Maternity outfit ideas: Comfort for the third trimester.

Maternity outfit ideas: Comfort for the third trimester.


Welcome to the third trimester of pregnancy. Baby is almost here, and you’ll be feeling ready to pop. So, staying comfortable has never been more necessary. We’re bringing you maternity outfit ideas that will see you sailing through the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Navigating the bump is a logistical and fashion nightmare but, with the right wardrobe, it doesn’t have to be. LOVALL’s fashion for pregnancy can help you look good, feel confident, and relax in comfort whilst you wait for the little one to enter the world.

Must-have pregnancy outfits

Prepping yourself with maternity outfits that both support your bump and look good doesn’t have to be a chore. Being pregnant is not a 9-month sentence to look like rubbish.

Embrace the bump and find your ‘pregnant style’. Pregnancy outfits need staple bottoms to build a complete fit around. With maternity outfit ideas to make the lead-up to and the last trimester that little bit easier, we’ve got you.

Everyday Leggings

With your belly feeling enough pressure from baby kicks and stretched skin, you’ll want to invest in some leggings that are designed to feel soft whilst having some sculpting strength to hold everything in place. Maternity Everyday Leggings are designed to give mums-to-be confidence.

With an over-the-bump design, the 4-way stretch fabric reaches over your bump to maximise support and comfort. Avoiding the roll-down risk, where material never quite stays over the bump and instead bunches up below it, our LOVALL alternative stays in place throughout the day.

Model wears Everyday Maternity Leggings and poses in a lounge setting, with a bookcase behind her.

Having an everyday go-to pair of leggings can help keep your pregnancy as comfy as possible. The Everyday Maternity collection gives more than just support. Offering a non-see-through guarantee, you can have one less thing to worry about with your pregnancy pants safely concealed. Plus, as they’ve been crafted with thick, soft cotton fabric, along with a brushed cotton lining, you can stay cosy and ensure the leggings are kind to your skin.

On top of the standard Everyday Leggings, we offer a range perfect for warmer weather. With the Maternity Lightweight Leggings designed for everyday wear, you can enjoy the same support and comfort with added breathability. If you’re entering the third trimester in the summer, the lightweight option is an amazing pair to keep you comfortable and cool.

Those hot flushes in pregnancy can catch you off guard. Keep your maternity outfits prepared for the rush of heat on any occasion, with lightweight leggings that can prevent you from feeling claustrophobic in your own clothes.

Maternity Denim

Got a meal out planned or a day trip with some friends? There are times when leggings aren’t going to cut it, and you’ll want to wear something a little more dressed up.

When your belly is as big as a football, you might be thinking that any kind of denim is far from reach. Stop right there. Our maternity outfit ideas don’t restrict you to loungewear only. We’ve perfected our denim range to include the ideal pregnancy jeans and jeggings, to bring you bottoms beyond leggings.

Combining the comfort of leggings with the look of denim, one of our favourite pregnancy hacks is the Maternity Jegging. You can achieve an everyday look, that is elevated to appear as though you’re wearing your favourite jeans whilst offering you the comfort you deserve.

Jeggings are ideal for the later months of pregnancy, when your baby has grown to the size of an aubergine, and you’ve outgrown all your go-to outfit options. In the third trimester, comfort is crucial. So, bringing jeggings to your wardrobe that offer the look your after with the cosy, comfort you need is a win-win for your baby belly.

Our Maternity Jeggings are made with 4-way stretch material to allow easy movement of your legs and is complimented with a soft-touch over-the-bump band that slips subtly under any top. Keeping a flattering seam pattern and pockets on the bum, the appearance of jeans is kept in the design.

Sometimes though, your maternity outfit ideas mean the jeggings don’t always cut it. Only genuine jeans will do.

Close up image of Maternity Straight Leg Jeans in Light Blue - around the over the bump band.

Well, we’ve got that too. With Maternity Straight Jeans available at LOVALL, we’re proud to bring all the mums-to-be the denim they desire without compromise. Our Maternity Straight Jeans are trendy and comfortable, following the loose-fit fashion trend. They let you showcase your baby bump while staying fashionable.

