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Two women wear the Brushed Cotton Pyjamas whilst sitting together on a window sill.

Valentine’s Day Outfit: Get the LOVALL Look for Date Night


February 14th is fast approaching, and we’ve heard that you have plans. But there’s no need to enter outfit melt down just yet. You’ve got time to get your Valentine’s Day outfit sorted before the big day rolls around. And we’re here to give you some Valentine’s outfit inspiration!

Valentine’s Day Planning

If you know you’re celebrating Valentine’s with your loved one this year, the truly important question is: What are your plans?

We have some personal favourites for date night ideas, and we’ve been reading up on what works for other women out there. Including all these amazing ideas from Women’s Health – giving you some unique ideas for the day.

But let’s look at the classic and top picks from LOVALL…

• The Spa

• Cocktail Evening

• Dinner Out

• Movie Night In

• Cook Together

• Cheese and Wine Night

Now you’ve got some inspiration, you’ll need a date night outfit to suit each event. That’s where LOVALL has you covered. After all, LOVALL is in the air this Valentine’s.

Staying In Valentine’s Outfits

Okay, for your night in looks think: cosy, cute, and ideal for home comforts. But determine the extent of the cosiness, based on the at home activities you and your love have planned.

Movie Night

First up, movie night. Everyone loves a night in watching your favourite film. Especially a romance on Valentine’s Day. But as it’s an event, you’re going to want to make it that touch more special. That means wearing an outfit that fits the atmosphere. Yep, we’re talking PJs!

Model wears the Pink Dot Soft Touch Pyjamas in her bedroom.

Sink into snuggly soft pyjamas for the ideal Valentine’s date night outfit, for a movie evening in. You can’t go into the evening half-hearted. Optimise the cosiness but treating yourself (or getting your partner to treat you) to brand new pyjamas. Our favourite picks include the Pink Dot Soft Touch Set, or the Brushed Cotton Set in Dusty Pink or Light Grey. Cute, cosy, and a nod to girly romance.

Meal In

If a meal in is more your style, you’re going to want to keep on the theme of comfortable, but with a more finished look. As great as Pyjamas are, they might not be fit for every occasion at home. Wear something you’ll feel good in, that is suited to a romantic eating experience.

Model wears the Grey Cable Knit set.

Go for a cute matching look with the Cable Knit Set. Soft and fleecy, this is the perfect combo of jumper and jogger to stay comfortable but look the part for your Valentine’s date night. Alternatively, if you want to stay on the feminine theme, the Ribbed Wide Leg Trousers in Pink are a cosy option to dress up in but stay comfortable all at once.

Cheese & Wine

Finally, for that cheese and wine night you’ve got planned, we’re thinking you should stay with loungewear but make it more luxury. Opt for a luxurious, yet cosy fit to go with the theme of a boujee wine night in.

Model wears the grey Wide Leg Lounge Set.

That’s where the Luxe Lounge Set comes in perfectly. It might be a combination of sweats, but they’re elevated to look that part and feel snug too. Or another favourite for this are the Soft Touch Wide Leg Lounge Set. Not quite as relaxed as Pyjamas, but offering same cosy and comfortable feel.

Going Out Valentine’s Outfits

Now for your going out fits. These are where you are going to want to look and feel amazing. Not for your partner, but for self-confidence and empowerment. Afterall, it’s not just V-Day, it’s Me-Day!

The Spa

Okay, so the Spa is a tricky one as for the majority of the time you’ll be in your swimming outfit. But you can still create a cute Valentine’s Day outfit for the way there and the way back.

Going to the spa might mean showing a lot of your body… which great because every beautiful body deserves to be shown off! So, start off your experience with some self-empowerment, with the body-sculpting Empower Set. Feel yourself, as you wear an outfit that accentuates your assets and gives you uncapped confidence.

Dani Dyer wears the Graphite Empower Leggings set.

Alternatively, if you want something easy to slip on and off, go for the Everyday Comfy Set. Made up of Joggers and a matching Sweatshirt, this combination gives you a complete look that’s easy to throw over the top of your spa look.

Cocktail Evening

Treat yourself to an evening out at a fancy bar. Whether it’s cocktails or mocktails that you prefer, dressing up for the occasion only makes the Valentine’s experience even better. That’s why we’re loving the leather look, for that elevated Valentines outfit, that gives a nod to glam. You can dress up the outfit up or down, with heels or flats.

Model wears the Coated Jeans.

The Leather Look Trousers or the Coated Jeans make for the ideal Valentine’s date night outfit. Offering that body-contouring look, either is shiny glam Faux Leather, or chic, matte Coated Jeans.

Dinner Out

Similarly to your cocktail night, going out for dinner requires a little more thought. Feel amazing, as your loved one sings your praises over a romantic dinner. Date night outfits for a restaurant need to be classy and make you feel confident. That’s why you could repurpose the leather look for this kind of event. Or you could go down the denim route.

Two models wear the Lift & Shape Jeans with white tops and heels.

Straight Jeans or Lift and Shape Jeans are amazing for pairing with heels and a nice top to create a going out look. You can go for the more figure-hugging look with the Lift and Shape skinny jeans, or keep things loose and flattering with the Straight Jeans.

Either way, they are the perfect date night staple to create a Valentine’s look around. Not too dressy, not too casual. Just a perfect fit… just like you and your partner!

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