Fashion with Flare: What to Wear with Flare Leggings?

Fashion with Flare: What to Wear with Flare Leggings?


Flares are in. So, it’s time to get some in your wardrobe and start styling them. It’s all about combining comfort with fashion, which is why we’re loving Flared Leggings. Now all that’s left to do is figure out what to wear with Flare Leggings. And we’ve got the perfect tips and tricks for you.

Styling Flared Leggings isn’t as daunting as it might seem. Yes they are a casual, yet statement, outfit piece, but that just allows you to create a simple look that is immediately elevated. So really, all the hard work is done for you.

Don’t know what we mean? No problem we’re here to help you with how to style Flared Leggings in a way that’ll suit your style and the trends.

Black Never Misses

Colour is important, so to keep it simple start off with styling a black Flared Leggings outfit. With black, it means you can never miss with the other colours you pair with it. Black goes with everything.

Zoomed in image of model wearing Black Flare Leggings and stepping.

If you want to keep things simple and understated, black and white is the dream combination. Keep it monochrome and aesthetically classy. Black Flare Leggings with a chic White Tank Top is an easy win. The ribbed effect with the soft smoothness of the Flared Legging works so well.

Model wears White Tank Top with Black Sweatshirt wrapped around her shoulders.

For that finished black Flare Leggings outfit, add a black sweatshirt around the shoulders to complete the look. This will switch the black flare leggings outfit up from being just casual into a sporty athleisure look. Sandwiching the white between two black pieces too breaks up the outfit and keeps it simple and interesting.

Of course, like we said colour is important and black goes with everything. So, maybe black Flare Leggings give you the opportunity to do something different. Go bold with colour, add something that will complement the black and uplift the look into something exciting. Yellows, pinks, greens, and more all pair well with the versatility of black.

Model wears a yellow cardigan and white tank top.

Just remember if you’re going to contrast with colour make it purposefully. Only putting in half the effort by pairing black with dark colours, whilst looking good, doesn’t create the statement that you might have envisioned. Instead, adding pops of colour with intention behind them creates a creative and more interesting look.

Lounge with Flare

We understand that Flare Leggings are not exclusive for going out in. With the comfort of our Flared Leggings at LOVALL, they are good enough to lounge around in. But lounging doesn’t mean you have to stop looking the part. Feel amazing as you relax, in an outfit styled perfectly to your mood.

Flares are the perfect lounging companion because they are cosy but without restriction. They support in all the right places and give that added freedom at the same time.

Empower Flares in Graphite Grey.

Grey Flare Leggings are our idea of irresistible relaxation. Grey is such a cool, calming colour that is the perfect shade to uplift those chilled moments at home. Sink into the silky softness of Grey Flare Leggings, whilst enjoying the breathability of the flared fit.

Throw on an oversized hoody or sweatshirt for that extra comfy vibe. Oversized works great with Flares because the baggy look of the top half meets the fitted point of the bottom half. But at the same time, it gives that overall casual, relaxed look, without losing your figure and silhouette in amongst the material.

Empower Your Looks

We love flares so much that we created a whole collection around them. The Empower Collection has the Flared Leggings option that is proving a fan favourite. And it’s easy to see why. They combine the trend of flares with the practicality of high-support fabrics and figure flattering designs.

Model wears Forest Green Empower Flares and Top.

To achieve an easy win with styling flare leggings, simply invest in the complete fit. It’s designed specifically to work together to create a matching and elevated outfit. And since we’ve delved into Black Flared Leggings and lounge-worthy Grey Flared Leggings, you can go for something different with the Forest Green or Vintage Navy Empower looks.

Adding a colour to your everyday outfit might be tricky usually, but when you can buy the complete outfit, you cut out the stress that comes with styling. Instead, we’ve done the styling for you. And it’s all about creating that combination that never fails.

Model wears the Vintage Navy Empower Flares, Top and Jacket.

Pick your colour and get the complete set. With a supportive Top and sculpting Jacket, styling a Flare Leggings outfit has never been easier. We’ve taken away the stress and given you the easy answer to what to wear with flared leggings… wear Empower.

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