LOVALL Denim Jeans folded over a woman's arm.

What are Mom Jeans?


What are Mom Jeans? Mom Jeans… you’ve probably heard of them. But do you know what they actually are? The intricacies of denim wear might come naturally to some, but without anyone actually highlighting what mom jeans are, there might be some confusion.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to clear up the age-old question ‘what are mom jeans?’.

Understand what makes our slim fit Mom Jeans the unique denim item that you need. As well as, what makes them unique in the world of jeans. We’ll compare Mom Jeans to your classics like Skinny Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans. So, by the end of this article, you’ll be quizzed up on all your genres of Jeans.

The Denim Differences

To understand what makes Mom Jeans, Mom Jeans, it’s easiest to tell you what they are not.

A pile of LOVALL Denim Jeans in different colours.

Although they are casual jeans, just like skinny jeans, Mom Jeans differ in shape and style. Whilst skinny jeans are tight to your skin, holding you from waist to ankle, Mom Jeans offer a little more room.

Our Mom Jeans are slim fit, so that figure-following design is still there, but they are not tight against your legs. Similarly to the skinny design, they are high-waisted and fitted around the bum, but they then taper down into a more relaxed fit.

High Waist of Blue Denim Jeans by LOVALL.

Then you have your Straight Leg Jeans. Think of Mom Jeans as somewhere between Skinny and Straight Jeans, they are fitted but not tight and relaxed but not wide leg.

Straight Leg Jeans have the high waist, but that’s where the fitted nature of them stops. From the waist down they flow down into a wider fit. No tight denim against your skin in sight. Mom Jeans, however, remain fitted around the thigh but loosen as you travel down the leg. Blending the shaping qualities of skinny jeans with the freedom of the Straight Leg Jeans.

Our Slim Fit Mom Jeans

Now you know the design behind Mom Jeans in general, it’s time to learn why ours the best Mom Jeans out there. So, what are Mom Jeans when LOVALL has their way?

Our Slim Fit Mom Jeans have the classic design with qualities that make them perfection when it comes to fashion, fit and quality. Combining a vintage style with features like 4-way stretch, cotton-rich fabric and the 5-pocket design.

Two women wear LOVALL Mom Jeans in Dark and Mid Blue.

The make-up of the Jeans is what makes them the reliable pair you can wear for any occasion. Crafted with cotton that incorporates elastane, you can be sure they are soft against your skin and stretch to keep things comfortable as you wear. Plus, they are finished with a figure-flattering seam design to suit every beautiful body.

We’re committed to ensuring our clothing is inclusive at LOVALL. Which means our Mom Jeans come in all shapes and sizes to fit real women’s bodies. That includes everything from Petite Mom Jeans to Tall Mom Jeans, and sizes from 6 through to 28. No one needs to miss out on the Mom look.

How to Style Mom Jeans

When it comes to styling Mom Jeans, it’s not such a daunting task. They’re amazing for creating casual looks from, as they are so versatile and easy to pair with other clothes.

For an everyday look find yourself a cute jumper, and either chunky trainers or a pair for boots and you’ll be ready for the day. Whether it’s in Blue or Black Mom Jeans, this is the easiest outfit to throw together.

Woman wears Black Mom Jeans.

If you’ve got a night out or drinks with friend planned, you might be looking for something a little more exciting. And Mom Jeans can work just as well. Simply pair with a crop top or leotard and match with your favourite heels. With Mom Jeans you’ve always got the ‘jeans and a nice top’ look sorted.

Finally, because they’re so comfortable and made with stretch fabric, the Slim Fit Mom Jeans are even an option for chilling at home in. Throw on a hoodie and your slippers and you can curl up under a blanket still looking and feeling good.

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