking a step away from the trainers. Afterall, these are not an indoor shoe. Swap them out for some stylish Uggs or slipper-like slip on shoes that will keep your feel comfy as you mooch about your day. We love this look with some cosy shin-socks that you can scrunch down for that casual feel.

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