Styling Coloured Leggings for Summer

Styling Coloured Leggings for Summer


You don’t have to stick with traditional Black Leggings all the time. Add some brightness into your looks by styling coloured Leggings for your everyday aesthetic. If there is something we know about at LOVALL, it’s Leggings. So, let us inspire you with our coloured Leggings outfit ideas that will suit every woman.

Styling your outfits to have a touch of colour can be a scary thought for some. No need to fear though, as there are ways to go about it without being too out-there if that’s not your style. It’s all about choosing the right colours for you, whether that’s a bold Pink Leggings look or more subtle Oatmeal Leggings.

Keeping in Neutral

The mention of the word ‘colour’ might send you into a frenzy. But don’t panic, we’re not talking neon yellows or lime greens. We actually have such a broad range of coloured leggings that work with everyday looks. So, whilst you’re creating more of a statement with your casual looks, you don’t need to go overboard.

To keep things neutral, there are colours that keep things cool, simple, and subtle on the colour chart. We’re talking about your Beige Leggings, Brown Leggings, and White Leggings. They’re all still coloured Leggings, without attracting lots of attention.

Woman wears Beige Oatmeal Everyday Leggings with White Tank, and Beige Sweatshirt. She sits on a chair with her handbag next to her feet.

Beige Leggings like the Oatmeal Everyday Leggings, Seamless Oatmeal Leggings, or Natural Beige Lightweight Leggings are ideal. They’re soft in appearance and in feel. Giving you those chilled vibes for your everyday look.

Oatmeal Beige Everyday Leggings or Natural Beige Lightweight Leggings can be worn interchangeably for a similar look. We just love the Everyday Leggings as a standard go-to, and the Lightweight as a Summer favourite. Then Seamless Leggings give a similar effect, with a more sporty feel.

Pair the Leggings with a cute crop top, or a Ribbed Tank for added texture. Then simply throw a sweater round your shoulders, ready to slip on if it’s chilly out. And, of course, finish off your look with some chunky trainers. See, it’s really that simple to add something other than ‘black’ into your Legging looks. You can even double up on Beige’s in your outfit to keep things consistent in your styling.

Woman wears Brown Leggings with strappy crop top. She sits on a chair with one knee up.

In brown, you’re leaning on the cosy aesthetic. Brown gives that warming and gentle feel that standard black can’t always deliver. Espresso Brown Ribbed Leggings or Lightweight Flare Leggings can give that soft, relaxed feel from the colour with a touch of something different through texture and shape.

Lean into the cosy-feel, by mix and matching your brown shades and layering your look with cute accessories. Start off with your Brown Ribbed Leggings, that are totally bobble-proof, to add some interest into your look. Then pair This with a cute cardigan, and some Uggs to really finish off that cosy look. It’s still lightweight, but with that comforting feel.

Brown Flares are another way to bring some colour and shape into your look. Still subtle with the brown colourways. Going with the summery, breathable feel, by pairing the flares with a tight-fitting crop top. This will complement the relaxed flare fit of the leggings, whilst keeping the look fit for summer. The of course, some casual trainers to finish the look, and get your ready for your day out.

Woman wears Cropped White Leggings with a Black strappy crop top. She sits on the floor, with her arms in the air, and the sunlight shining on her through a window.

Finally, for added brightness without going fully down the coloured Leggings route, White Leggings are your saviour. Styling coloured Leggings is one thing, but styling White Leggings is another. They are stunningly summery, but take some careful consideration, because they do stand out.

That’s why keeping things simple is the way to go with white. Think greys, blacks, or whites. With pops of colour, you run the risk of losing the simplicity and the elegance of the look. Black and white make a great monochrome combination. Or Grey works to keep things light, without going full-out on a complete white look, which could be a bit much.

Coloured Leggings that Pop

Okay, so this is a guide on coloured Leggings. Which means we couldn’t miss out the pops of colour that can uplift your casual outfit into something that’s worth of standing out.

Woman faces away from the camera with her arms in the air, holding her hair up. She wears Pink Focus Leggings with a White sports Bra.

Women’s Pink Leggings are rare, but quality pairs do exist, because we make them here at LOVALL. Pink is bold, but like Barbie taught us, women deserve to express themselves! Which is why we’re a huge fan of the supportive Focus Leggings in Dusty Pink. No neon in sight. But the perfect deep, raspberry tone that elevates a look.

The Focus Pink Leggings are a sports-inspired look, that give you comfort and support. Whether you’re wearing them to get active in, or as an athleisure piece, they are the perfect pop of colour.

Woman. wears Sage Green Leggings with a white top, white cardigan, and UGG boots. She sits on a fluffy white sofa, in front of some sheer curtains.

Green is another one that sounds intense, but it’s all about getting the right tones and shades. Sage, Khaki, and Forest Greens are all great options for a more everyday look. Again, Everyday, Lightweight and Seamless Leggings are great choices for these Colours.

The Lightweight Khaki Leggings come in soft Khaki that is perfectly paired with other light colours, like whites and greys. Then your Seamless Leggings in Sage Green give a more obvious green tone, that creates such a cute, colourful look when matched with the Bralette.

A lighter Sage with some blue tones comes in the Everyday Leggings. Reminiscent of Spring, they’re ideal to pair with a white Crop Top and white Trainers. Now you have three perfectly colourful fits using Greens, that you might never have dreamt of wearing before you know how to style them.

Woman stands in a studio, her arms are above her head and her eyes are closed. She wears Mauve Lightweight Leggings, with a white crop top and white trainers.

Finally, adding some purple into your spring / summer looks is the key to creating something cute and unique. Plus, it’s not as crazy as you might think. Purple is not one that people naturally integrate into their outfits. But we’ve designed the perfect leggings to add purple into the mix.

Mauve is the way to go. A light purple tone that has proper spring vibes about it. In Lightweight Leggings, the mauve colour is ideal. It gives that bright pop and keeps things breathable, meaning they’re spot on for the warmer days. Easily paired with light colours, like your go-to white top and trainers, they are perfect for bringing an outfit to life easily with colour.

If you love that sports-aesthetic, it can be created with Purple Leggings too. The Mauve Revitalise Leggings are a classic athleisure staple. Easily paired with an Empower Sports Jacket, and some gym or running trainers. You can achieve that gym-like look with a pop of colour, that works for you no matter what you’ve got planned.

See, with a bit of helping hand on how to style, colours can be easily brought into your everyday outfits. Without your fit getting in everyone’s face. Colours are back for spring and summer, so get use to styling coloured Leggings.

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