Lightweight Flared Leggings are Here for Summer

Lightweight Flared Leggings are Here for Summer


Women’s Flared Leggings are all anyone is talking about. Which is why we’ve brought out a whole new range just in time for summer. Lightweight Flared Leggings are the summer pants that every woman needs. Perfect for creating cool, casual outfits on, with a touch of flare to elevate the look.

As the latest high waisted Flare Leggings in our collections, these are already proving to be popular. After sell-out Flares from the Empower Range, it’s clear to see that they are very much in fashion. And we’ve created a pair that’s worthy of the warm weather. Discover why they’re the must-have item for all your summer outfits.

Flares are THE Summer Leggings

Our Lightweight Collection has always been a hit in the summer, thanks to allowing you to continue wearing the casual staple without getting too hot. So, why not combine the bestselling collection with the most on-trend style? Well, we did. Which is why we know you’re going to love the Lightweight Flares.

Woman stands holding mesh curtains wearing Espresso Brown Lightweight Flare Leggings and a grey top.

We’ve combined breathable fabrics with a soft flare finish, making these women’s flared leggings perfect for the spring and summer seasons. With features to suit your everyday looks and crafted to keep you cool in the warm weather.

Details we’ve included make these the best Flared Leggings for women when the sun is shining. The high and controlling waistband gives you the perfect fit, with that body-sculpting effect. The added stretch allows the flares to mould to your body, giving you a comfortable fit that works with your shape. And, of course, that all important lightweight viscose fabric keeps things breathable.

Flared Leggings Outfit

Creating a look with flares is next on your to do list. We’re here to help you with styling your Flared Leggings outfit, in time for the summer season.

As an alternative to flared summer trousers, Flared Leggings are the comfortable and casual ‘throw-on’ option. But, styling wise, the outfit concepts are similar. Keep things light, bright, and fit for the sunshine.

Woman stands with one leg up on a block, she wears the Navy Lightweight Flare Leggings and a grey t-shirt.

We’re talking crop tops and tight fits. This sticks to the summery theme, and keeps the fitted theme, up until that iconic soft flare finish. For that added coverage a white linen or oversized shirt to throw over the look is ideal.

They’re perfect for the casual look with trainers too, as they lend themselves to that chilled vibe. Just remember to colour match your whole look. That means, if you’re going for a beige top, go for beige trainers, or white with white, excreta. This bookends your outfit and keeps everything consistently styled.

Looking After Your Flares

Keeping your Lightweight Flares the best they can be, will mean you can enjoy them this summer and in summers to come. Which is why we’ve got all the info on looking after these summer pants.

Close up of the Grey Lightweight Flare Leggings being worn.

First up is the washing conditions. Wash these Flared Leggings at a cool 30 degrees, this will stop the material from stretch, distorting, or becoming defect. We also always recommend washing at 30, as this is best for the environment and we’re a brand who cares about our planet.

Other things to keep in mind is not to bleach, tumble dry, or dry clean the Flares. These are all possibilities of ruining the product. This is due to colouring and to the pressure that high heats can put on the material. On this, we also recommend only ironing the Flares on a low heat. But a great part of these Lightweight Flares is that they don’t naturally hold creases. So, for the most part, an iron isn’t really necessary.

Beyond these care details, we just suggest you wear the Flare Leggings with love. They’ll love your body back with the most flattering fit, and breathable fabrics.

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