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Versatile Clothing: How to Make Your Wardrobe Economical

Versatile Clothing: How to Make Your Wardrobe Economical


Life isn’t the most affordable at the moment. But putting self-care and your passion for fashion at the bottom of your priority list is not the answer. You deserve to love the way you look. It’s just about making choices to keep your wardrobe economical, yet still you.

We’re here to help you get your wardrobe ready for every event, season, and occasion without breaking the bank. It’s all about versatile clothing. Get yourself a wardrobe that can be repurposed into thirty different looks, rather than only three. It’s not about having hundreds of items of clothes, but about having clothes that are easy to style.

Follow our tips of making your wardrobe more economical.

Versatile Clothing Staples

The first step is securing the staples. You might look at 10 different trousers or tops that are all incredible for that one event you’ve got coming up. But are likely going to sit at the back of the cupboard for a lifetime afterwards. Those days are gone. It’s all about shopping for stylish, quality essentials that work with every outfit, and for every occasion.

The bottom half

That means getting yourself a solid pair (or two) of weekday jeans, that can be transformed into weekend jeans. What we mean by that, is finding a staple pair of jeans that you love for your casual looks and for your going out looks. The best Jeans for the job are black skinny jeans or straight leg jeans. And here’s why!

Skinny Jeans are timeless. They can be layered up on with jumpers and coats, paired with a simple tee, or dressed up with a cute crop top and some heels. Whether you’re seeking that everyday style or uplifting the jeans into a night-time look, Skinny Jeans are the way forward. Plus, with the colour black – you can’t go wrong, as it goes with everything. That means getting your hands on quality Jeans that will last like the Lift & Shape collection.

The same goes for Straight Jeans. Although not giving the figure-hugging advantages of Skinny Jeans, these Jeans have their own charm. Perfect for building cool and casual outfits around, or for making your going-out outfits on-trend for 2024. Plus, with their high-waist and shape, they are more that flattering for whatever the occasion.

Leggings. Don’t forget Leggings. You want at least 3 go-to pairs to make your wardrobe fit for purpose. That includes a pair of Everyday High Waisted Leggings, a pair of Sports Leggings like the Focus Sports Range, and a pair of going-out leggings like the Leather Look Leggings.

Everyday Leggings will cover you for… well, those everyday looks. Pair them with an oversized sweatshirt, or a simple T-shirt or Hoodie, and finish off your outfit with whatever layers you love and a pair of your comfiest trainers. You can’t go wrong.

Sports Leggings are always a great idea to have on hand. Whether you are sporty or not, there is always a scenario where they are useless. That might be to go to the gym in, or simply head on a dog walk with your friend in. It’s not about what they are made for, but how they can be used. Plus, if you go for a neutral colour, you can double them up for your everyday outfits as well. Who’s going to stop you?

Finally, you have to have a going-out look to turn to when party season starts or you’ve got big birthdays coming up. Whatever the event, invest in yourself by having a flattering and feel-good pair of leggings that will work with whatever outfit you are planning. The Leather Look Leggings are your new night-out best friend. They are sleek and easy to style, and you can elevate any look with them, with ease.

The top half

Next comes Tops. You’ve got your staple pair of Jeans sorted, now it’s time for your staple T-shirts. Firstly, it would be wrong to say having one good T-Shirt will do the trick for every outfit. Instead, you want a selection of reliable tops that can be style into the looks you desire with ease.

That means getting yourself plain T-shirts, such as a White T-shirt, Black T-Shirt, Oversized T-Shirt, tight-fitting T-shirt, and some Rib Tank Tops too. This will cover you for the everyday looks, the lounging around days, the nights out, and means you can layer up or leave them be. Whatever your mood, the weather, or the event, having this staple selection of T-shirts in your wardrobe will save you from a million other pointless ones.

Your wardrobe is incomplete without staple layering items. In the UK, you can’t go without having a few winter warmers in your wardrobe for when the cold days hit. So, get yourself a hoodie that can be worn as an everyday item, a sweatshirt that is ideal for lounging in, and a thick Jumper that will keep you cosy during the harshest cold. For these three staples, we recommend the Everyday Hoodie, Luxe Lounge Sweatshirt, and the Oversized Chunky Knit Hoodie.

Everyday Clothing for Every Way

Okay, so reading this might seem like there are a few items that now need to be purchased. Not very economical, is it? Well, actually, it is. Investing in good quality, versatile clothing can stop you from buying the unnecessary, one-wear-only items that are not helping your outfit dilemmas.

Instead, you can sort your wardrobe with the everyday clothes that really will get their wear, every day. Plus, you can help do your part for the planet. Get yourself quality clothes that will stop you from turning to fast fashion. Clothes are made to be worn, not partied in once and thrown into landfill. Getting the balance can be hard, we know. But brands like LOVALL, where we strive to bring you affordable ethical clothing UK, are here to help.

Discover more about us and why we consider ourselves a slow-fashion brand HERE.

After all, everyday clothing should be a combination of exciting, practical, affordable, and easy to style. And that’s where we have you covered at LOVALL. Specialising in Leggings, Denim, and Timeless Basics… we know a thing or two about this area.

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Rocky - Height: 5'8 | Wearing Size 8 Regular

Lift & Shape Jeans - Black

Lift & Shape Jeans - Black

Diana - Height: 5'8 | Wearing Size 8 Tall

Straight Jeans - Mid Blue

Straight Jeans - Mid Blue

Sonny - Height: 5'9.5 | Wearing Size 12 Tall

Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Black

Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Black

Curve Everyday T-shirt - White

Curve Everyday T-shirt - White

Curve Everyday T-shirt - White


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