As a perfect all-rounder pair of jeans, you can achieve an everyday look that puts looking good first. Crafted with soft, stretch denim the Maternity Straight Jeans are optimised to look the part whilst keeping you and your bump comfortable.

Fitted at the hips and relaxed around the legs, these jeans are designed with fashion in mind. Not just there to look good, this pair of jeans is assisted with extra support thanks to the over-the-bump band, which avoids any bunching, or discomfort caused around your baby belly.


Mums-to-be are capable of anything. And pregnancy doesn’t put a stop to all the things you love to do. Including getting active.

Another one of our favourite pregnancy hacks is all about keeping things moving. You and your bump can benefit from staying active all the way to full-term.

This doesn’t need to be anything crazy or out of the norm for your lifestyle, but just continuing to keep your body moving can improve your physical and mental well-being during pregnancy. Maternity outfit ideas that suit this kind of activity, are a must.

Pregnant model wears the Maternity Revitalise Leggings whilst sat on a stool against a white backdrop.

Sportswear that will hold out all the way through the third trimester might seem like a tall order. But thanks to dedicating time to research what works best for women who like to keep things active, we’ve created a collection of sportswear leggings that has the flexibility to work with you and your bump.

Revitalise Leggings are great for low-impact exercise. Perfect for all you mums looking to keep active without going hardcore on the pregnancy workouts.

With velvety soft fabric and added Lycra, the material used is intentionally stretchy and cosy all at once. As the go-to pair for performance and comfort, you can get out on a light jog, to your pregnancy activity class, or even opt for these leggings for your birthing practice. Whatever the activity, these leggings are here to hold you in all the right places whilst you stretch and flex.

The Maternity Focus range is designed for sports. These leggings are great for yoga. They support your bump and relieve pressure as you do different poses like mountain pose and downward facing dog. Created to help your pregnancy journey still include the exercise you love; these leggings even include sweat-wicking and quick-drying technology. Not a sweat patch in sight.

Maternity extras for you

A huge part of staying comfortable and supported throughout your pregnancy, particularly the last few weeks, is getting yourself bottoms that support your bump. But there is more than just your bump to consider. In fact, your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy and the clothes you wear can make a difference in how comfortable you feel. From the best maternity bras, maternity pants, and even fluffy socks that can cope with unexpected swelling, you can cover all bases by planning your maternity outfit ideas in advance.

Woman poses with her babay bump in a bedroom setting, next to a large window. She is wearing a chunky knit jumper and Maternity Straight Jeans by LOVALL.

If you’ve just entered the third trimester, or it’s fast approaching, discovering the right pregnancy outfit ideas that suit you is a must. Get yourself the staple leggings, jeggings, and jeans that will cover you for all occasions, and top these looks off with the supportive pieces that will optimise your comfort and confidence as you approach motherhood.

Even looking towards when the baby arrives can put your mind at ease and bring you into post-pregnancy life seamlessly. Finding nursing bras' best features and getting to know the different nursing bras supportive feel ready for when baby is here, is a great head-start for being a mum.

We also highly recommend finding the cosiest hoodies, jumpers, and sweats to enjoy maximised comfort for the post-partum period. You’ll deserve comfort like never before, after all your body and mind have been through it. Remember, your body is amazing and capable of anything. Treat it to what you find most comfortable and enjoy the bliss of being a mum.

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Maternity Everyday Leggings - Infinity Blue

Maternity Everyday Leggings - Infinity Blue

Maternity Everyday Leggings - Infinity Blue

Maternity Straight Jeans - Black

Maternity Straight Jeans - Black

Maternity Straight Jeans - Black

Maternity Revitalise Leggings - Midnight Black

Maternity Revitalise Leggings - Midnight Black

Maternity Revitalise Leggings - Midnight Black

Maternity Lightweight Everyday Leggings - Black

Maternity Lightweight Everyday Leggings - Black

Maternity Lightweight Everyday Leggings - Black


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