Woman wears the White Christmas Pyjamas whilst sitting on her bed with a hot drink.

Christmas Pyjamas: Prep for a Cosy Christmas with Festive Pyjamas


It’s that time of year. Christmas pyjamas are in, and cosiness just flew to the top of your priority list. Pjs are a must-have all year round, but they come to shine in the winter. When there is nothing better than snuggling into a set that keeps things cosy, Christmas Pyjamas do the trick to keep you feeling warm and festive.

From fluffy pyjamas to fleece pyjamas, there is the perfect set for everyone out there. Whether you want to go full-out for the festivities with proper Christmas PJs, or just nod towards the season with something subtle. Either way, the main thing is… they must be cosy.

Green Flags for Cosy Pyjamas

There is nothing more disappointing than a poor-quality set of PJs. But you can avoid that unwelcomed fate, by following our tips to finding the perfect pair of cosy pyjamas. We’ve got some green flags that you can seek out when searching for your festive and fleecy pyjamas.

You can’t go wrong with cotton. Soft and gentle on your skin, cotton creates the perfect cosy set when it comes to PJs. The material gives enough breathability whilst keeping things snug and warm too. Silky and soft, we rate cotton highly for your Christmas Pyjamas. We also love the incorporation of elastane, blending this into your PJs means there is added stretch, keeping things non-restrictive as you roll around in your sleep.

Two women wearing LOVALL Pyjamas and posing together in a arm around the shoulders pose, by a large window.

Other fabrics also work amazingly to keep you snug and safe from the cold. Polyester is a top one. No thin, weak, and easily worn fabrics here, please. Polyester stays strong so your pyjamas can last all season long and into next year too.

Features don’t stop at fabric though. Pyjama bottoms can be elevated with just a few details that we can’t get enough of at LOVALL. We love a drawstring or elasticated waist, meaning you can get the perfect fit for your body every time. Christmas pyjamas deserve to be comfortable around the waist. Especially with all the roast dinners and Christmas treats, we know you deserve this season.

A detail we never let pass us by at LOVALL is our non-see-through guarantee. Christmas pyjamas are all well and good unless you can see right through them. That is a no-go for all your family festivities this year. So, find those pyjama sets that are non-see-through, like all ours at LOVALL.

Lucky for you, all the green flags you should look out for are found in our Festive Pyjama Collections at LOVALL.

Patterned Pyjamas for Christmas

Christmas pyjamas are made better with a pattern. If you’re looking for festive pyjamas that don’t let you forget that Christmas is around the corner, Christmas Prints are the patterned pyjamas for you.

Our fan favourites for December are the White Christmas Print Pyjamas and the Burgundy Christmas Pyjamas. Finished with a pattern of reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and more, there is no escaping this is a festive fit. These cosy pyjamas are completely non-see-through, and give you added comfort with the stretch fabric, cuffed jogger bottoms and adjustable drawstring. The look comes in full coverage, with full-length pyjama bottoms and a long-sleeved top, meaning you can keep warm this winter.

Woman sits on sofa wearing LOVALL Christmas Pyjamas.

To keep with the Christmas theme but have pyjamas that are more versatile for the Winter season, you can find pyjamas that nod to festivities. Our tartan-patterned pyjamas do the trick. Found in our Pure Cotton Pyjama range and our Soft Touch Pyjama Set, tartan style patterns are festive in the colours and their cosy feel.

Finally, festive pyjamas don’t have to mean big and bold Christmas patterns. Christmas pyjamas can also be ones that you simply can’t take off over winter. Go for cosy, cute PJs that will make the best set for the snuggly season. Take the Super Soft Pyjama set in Teal or Navy, decorated with cute hearts. These sets are festive pyjamas that can suit everyone’s style.

Style your Christmas Sets

Dressing for the festivities means putting cosiness first and getting everyone into the spirit of things.

At LOVALL, we create clothes for ALL women. This means our Christmas Pyjamas are ideal for the whole of the girl group. Get yourself matching pyjamas for you and all your friends, so your Christmas evenings and seasonal nights in with the girls are complete with cosy sets for everyone.

Two women sit on a sofa in front of a Christmas tree. One wears the Burgundy Christmas Pyjamas and the other wears the White Christmas Pyjamas.

Christmas is a family event though. So, family pyjamas wouldn’t go a miss. All the women in your family can feel the festivities in our Christmas pyjama range. The whole family can be Instagram-ready for your Christmas photos this year with matching pyjama sets. You’ll just have to convince the men to find some for themselves… but we’ve got you girls covered this Christmas.

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Danni - Height: 5'7 | Wearing Size 8 Regular

Soft Touch Pyjama Set - White Christmas Print

Soft Touch Pyjama Set - White Christmas Print

Danni - Height: 5'7 | Wearing Size 8 Regular

Soft Touch Pyjama Set - Burgundy Christmas Print

Soft Touch Pyjama Set - Burgundy Christmas Print

Jade - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 14 Tall

Pure Cotton Pyjama Set - Burgundy Check

Pure Cotton Pyjama Set - Burgundy Check


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