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Mother’s Day Gifts from Fluffy Pyjamas to Fashion Staples

Mother’s Day Gifts from Fluffy Pyjamas to Fashion Staples


Mother’s Day gifts are a yearly dilemma. What to get for the woman who deserves the world? Well, at LOVALL, we know a thing or two about what mums really want and we’re here to share our wisdom with you.

We’ve been working with real women since the start of our brand, and we’ve learnt from the best about what women want. We've been creating fashionable outfits for real-life moms like Dani Dyer and Olivia Bowen. We've also been creating fashionable outfits for expecting moms. From this, we’ve crafted the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide to see you get sorted for the big day in March.

From fluffy pyjamas to fashionable staples, you’ll be set with gifts for Mother’s Day by the time you’ve reached the end of this article.

Classic Mother’s Day Gifts

These are your ‘can’t go wrong’, ‘every mum loves them’ kind of gifts. So, if you want a safe bet that will put a smile on your mums faces, these are the gifts you’re going to want to secure for your mum.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Pyjamas. Fluffy Pyjamas, comfy Pyjamas, soft Pyjamas… whatever you go for, you can’t go too far wrong with a brand-new set for Mum.

Woman sits on chair in the Black Floral Soft Touch Pyjamas.

The reason that PJs are such a good staple gift idea for your mum, is because nothing beats a good night’s sleep. And when you’ve got a pair of Pyjamas, you don’t really bother treating yourself to new ones, but when someone else does… it’s a game changer. Which is why Mums love them. So, for this Mother’s Day, we’re bringing you the top pick of Pyjamas to treat you Mum to:

Brushed Cotton Pyjamas in Light Grey Strip or Pink Stripe. Simple in design, but providing ultimate comfort with a brushed lining, cuffed joggers, and drawstring details.

Soft Touch Pyjamas in Pink Dot or Black Floral. Giving a relaxed fit that Mum can just sink into for some relaxation at the end of a long day.

Button Up Pyjama Shorts. This cute set is perfect in advance of the warmer weather coming in Spring. For Mums who like to keep things cooler, this set is the ideal gift.

Wide Leg Lounge Set in Grey, Green or Black. Designed as loungewear, Mums can enjoy the comfort of this set around the house, as well as to bed.

Keeping with the comfy, cosy theme, another classic for Mother’s Day is to treat your Mum to anything she can relax in. We’re talking oversized Jumpers, Jogger sets, and the perfect pair of Leggings.

Our favourites for gifting everyday comfort include:

Oversized Chunky Knit Hoodie. It goes with everything and is the perfect snuggly gift to give your Mum, who deserves luxury comfort.

Luxe Lounge Set. Talking about luxury comfort, Mums love to have a set that looks good and feels good. Treat her to a Jogger Set that elevates her style.

Cable Knit Set. Cosy and cute go hand in hand with the Cable Knit Jogger and Jumper Set, and Mums LOVE it.

Luxe Leggings. The Mum’s we know, love to live in Leggings, so treat your Mum to luxurious Leggings that she can enjoy wearing everyday.

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Okay, so the biggest Mother’s Day is, of course, the first Mother’s Day. New Mums have been through 9 months of pregnancy, labour, and the trials of navigating Motherhood for the first time, they definitely deserve a treat. And who’s the one to give it to them… their partner of course! So, listen up partners, we’ve got your back when it comes to finding the perfect first Mother’s Day gift.

Woman sits on floor, wearing Ribbed Leggings and a knitted jumper.

The Pyjamas and comfy staples are a good shout again for new mums, but there are some other gifts that are called for on this big day too. Including, a practical but fashion-first must-have for mums who’ve recently given birth – post-partum leggings.

Ask any new mum, and she’ll tell you that comfort is the number one need for her clothing after giving birth. But at the same time, feeling confident and feeling good in the clothes you wear is always SO important. Which is why our Leggings are perfect for that post-partum period.

Here are our top gifting ideas for post-partum Leggings:

Everyday High Waisted Leggings. These are perfect for that secure and comfortable feel for new Mums. The high waist is gentle on the stomach and they are the perfect versatile staple for gifting.

Luxe Leggings. Again, these are ideal for treating the Mum in your life to a little bit of luxury, whilst offering the cosiness needed for that post-partum stage.

Seamless Leggings. Our Seamless collection is buttery soft on the skin and has added stretch for ultimate comfort, plus with the matching Bralette, it makes a great gift set.

Of course, if you are looking to really treat a new mum. Giving her the night off to spend sometimes with her friends is always a winner. Get her a comfortable and stylish going out fit, and take on the duties for the baby for the night, and watch her let her hair down.

Woman leans against staircase wearing Black Straight Jeans, boots and a black cardigan.

Our night-out picks for Mums this Mother’s Day include:

Coated Jeans. Super sleek and stylish but with added stretch for comfort, these are so easy to dress up for a night out with friends.

Cigarette Trousers. For the more sophisticated Mums the cigarette trousers are ideal for creating a classy and elegant look.

Straight Jeans. Treat her to Jeans that look the part and feel amazing, with a pair of Straight Jeans along with a nice top and a pair of heels.

Maternity Gifts

It’s not just Mum’s with children who can celebrate Mother’s Day, those who are soon to be Mums are worth of celebrating the day too! So, thinking what best to get those pregnant Mothers, should be on the agenda.

Pregnant woman sits on a chair in the Infinity Marl Everyday Maternity Leggings, a white top, and a grey cardigan.

Good job we’ve got the perfect Maternity Collection to help you find your loved one a treat for her first Mother’s Day as a mum-to-be.

Everyday Maternity Leggings. Gift her style she can live in for the rest of her maternity, with Leggings that provide comfort, support and aesthetic.

Seamless Maternity Leggings. Go again for the set with the Maternity Leggings and Seamless Bralette, and see your Momma to be looking the peak of fashion in a completed fit.

Maternity Recharge Joggers. Comfort comes first when you’re pregnant, so give the gift of irresistible comfort with the Recharge Joggers that are made for her and bump.

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