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What to Wear to the Football: Euros Final 2024

What to Wear to the Football: Euros Final 2024


It’s decided, England vs Spain European Finals 2024. Whether you’re English, Spanish, or otherwise, we can bet you’ll be watching. It’s too big an even to ignore. As and England-based brand, you can see why here at LOVALL we are loving it.

So, we’ve come prepped to help you with what to wear to the football for the finals on Sunday 14th July. Of course, it’ll depend on what your big plans for the evening are, but whatever they entail, we’ve got the fits that are fit for watching the footie in.

Pub Football

It’s a classic, and it’s what many of us will be hoping to do. If we can find a spot in one to squeeze into. Watching a big game at one of your locals can’t be beaten. The atmosphere, the big screens, the drinks, and the snacks. You can’t beat it. But there is still time to consider what you want to wear to the event.

Model wearing blue jeans and white top, lying on the sofa.

Of course, there is no way around it. You have to wear your home team’s top! Pop on your England shirt (or your own home team’s shirt), and you’ll feel yourself get into the spirit of things 10X more. Which is especially handy if you’re not into football massively anyway but are going along for the fun of it. But, at the end of the day, if you can get your hands of a football shirt, that’s the way to go.

For the pub though, you want to still have that casual football look in comfort but not too lounging style. Which is why we love a pair of jeans with a tucked in football shirt look. It makes you pub-ready and football-ready all at once. Go for a straight leg jean with chunky trainers, or a lift & shape jean with converse and you’ll look just the part for the footie.

Football from Home

The second-best option for watching the match, is to be in the comfort of your own home. If you’re not one for rowdy crowds and want to avoid getting caught up in football hooliganism, home is the place to be. But being at home doesn’t mean you don’t have to get into the spirit of things.

Get in the drinks and snack beforehand and immerse yourself in the excitement of the Euro finals from the comfort of your own sofa. Plus, this is the place you can feel more relaxed. Including with the outfit you wear!

No need for dressing up to the nines when you’re at home, but equally you’re going to want to feel comfortable. As well as looking the part for the inevitable photos and videos taken if England bring it home (hopefully). So, sorting your look is not to be neglected.

Again, it’s a given. You HAVE to stick on your football shirt. Whether you’re a Spain support, England support, or your nation has already been knocked out, you can wear your shirt with pride. So, stick on your shirt, and no matter the outcome you can say you supported your team to the very end.

Model sits on a chair wearing black lightweight leggings, and sage green top.

This time though, pair it with something a little cosier. Pop on some summer lightweight leggings and avoid getting stuffy as the game heats up. Wearing these soft leggings will keep you comfy as you settle in for the match but remain breathable when the nervous sweats come on.

Alternatively, if you’re down for getting properly cosy for the night, it’s time to sink into the perfect pair of comfy joggers. Everyday comfy joggers are a pair you can’t go wrong in, working well with the football shirt to keep up that sporty aesthetic. But most importantly, keeping you comfortable for the full 90 minutes… or more!

Model wears beige joggers and sweatshirt sitting on the sofa.

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