Warm Workwear: Back to Work in Comfort

Warm Workwear: Back to Work in Comfort


Every office and place of work has that well-known divide. Those who are always hot and those who are always cold. But, let’s face it, it’s worse for those who feel the chill in winter. So, it’s time to prepare yourself with warm workwear, to face the cold days ahead in.

Women’s workwear should be comfortable, stylish, and (in the winter) warm. Sadly, smart clothing can often miss the trick on the warmth side of things. That’s why we’ve pulled together the perfect style guide to see you sorted for winter workwear. Face the office atmosphere feeling cosy and warm in 2024.

Informal Office Trousers

Sitting at a desk all day, the first thing to feel the chill are your legs. Without getting up and about and keeping moving, it’s easy to let your legs get cold. So, sort your workwear to prevent goosebump covered legs in the office.

Woman stands outside, wearing the Winter Everyday Leggings in Black. She has styled the outfit with a smart black jumper and smart grey coat.

If you’re work is fairly laid back, the best women’s workwear you could choose to keep you warm are the Winter Leggings. Designed to combat the cold, these leggings are extra thick. Plus, they come in a variety of colours, meaning you can tailor the look to suit your place of work best.

You can opt for a simple pair of Black Leggings in the Everyday Winter Collection, and style the look with a shirt and jumper, or a T-Shirt and Blazer. Transforming a warm winter staple, into office attire.

Smart Workwear

If Leggings are a no-go at your work, the options aren’t over. Treggings are a great alternative. Still keeping that soft and comfortable feel, with the skinny fit, they give the feel of leggings with the look of trousers, which will sort you out for your winter workwear, no problem. They are full-length, and tightly fitted, leaving no room for a draft to get in.

Woman stands on stairs in office attire, wearing the Black Treggings by LOVALL.

Although they cut off just above the ankle, the Cigarette Trousers are also a great option. With no thin or flimsy fabric in sight, these are the most typical office trousers. They are smart, sophisticated, and so easily styled. Plus, they are made from quality fabric, that still works to keep you warm.

Simply pair with some boots for the full coverage effect, dress down with a smart jumper or dress up with a shirt and blazer. The options are endless for the Cigarette Range when it comes to workwear.

Jeans at Work

If your office is all for Jeans, denim is a great option to dress smart and keep warm. Opting for simple black Jeans at work, again, can be the perfect warm staple to smarten up for work.

Woman sits on cosy chair wearing a jumper with some Lift & Shape Black Jeans on.

If you’re looking for an oversized shirt, jumper or blazer look, to combine with Jeans for your workwear, going skinny is the way forward. Our Lift and Shape Jeans are made from quality denim, but with added stretch. They bring the comfort and coverage you need to keep you warm in winter, with the ability to be styled to your preference for work.

With a skinny-fit Jean, you can avoid any breezes or office drafts making you chilly. If you’re still into the idea of Leggings though, our Denim-like Jeggings could be a great in-between. Like Treggings, the Jeggings bring a slightly more formality to your look. At the same time, they give the feel of leggings, making them the best of both worlds.

Woman wears the Black Mom Jeans, whilst stoo indoors leaning on a staircase.

If going tight isn’t your style, then Mom Jeans might be the way to go for your office wear. Still offering that slim fit that works to keep out the cold, the Mom Jeans bring a slightly more relaxed look.

Again, they are easy to dress up or down, and the full-length fit blocks out the chills. Black Mom Jeans can keep the professional feel and combine it with a stylish look.

Warm Workwear

Head back to work in the New Year, with outfits that are stylish, professional and are going to keep you warm for the rest of winter. 2024 is about comfort and practicality, so use this style guide to get the looks you love, with the bonus of being comfortable and warm.

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