Spring Outfit Ideas: Styling Cropped Leggings

Spring Outfit Ideas: Styling Cropped Leggings


Spring is here, so it’s time to get your spring style sorted with women’s Cropped Leggings. We’re bringing you all the spring outfit ideas to see you feeling comfortable and looking good as the seasons change and the weather warms up. And top of our list is Cropped Leggings.

Cropped Leggings offer you the everyday comfort you’re used to but with added breathability. Be prepared for warmer days with the Leggings that won’t leave you feeling stifled. But the question is, how to style them? Discover how to create cute outfit from Cropped Leggings and achieve the look you deserve for Spring.

Spring Sun

Summon the sun (or just dress for it if it’s already here), with an outfit fit for Spring. We’ve starting our styling ideas with white Cropped Leggings. These are the ultimate pair for the sunshine. You can’t get a more casual, summery fit that by dressing up white Cropped Leggings for the sun.

Model leans against a wall posing, wearing the White Lightweight Cropped Leggings and a black crop top.

Women’s Cropped Leggings often do the talking all by themselves, so it’s good to keep things simple when it comes to styling. It’s easy to get into the trap of pairing your Cropped Leggings with a long top or dress. But instead of completing an outfit, it often looks as though you’ve mismatched two outfits together. Instead, keep it simple and stick with the theme.

Pair white leggings with a black top. It’s simple but effective, creating a monochromatic look that is set for the sun. Plus, if you’re going cropped, why not crop it all? White Cropped Leggings, paired with a strappy black Crop Top, is a winning look. And it’s as easy as that.

Pop of Colour

Spring is all about the pastel and cool-toned colours. Bringing this theme into your spring style is a great way to get into the fashion of the season.

For that pop of pastel, going for a light and bright coloured Cropped Legging is the way to go. Powder Blue Lightweight Leggings are the perfect Spring colour to combine the style you need with the practicalities of the cropped style.

Model sits on the floor wearing Powder Blue Cropped Leggings and white top.

Match the lightness of the blue with a complimenting light colour. White is always a safe bet. And if you’re not about double cropped clothes, you could opt for a slightly oversized t-shirt to add a bit of floaty-ness to your upper half. We’re not talking a long top, but a boxy style that sits above the waistline but contrasts the tightness of the leggings with a bit more freedom.

Model wears the Espresso Brown Cropped Leggings with a beige crop top.

If you want the colour and the calming tones, but without the brightness, an Espresso Brown Cropped Legging might be more your style. Pair these up with beige tones to keep in the spirit of Spring, but also keep things more earthy in tone.

All whilst matching the looks with Converse, or low-cut trainers… and definitely no ‘over the ankle’ socks. Cropped Leggings need an ankle or invisible sock to complete the look.

Sports in Spring

The cropped look doesn’t have to be exclusively for those casual, everyday outfits. There is room for Cropped Leggings in your sports wardrobe. In fact, Cropped Sports Leggings are vital as the warm weather continues. They flex with your movements and add that extra coolness through their breathability.

In those transitional season days, dressing for sports can be tricky. You know, when it’s mild out but not quite hot, there is the ideal outfit you can pull together revolving around Cropped Leggings.

Model wears Cropped Black Gym Leggings with a long-sleeved, cropped quarter zip top.

Get yourself some Cropped Gym Leggings in simple black (you can’t go wrong), and pair them with a cropped, but long-sleeved top. This gives you the airiness from the two cropped styles but covers you enough for when that chilly wind passes through. Finish the look with your trainers and you’ll look the part for your next run, gym session, or next sporting activity.

If the weather really has heated-up (fingers crossed), then you can dress to accommodate. Your Cropped Gym Leggings are always the way to go for those hot days, but don’t be afraid to pair them with a little less.

Model sits on a block, wearing Cropped Teal Gym Leggings and a black sports bra.

Sports Bras can double up as tops. If men can go shirtless, women can go with the bra-only look. Essentially, they’re like extra-cropped tops, so don’t be afraid of wearing one with pride. No need to cover up your beautiful body!

Cropped Leggings, whether for everyday or for sports, are a must-have for your spring wardrobe. And styling them is easier than you’d think. Keep it simple, keep it light and bright, and keep in on trend for the season. Spring is sorted.

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