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What to Wear to Wimbledon?

What to Wear to Wimbledon?


It's tennis season, and Wimbledon is upon us. Which means many of you will be headed to the event for strawberries, cream, and a spot of tennis. But, in 2024, Wimbledon fashion is more prominent than ever, because tennis aesthetics are IN. So, we're here to save the day and help you decide what to wear to Wimbledon this year.

Wimbledon in White

There is no colour that's better to wear at Wimbledon than white. It's the classic tennis outfit colour and gives that clean aesthetic that everyone is after. White is perfect for this summer event, as Wimbledon notoriously lands at the hottest time of year. Which means you're going to want to be dressed in cool, light clothes so you don't soak in the heat.

Wimbledon is a formal event, so it is about being dressed up. But unlike events like the races, it's more everyday outfits too. Tennis can be long, and whilst you're not watching on the courts, you can sit on the famous hill to get a good view once you're in the Wimbledon village. Therefore, you've got to feel comfortable and able to chill on the grass as well as in your seat in.

Model wears mocha top with white lift & shape jeans, paired with heels.

Jeans are the perfect staple to be able to dress up for the tennis. Particularly if you go for white lift & shape jeans. The skinny jean look is ideal for pairing with boots and blazers for that classy look. It'll make you look formal whilst keeping you comfortable. Plus, the white will keep you on-trend for the season, giving the perfect summery aesthetic.

Tennis in the Sun

Wearing lightweight clothes is also smart if you're worried about the weather. There is very little shade at Wimbledon, and particularly when you're sat in the courts. So, keeping cool is essential. Which is why white linen is a sensible and fashionable choice. No compromise needed.

Model wears white ribbed tank top with white linen shorts.

Linen gives that holiday aesthetic. It's light and floaty, and whilst comfortable and cool to wear it elevates a look. Wimbledon fashion this year is expected to see lots more linen. Choose between white linen trousers or white linen shorts, and pair with a matching white top to complete your look. Giving that nod to the tennis aesthetic with the white.

To shield even more from the sun, bringing along a shawl to drape round your shoulders is a good move. Particularly if you've gone down the linen route for your Wimbledon outfit, because it keeps the style in-keeping. Achieve a soft, elevated look with linen, a shawl and some comfortable sandals. Perfect for a classy summer look whilst you watch the match.

Formal for Wimbledon

Taking things up a notch to lean into the more formal attire might be more your style for Wimbledon. So, whilst linen and denim do the trick for dressing up. If you want to wear something more stand-out and formal, wearing cigarette trousers is the perfect solution.

Model wears beige top with navy cigarette trousers, paired with heels.

Your Wimbledon outfit can be premium with help of the perfect cigarette trouser. Again, white is a sleek option for the tennis fashion look. But Navy is also very popular amongst fans at the tennis. Pairing your navy cigarette trousers with a floaty and frilly blouse, draping a blazer over the shoulders, and slipping on some heels can take your outfit to new heights for Wimbledon. You might even want to slip on a fascinator to finish off the formal look.

Whatever style you feel best in, Wimbledon gives you an excuse to treat yourself to something new and dress up for the occasion. Our top tips are to go with classic tennis fashion colours (like white and navy), wear lightweight pieces to combat the heat, and dress to impress. All whilst thinking about what you'll be comfortable wearing for hours on end. Follow these three simple rules and you'll be set for your day out at Wimbledon.

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