Style Has No Size: Styling Your Plus Size Jogger Sets

Style Has No Size: Styling Your Plus Size Jogger Sets


Style is not limited by size. Don’t let warped, societal body standards define how you dress. You can style your fits for your body, whether you’re a size 8 or 28. We’re confident that our plus-size jogger sets are an everyday go-to that can be styled to suit the events of your day - every day.

Joggers are not just for lazing around. They are a great fashion staple that you can rely on for lounging or heading out in. Offering a versatile style, plus size jogger sets are an underrated essential for your wardrobe if you’re a girl with curves. It’s just about how you style them and wear them with confidence.

Curve Luxe Lounge Jogger

If you’re going to get yourself a plus size jogger set, you may as well make it luxurious. Our Luxe Lounge Joggers are the perfect curve loungewear staple that you can style for your everyday looks. Cosiness comes first, so style an outfit for your day that’ll see you snuggled up whilst looking good.

The Luxe Set has mastered versatility. Pairing it with other colours or muted tones is simple. The black is perfect for a monochrome look, or the Vanilla Marl is made for a simplistic Scandi vibe. No matter the colour, you can style this fit dependant on the weather, achieving a flexible everyday look, in every season.

Model wears the Curve Luxe Jogger Set by LOVALL

You can wear the complete set, throw over a winter coat – we’re thinking full length teddy coat or cute puffer jacket – and be ready for the cold. That or, when the sun is shining, wear one of your favourite Tees or Tanks, and wrap the sweater around your shoulders for a cute casual look.

Whatever you’ve got going on above the hips, you need a great pair of chunky trainers for your feet. The cuffed ankle of the joggers means the contrast with a chunky trainer looks super modern, chic, and stylish.

A set designed to be cosy enough for a lounge around kind of day, the Luxe Lounge Set can be styled for your outings too. Accessorise with your favourite handbag and you’ll have everything you need for a day out shopping, a coffee date with friends, or a trip to the cinema.

Curve Wide Leg Joggers

Give yourself a little more freedom in the leg department. The Curve Wide Leg Lounge Joggers are a trendy staple for comfort and style. You just have to find the crucial pairings to make these plus-size joggers perfect for your daily fits.

Wide leg means you don’t want to overpower your look with too many loose-fitting items. We love a fit that keeps your figure in the spotlight on your top half, then a flow into the wide-leg appeal. This makes your style versatile and stops you from losing all shape.

Close up of the waistband of the Curve Wide Leg Lounge Trousers by LOVALL.

As a base layer, we love the Wide Leg Joggers with our Ribbed Tank. It offers different textures and different fits for your body. Understandably, however, in the depths of winter, a Tank Top isn’t going to cut it. That’s why, we think pairing these curve joggers with a cuffed sweatshirt is the way to go.

The Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt offers that cosy loose fit but comes in at the bottom and is cuffed here and at the wrists. Combing these two, mean you can keep the shape without sacrificing your warmth.

Everyday Comfort Sweats

We’ve spoken about pairing up the Wide Leg Joggers with the Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt. But the true combo for the Sweatshirt is the matching Joggers. This gives you the official Everyday Comfy Set.

If you’re a curvy girl who loves style and sustainability, this set does more than just look good. Made from sustainably sourced cotton and recycled polyester, this set boasts a cosy feel in an eco-product.

Coming in Black, Espresso Brown, Oatmeal beige or Forest Green, you’re not short of versatile styles with this plus-size jogger set. Categorised as curve loungewear, this set is too good to resign only to the home. That’s why, we have the styling tips, to make sure you can make it look its best whilst out and about.

Model wearing the Curve Everyday Comfy Jogger Set

First of all, the set as it is makes for a super stylish casual look. Simply add your favourite trainers, either a chunky heeled sneaker or a Converse style, and then throw over a body warmer to head out the house in.

Let’s say the sun is shining (rare in the UK, we know), then you can still enjoy the cosy comfort of this set whilst making it more weather appropriate. Find a top you love, that can be tucked into the elasticated waistband, and tie your sweater over your shoulders. This keeps the set complete, whilst giving you a little more breathability in your outfit, for those warmer days.

Curve Loungewear Sets

Any one of our plus size jogger sets are ideal for your relaxation time. But beyond the fact that these curve loungewear sets can keep you cosy whilst chilling at home, you have the ability to style them for your days out too.

Plus size women’s joggers by LOVALL are made to keep your style flexible. Whether in the house or on the go. Just remember you can style your outfit no matter your size, and look incredible in a comfy, cosy set. We’ve got you girls.

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Shanaya - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 18 Tall

Curve Luxe Lounge Jogger - Vanilla Marl

Curve Luxe Lounge Jogger - Vanilla Marl

Shanaya - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 18 Tall

Curve Soft Touch Wide Leg Lounge Set - Black

Curve Soft Touch Wide Leg Lounge Set - Black

Shanaya - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 18 Tall

Curve Everyday Comfy Joggers - Espresso Brown

Curve Everyday Comfy Joggers - Espresso Brown

Shanaya - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 18

Curve Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt - Espresso Brown

Curve Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt - Espresso Brown


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