Get the Perfect Fit with Petite Loungewear

Get the Perfect Fit with Petite Loungewear


Loungewear should be about getting the ultimate comfy outfit, but comfort comes when the fit is just right. Easier said than done if you’re of a smaller frame. Which is why you need Petite Loungewear to accommodate a leg length that works for your body.

We’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to finding the petite loungewear for you. It’s all about achieving that perfect fit, that makes lounging a comfortable and relaxing experience. Plus, we know the best ways to style your petite loungewear to create a flattering fit for chilling in. Being little doesn’t have to hold you back from looking and feeling your best! Let’s talk petite loungewear…

Guide to Petite Loungewear

We don’t believe in a one-length fits all kind of deal. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone is beautiful and deserves the same access to cosy, well-fitting clothes. Which is why that’s exactly what we do at LOVALL.

Sizing is a priority. So, you no longer need to worry about getting the right length but the wrong size. We’ve covered all bases. Whether you’re size 6 or 28, you can get clothes from us in Petite length. Having a shorter frame won’t work against you at LOVALL and that ‘perfect fit’ won’t seem like such a fairy tale after all.

Plus, it even applies when you’re pregnant. Our Maternity Loungewear also come with Petite, Regular or Tall options, so we’ve got you covered no matter what stage of life.

Find the ideal petite loungewear for you through our ultimate guide.

Petite Jogger Sets

A quality jogger set should be at the top of your loungewear list. Sinking into cosy comfort, that will keep you warm, comfortable, and chilled out, is the ultimate goal of relaxation. And a Jogger Set is the perfect pick for the job. So, let’s find a set that fits.

Discover our two ranges of women’s loungewear sets, made up of Joggers and Sweatshirts, that offer you a completed fit for your chilled look. Including the Everyday Comfy Set and the Luxe Lounge Set. Of course, both these come in Petite options, meaning gone are the days where you’re rolling up the cuffs of your joggers to fit your leg length.

Model wears the Espresso Brown Everyday Comfy Jogger Set.

To experience casual comfort in either Black, Espresso Brown, Forest Green, or Oatmeal Beige, the Everyday Cosy Jogger Set is ideal. With a relaxed look, you can wear the Jogger and Sweatshirt combo out and about or around the house. Feel secure but unrestricted with elasticated waistband and cuffs and adjust the tightness with the drawstring feature. Relax into cosiness thanks to the brushed lining which works the interior of both the joggers and the jumper.

Alternatively, for some added luxury, enjoy lightweight comfort in the Luxe Lounge Set. Allow your body to relax into soft-touch fabric with more brushed lining to uplift your chilling experience. Adjust the waist to your preference with the drawstring, and curl up into silky soft material in this set.

Petite Leggings for Lounging

Leggings, in our opinion, are the original loungewear staple. Get the right pair, and it’s like wearing a second skin. Perfecting the look and feel of your leggings, as with any bottoms, is about getting the right size. Our collection of Petite Leggings give you the perfect fit if you are between 4’10” – 5’3”.

Keeping on the luxury theme, our Luxe Leggings are a fan favourite when it comes to petite loungewear. Make no compromises by getting these in your size and length, and with 4-way stretch qualities, wear them without restriction. Feel supported and flattered at the same time, thanks to the high-rise waist and the contouring seam design. Relaxing just got better with these buttery soft Leggings.

Zoomed in image of two models wearing Everyday High Waisted Leggings in Black.

Loungewear doesn’t have to be exclusive for the home. Us women have busy lives, we have to run errands and get jobs done, but at the end of the day all we want to do is sit back and relax. Avoid faffing around when you get in by changing your whole outfit just to relax in. Instead, the Everyday High Waisted Leggings make the ideal everyday wear that works both for being on the go and relaxing into at home.

The Everyday range has not been neglected in terms of comfort. Make the most of soft, brush-lined fabric that works to keep you cosy and work with your body. With added support and stretch, you can get all the benefits of this bestseller in the perfect length, thanks to those all-important Petite options.

Petite Trousers for Lounging

Breathability might be top of your list for what makes a cosy fit, in which case, Petite Trousers are the way to go. LOVALL Lounge Trousers are all wide leg to give you that freeing feeling whilst you sit back and relax.

The thing with wide leg though, is that there is always the risk of the trouser leg flopping over your feet and bulking at the ends. Short-leg problems! That is exactly why we offer the Petite options to keep them well-fitting for every woman.

Zoomed in image of the Ribbed Lounge Trousers in Pink.

Three styles of the Ribbed Wide Leg Trousers complete the colourways Pink, Grey and Black. And with the Ribbed Texture trending, these are a up and coming loungewear staple. Enjoy the soft comfort, and the on-trend style all at once, with these lounging staples!

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