Running Leggings: Your Essential Companion for Fitness Goals

Running Leggings: Your Essential Companion for Fitness Goals


Finding the motivation to get out on a run can be a challenge enough. Throw in the wrong running leggings, though, and it could be game over. That’s why finding the perfect pair for you should be the first port of call on your running journey.

Women’s running leggings should be three things; supportive, high waisted, and sweat wicking. Get these things and you’re off to a good start. But beyond this, there are features that can make your running experience even better. So, let’s get into it.

The Big Three

We’ve mentioned the big three features that will making your leggings ideal for running. But why is it that running requires these details for women?

Woman sits on the floor wearing the Empower Black Top and Empower Black Leggings, with running trainers.


It might seem an obvious one, because in all sports you’re going to want support. But, there are specific supportive elements you want to look for in your running leggings that will set them apart from regular leggings.

First up, compression fabric. When running, you want to feel like everything is held in place. Loose this, and you’ll find yourself more distracted by the saggy material round your knees, than you are focussed on the run.

Compression fabric isn’t about it being tight and uncomfortable, but about it being skin-tight and remaining that way. It’s about shape retention and knowing the leggings can be relied on when you come to your next run. Instead of feeling like they won’t fit your body properly after their first rodeo.

High Waisted:

Low-rise is a no go for running. You’ll find they slip down and are uncomfortable. Instead, high-waisted running leggings will hold you in all the right places as you move. Seek out the leggings that have a supportive, compression high waist, these are the leggings that will actually stay in place, rather than leaving you pulling up your waistband every 100 metres of your run.

Sweat Wicking:

If you say you don’t sweat when you run, you’re lying. We all get a little sweaty when we get moving. The key to this to find workout clothing that is sweat wicking or sweat resistant.

Sweat wicking means the material is breathable, allowing sweat to get to the surface and easily evaporate. Rather than trapping it (and the smell) in your clothes. This gives you the reassurance that you won’t get sweat patches and that your running outfit won’t hold onto the unwelcomed sweat.

Bonus Features

Now we’ve covered the main three features you need, now we can get to the extra details that’ll make your running experience even better.

Close up image of the Black Empower Leggings with the pocket.

First up, and a favourite of ours at LOVALL, running leggings with pockets. Pockets are practical for runs to hold your phone and keys, but they can also save you from forking out more to buy a running armband, belt or jacket. These are the things you will need in order to hold all your stuff on your runs, unless you have leggings with pockets.

Obviously, if you’re running far and wide, you might want to invest in those extras. But for your casual runs, running leggings that have pockets are the ideal solution.

Secondly, 4-way stretch. In fact, you should always get leggings that have some level of stretch for your running. Without it you’ll find that the leggings are far too restrictive. But the ideal is 4-way stretch. This level of elastance will mean that you can run with ease, and the leggings will flex with your movement without resistance.

Dani Dyer wears the Black Empower Set, and is putting her phone in the pocket.

Finally, you want that all important non-see-through guarantee that comes as standard at LOVALL. There is no situation where you’ll want your leggings to be see through. Including running. Run with confidence with leggings that are thick enough to keep everything covered.

Our Running Picks

Our Empower Leggings are the high-impact leggings you need for running. Equipped for all your exercise needs, and ideal for going out for a run in. Empower Leggings are designed to make moving an ease. With moisture wicking fabric, a compression high waist, 2 practical pockets, unmatched high support, and crafted to be completely non-see-through.

Woman wears the Empower Leggings Set in Vintage Navy.

The great with the Empower Leggings, is you don’t have to just enjoy the support on the bottom half. Complete the running look with the matching Empower Top, and on the cold days, the Empower Jacket too.

Woman wears the Energise Sports Leggings with the Empower Top in Navy Blue.

Another great choice for all your running needs, are the Energise Leggings. Again, complete with the big three essentials, plus some of the bonus features that will make them your new favourites for running in. Including an amazing 4 pockets, the 4-way stretch detail, sweat wicking material, and combine the compression features but with an ultra-lightweight feel.

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