Inclusive Gym Outfits: Plus Size Gym Wear

Inclusive Gym Outfits: Plus Size Gym Wear


Let’s get one thing straight, the gym is for everyone. Forget the notion that everyone in there is a size 6 and built like a body builder. Nope, curvy girls are gym girls too. That’s why we have plus size gym wear that supports and flatters every beautiful body.

Plus size gym wear for ladies UK should not be a complex thing to find, and yet LOVALL is a part of the minority bringing quality plus size clothing to the market. We can’t understand why, when research states that the average size for UK women is 16 and over 30% of the female population are size 18 and above. So, why are curvy women getting left out the picture? At LOVALL they’re not.

We want to bring quality clothes to every woman, including plus size gym clothes that support and flatter all bodies. It’s out mission to bring inclusive clothing to women’s wardrobes around the UK and all around the world.

Our Favourite Curve Gym Wear

Our top picks for gym wear, plus size addition, range from their supportive, practical, and aesthetic features. From your low-impact athleisure wear to your high-intensity gym sets.


What you girls need is a bit of empowerment. You are capable of anything; all your need is the self-belief and the outfit to match. Which is why we’re brought out the Empower Collection in collaboration with Dani Dyer. This 4-piece set, made up of a sports Top, Jacket, and the option of Flares or Leggings, is here to provide you with the confidence you need.

In our usual sizing of 6 – 28, there are plenty of curve options for all women. As a part of our plus size ranges, the features of this gym set are perfectly designed to hold everything in place as you get moving. Including a built-in bra in the Top, overall compression fabric, 4-way stretch, high waisted designs, and a body-sculpting Jacket.

Woman wears Curve Empower gym wear set in black.

Where to wear

Where best to wear this gym set:

• To the gym, made for high impact this set is perfect for a workout.

• For a run, the pockets in the Leggings make them made from your runs.

• To yoga, the Flares create the perfect fit for flexing in a yoga class.

• Your doggy date, a cute outfit for walking the dog in.

• Coffee date! It’s not all about getting active, you can enjoy the comfort on the daily.


Go more ‘low-key’ with an athleisure favourite. The soft fabric Revitalise Leggings are ideal for your low impact sports like yoga or Pilates, or getting out on a walk in, but they double up as everyday wear thanks to their optimised comfort.

Soft to touch, these Leggings are a popular choice if you’re wanting a pair that you can do some light exercise in but also wear for your everyday looks. They work as a lightweight Legging ideal for keeping you cool but covered, and you’ll not need to worry about sweat patches with the sweat-wicking fabric. Sliding on like a second skin, you’ll be in pure comfort all day long. Again, they come in plus size fits with a range from 6 – 28.

Woman wears Curve Revitalise Leggings in Sky Grey Tie Dye.

Where to wear

Where best to wear these Leggings:

• To yoga, they stretch with your body but keeps things comfy too.

• Out on a walk, look and feel the part as you get out in nature.

• Pilates, get active with low impact.

• Out and about, ideal for your daily routine, as well as relaxation.


Focus on your goals, for your body and your mind. Getting moving doesn’t have to be an unachievable chore, instead do whatever works for you. Our Focus Leggings are a gym essential to get you there, no matter your chosen workout method. Our 6 – 28 size range still stands, so there is a pair for everyone.

Say no to a sweaty bum with Focus. Designed with sweat wicking properties, these are another legging that will leave you high and dry for all the right reasons. Plus, with the LOVALL non-see-through guarantee, you’ll get full coverage even if your squatting low or lunging far. The ultimate support that these Leggings offer does not compromise appearance. Let your curves steal the show with the V-shaped high waist that works to flatter your figure, whilst holding everything in place.

Two women wear the Olive Focus Leggings, one in size 8 one in Curve.

Where to wear

Where best to wear these Leggings:

• The gym, these are Leggings that can hack higher intensity workouts.

• To your next class, they minimise distractions and maximise flexibility.

• Weight training, they’ll keep you focussed when true strength is needed.

• On your daily errands, be on the go in Leggings that will feel and look good.

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