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Maternity Clothes Shopping: 4 Tips and Tricks

Maternity Clothes Shopping: 4 Tips and Tricks


It’s time to talk maternity clothes. Shopping to accommodate for a bump takes some extra thought, as well as extra fabric, and navigating the world of pregnancy outfits isn’t always the most stress-free. Particularly if this is your first baby.

So, let us help you take one more thing off your mind, by bringing you the tips and tricks to getting the best maternity wear, so you can get it right first-time round. One maternity haul will do, so long as you know what to look for.

Follow our guide of the 5 top tips and tricks to sorting your maternity wardrobe, ready for you and your growing bump.

1. Hold Off in Trimester One

The eagerness is real. But, in reality, your bump doesn’t start properly showing until your second trimester, so there’s no need to rush into getting a whole new wardrobe when you don’t know what your body looks or feels like with a big bump yet.

It’s important to be comfortable, however, so wearing regular clothes that have some give and stretch is a good idea. Sometimes you’re going to feel more bloated than others. If you’ve not got this in your everyday clothes already, it’s a good time to invest in it.

Get yourself some classic high waisted leggings that will stretch with your body but can be worn pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy. These will be perfect for the early stages but also an essential for post-partum, so getting hold of some quality ones now will help in the long run.

Pregnant woman wears the Maternity Straight Jeans in Light Blue and a cosy jump. She holds her bump, standing in a lounge area.

When it comes to proper over-the-bump band clothing, there isn’t any real rush. Hold off until you are starting to show, and your current clothes are feeling a little tight. Then you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for in your maternity clothes. It also avoids that panic buy of bad quality products and gives you more thinking space for finding the perfect, quality clothes that will flatter and support you.

2. The Must-Have Features

When it comes to clothes, there are also the few basic features that are ALWAYS on our tick-list. And this applies for maternity clothing too. These are the must-have features that give you a good idea on what standard and quality the clothes will be. So, let’s get into them!

First up, and most importantly for getting the best maternity clothes, a comfy over-the-bump-band. Particularly when we’re talking about the bottom half. Getting yourself leggings and trousers that are equipped to support your growing bump, is an essential. There is no point trying to squeeze into clothes that can’t get round your belly and end up causing you discomfort as they roll down and feel as though they’re slipping off.

Pregnant woman sits on a chair wearing a white top, cardigan and the Steel Blue Everyday Maternity Leggings.

But it’s not just ticking the box of an over-the-bump-band. It’s about ensuring it’s made from material that will ensure that band is supportive, comfortable, and works with your body. That’s where the material comes into play. You want to seek out fabrics that are soft on your skin, built with added stretch, and are designed with shape retention qualities.

Our favourites for this are cottons with added elastane or Lycra. Look for details like 4-way stretch, compressive qualities, and thick designs. These will allow the clothes to grow with you and stay supportive whilst you go through your pregnancy.

3. Don’t Compromise on Style

Don’t be fooled, being pregnant does not mean all sense of style has to go out the window. You can find outfits that simultaneously support and look good. Anyone telling you otherwise clearly hasn’t come across the LOVALL maternity range.

Feeling confident whilst your pregnant is just as important as it is any other time. Which is why finding clothes you love is still on the agenda. Stylish maternity clothes are not out of the question by any means. So, there are some green flags to look for when buying your maternity clothes that will tell you that they’re on-trend.

Our biggest tip for stylish maternity clothes is to look for the brands that create collection for women, then the same collections in a maternity option. These brands are doing it right. Not leaving maternity as an afterthought but bringing out clothes that real women want to wear, whether pregnant or not. You can buy your everyday wardrobe with the clothes you love and then get the same outfits again, but that will accommodate your bump.

Pregnant woman wears in Maternity Winter Leggings in Navy, with a grey jumper and grey jacket. She stands outside, holder her bump.

Another green flag is in the seam design. Why neglect the shaping of clothes when it comes to maternity? It makes no sense. Looking and feeling frumpy is not the goal for pregnancy. Instead, find clothes that prioritise the fit.

Mums-to-be deserve cool maternity clothes that flatter, not make you look double your age and abandon all sense of shape. Look for contouring seam designs, compression fabric that moulds to your body, and 4-way stretch that will work with you and show off your curves, rather than hiding them away.

4. Practical Accessories

The best maternity clothes are not always the ones you can see women wearing. Infact, to ensure ultimate comfort you need the accessories that you can wear beneath your maternity clothes, to relieve the load of that bump.

Yes, underwear is important. Find maternity bras that can hold in the girls (they’ll be getting bigger too). Plus, you’ll need pants that provide that over the bump style too, or at least ones that support and stay up! But an accessory that comes highly recommended is the pregnancy belt or belly band.

Woman wears the Maternity Everyday Leggings in Dark Grey, standing in a studio.

When you’re coming up to full term it can be like carrying around a large watermelon strapped to your stomach. It’s painful on your belly and your back. But wearing a Belly Band can relieve some of that weight. They’re designed to lift and hold your bump, so the pressure is taken off your body somewhat. They’re not the thinnest by design but they will sit in the same place as your over-the-bump band on your leggings or trousers, so covering them isn’t too much of an issue. And it’ll be worth it for the relief in those last stages.

Next Steps

Now you’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to find the best maternity wear for you, it’s about going out and buying them!

Find the LOVALL maternity collection HERE, completed with quality, stylish and practical maternity clothes that will help you create the looks you want with the comfort you need. We’re here for you and your bump when it comes to all things fashion!

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