5 Criteria for the Perfect Summer Running Leggings

5 Criteria for the Perfect Summer Running Leggings


Running to feel good is the best kind. No matter the distance, time, or amount you stop. The best thing about running is that it’s for everyone. The difficult thing about running is finding an outfit that has it all. Especially when you’re on the hunt for the perfect summer running outfits.

Heat and exercise are not a combination that make life easy. Therefore, having the best clothes for the job is essential. We have the top criteria to help you buy the best summer running leggings. Taking into account practicality, style, and breathability, to bring you a foolproof list of what to look for in your summer leggings for running.

So, let’s jump in!

Don’t Sweat it: Sweat Wicking Leggings

Getting sweaty whilst running is inevitable. So, finding a quality pair of leggings that can help you combat the issue is a good place to start with your running leggings criteria. Find yourself some sweat wicking leggings or sweat resistant leggings.

Model wears Empower Set in Deep Forest.

Sweat wicking will mean you can get a sweat on without fear of stains or patches. The way it works is the fabric will allow the sweat to come to the surface of the garment and the evaporate, rather than holding it in the fabric itself. Similarly, sweat resistance means the fabric will not allow the sweat to break through at all. So, no patches in sight!

Take a Breather: Breathable Leggings

In the same vein as sweat wicking qualities, you don’t want your legs to be stifled as you run. There’s nothing worse that feeling too hot and flustered on a run. Especially when you feel like your body could take you further if you weren’t so overwhelmed with heat.

Investing in breathable leggings is the answer to your summer running legging prayers. Finding those materials that provide the coverage from the sun but stay breathable get that balance just right for your runs. If the leggings are moisture wicking, it’s a good sign that they are breathable too.

Model wears Empower Leggings and Top in Graphite.

What you need is lightweight leggings for summer running. Going light with the fabrics and finding those wicking qualities will tell you all your need to know. That these leggings are going to keep you comfortable on your run. Don’t compromise with thick leggings that’ll make your run 10X harder than it needs to be.

Practically Perfect: Pocket Practicality

Picture this: You’re headed out on a quick run around the block, you head out the door and realise you’re still holding your phone and keys with nowhere to put them. It’s either give up on the whole idea or keep hold of them whilst you run, hoping they don’t fly out your hand on your sprint finish. This could be you, unless you look for running leggings with pockets.

True, there are running vests, sleeves, or belts. But why throw more money as a sport that’s meant to be accessible to everyone. Plus, if you’re only doing short distances, having pockets is so much easier. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any additional accessories to ruin the look.

Close up of a phone being put in the Black Empower Leggings pocket.

Thigh pockets are the ideal, they keep your belongings flat against your body, and are too subtle to see when wearing. It’s a good idea, also, to seek out running leggings that have a combination of compression qualities along with the pockets. This is so you can avoid the risk of your keys clinking around in your pocket and tapped your leg the whole way round. That’s one sure way of making the experience less enjoyable.

Compression fabric will hold your belongings tight against your thigh. That way you’ll forget you’re even carrying them.

Don’t Waist Time: High Waisted Leggings

Don’t bother wasting your time with leggings for running if they’re not equipped with the right waistband. It’s a crucial element to your leggings and can be the make or break for your running experience.

Nothing by high waisted will do for running leggings. You might have considered low rise for summer running leggings for that extra breathability. But you’d regret it. As long as you find the right, lightweight running leggings for you, there is never a need to go low-rise for summer sports leggings.

Close up of model wearing the Deep Forest Empower Leggings and top, with her hands on her hips.

High waisted running leggings will ensure everything is held in place as you get moving. It’ll keep you feeling secure and confident, so the only thing you need to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other. To get the ultimate waist on your leggings, there are other features you can also keep your eye out for. Including that all-important compression fit that we mentioned earlier.

A compression waistband will mean there is no budging. Forget the annoyance of your waistband slipping down or rolling up, compression fabric will be sure to keep the waist firmly in place. Plus, you can find flattering seam designs that will accentuate your waist for an even more confidence-boosting feel.

That’s a Stretch: 4-Way Stretch Leggings

You might be thinking that added the stretch of a legging to this list is, well, a bit of a stretch. Of course, your running leggings need to have stretch. True! But the issue isn’t with the blatant obviousness of this statement, but the fact that many brands neglect stretch as a feature that their running leggings must have.

The best summer leggings for running, are the ones that have adequate stretch in them. So, no matter what your stride, what warm-ups you’ve got planned, and how sweaty you get, your leggings will work with you. The heat adds in the complication, because you don’t want the material to stick to you rather than stretch with you.

Woman does yoga in the Black Empower Leggings and Top.

Seek out leggings with 4-way stretch to be sure they will meet the standards you’ll need and the qualities that you deserve. Another great indicator that the running leggings are crafted with enough stretch, is the material they are made from. Look for those that are made with a large percentage elastane (e.g. 40% or above) or contain Lycra. Then it’s all stretch until your heart’s content.

The Best of the Best

So, at the end of the day, what are the best summer running leggings? The perfect combination of all the above criteria comes in the Empower Leggings. Designed for high impact, these are THE leggings for running. With 2 pockets, compression fit, lightweight fabric, a high waist, and sweat wicking qualities.

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