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Under the Bump VS. Over the Bump Leggings

Under the Bump VS. Over the Bump Leggings


As if, facing pregnancy is enough of a feat, but you're going to have to re-do your whole wardrobe too. The key is to make sure you're comfortable in every trimester. Which is why choosing between under the bump leggings or over the bump leggings is one of your first decisions.

Model wears navy maternity lightweight flares,

Navigating a bump is a whole new experience, particularly when you're a first-time-mum. There comes a point where squeezing into your non-maternity clothes is no longer possible, and you need to start figuring out how to dress your new body to your taste. All whilst keeping the fit comfortable and supportive.

So, choosing your maternity leggings is all about choosing between under or over. With our expert product teams at LOVALL, we know a thing or two about getting the best maternity clothes. Including your maternity leggings. For that reason, we're here to help you out, with our guide to picking between over the bump leggings or under the bump leggings.

Under the Bump Leggings

Going under the bump often means repurposing lots of non-maternity leggings, but you can get specific under the bump leggings too. Usually, these leggings only come up part way. Whilst they take a more freeing approach to your clothing, which might be good on those hot days, they also lack some qualities that work well for maternity clothes.

Under the bump gives more of an opportunity for your leggings hem to roll down. Which means one of two things; You're uncomfortable or you're spending every 5 seconds hitching them back up, so they don't slip down. Under the bump leggings always seem to have this struggle, as the angle of your bump means the fit isn't so secure.

If you're not showing much or are in the early stages of pregnancy, an under the bump fit might work well for you, however. Especially if you're going for a summer look where you can show off your bump. Maybe a under the bump legging with a crop top. But the bigger your bump, the less practical and comfortable this will be.

Over the Bump Leggings

Leggings made with an over the bump band are the stretchy maternity leggings you need to keep things supportive and comfortable. They have that extra material to reach around your belly, holding you in all the right places as you grow. The beauty of this style is that they work for every trimester, as they continue to work with your bump as you go through the pregnancy.

Model wears everyday maternity black leggings and black top.

The one down-side to over the bump leggings might be that they provide more coverage. If you're the type of girl who loves a cropped look in the summer, then the maternity leggings with a bump band won't achieve that look.

What over the bump leggings do provide, however is support. They stay in place all day long, providing a comfortable hold that makes you feel secure. The band works well with many outfit choices, as it makes your bump a part of the look itself. It's all about wearing them with confidence, so you can feel your best in the best maternity leggings.

Which to choose?

The real question is, which pair is better. Over the bump and under the bump leggings have their difference advantages. However, in our eyes there is a clear winner.

Whilst under the bump leggings can work for smaller bumps and can give that cropped look aesthetic, they are not practical. Instead, over the bump bands can take you from the moment you start showing all the way until birth.

Over the bump leggings are the perfect everyday staple during pregnancy. They support your bump, stay up, and stay comfortable. There is no other style we'd recommend more for your pregnancy wardrobe.

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