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3 Times You Need Leggings with Pockets

3 Times You Need Leggings with Pockets


Leggings with pockets pair up comfort with practicality. But the question is, when are they useful to wear, and why. Women’s leggings with pockets come few and far between, but there is a need for them in every woman’s wardrobe. Which is why, we don’t let them slip through the net. LOVALL is all for leggings with pockets, and that’s because there is a need for them in everyday life. Including the Empower Leggings and the Energise Leggings.

We’re bringing you the 3 most useful moments for wearing leggings with pockets. Taking you through why they’re a must have for you in these 3 crucial moments in your everyday life.

On a Run

Whether you’re an avid runner, or a ‘when I can be bothered’ kind of runner, you’re going to want running leggings with pockets. They are a lifesaver for those quick runs, and avoid complications that would usually hold you back. And, let’s face it, the less obstacles to running, the more likely you’ll have the motivation to go.

Dani Dyer wears the Empower Leggings in black, and she is putting a phone in her pocekt.

Picture this, you wake up and decide ‘today is a running day’. So, you get up dressed, drink plenty, do your stretches, grab your headphones and go to leave. But where do you put your phone? And if you can’t take your phone, you can’t listen to music. Plus, it’s surely a safety hazard to go on a run without any way to call someone in case of an emergency. Sounds like you’re not going for a run after all.

Alternatively, you could hold your phone… but trust us, replacing your phone when it gets dropped, smashed and ruined on your run, is a lot more expensive than buying a quality pair of running leggings with pockets.

Instead, equip your workout wardrobe with leggings that have pockets, and you’ll always have room to store your phone as you go about your run. Music sorted. Emergency contact to hand. And a secure place to keep your phone on you as you go. Plus, without a smart watch, you can make sure you’re tracking your steps too!

Out and About

Let’s say you’re meeting friends for a coffee, or a dog walking date, or running some errands… that doesn’t always require hauling a handbag around for. So, long as you have your phone and keys, you’re set. So here’s your opportunity to make your life easier. Forget having to wear Jeans with pockets as an alternative, Leggings can be just as good. Those that have pockets, that is!

Getting yourself Leggings with pockets can eliminate the problem of having to either drag stuff round with you, or dress purely for the purpose of convenience. Stay in your comfortable outfit, whilst keeping the practicality of carrying everything you need with you. With Apple Pay, and the equivalent, always to hand on your phone, you really only need two things with you. Your phone and keys.

Zoomed in image of the Black Empower set, being worn by a model pulling an Apple iPhone from the pocket.

Leggings with thigh pockets are built to carry phones flat against you, and your keys can slip in easily too. The compressive fabric holds your things in place without dragging you down. At LOVALL, that’s exactly how we do Leggings with pockets. By keeping them big enough to fill with your bits and bobs, but with thick, supportive fabric to hold them in place. So, there is no fear of your waistband slipping due to the add weight. We’re really thought of everything to make your life easier!

At the Gym

Similarly, to running, having women’s leggings with pockets prevents that loss of motivation hitting. But there are possibly even more uses for the pockets whilst at the gym.

The gym can get busy, there is a lot going on. You’re moving from machine to machine, area to area, and keeping track of what you’re doing is what is at the top of your mind. Not keeping track of all your belongings. That’s why having them attached to you, is the most practical option.

Woman wears the Forest Empower Leggings set with her hand in her pocket.

Again, you can ensure you have your phone for signing into the gym and for listening to music. But more than that, having pockets on your gym outfit prevents you losing anything whilst you’re in there. The last thing you need is to leave your phone or keys on the treadmill, and once realised, return to find them gone. Pockets are the best way to allow you to focus on your workout, without any other distractions.

Plus, did you even go to the gym if you didn’t track it? Make sure your phone is on your body and it’ll pick up all your movement, and you’ll be able to log in on your fitness apps and track your workout. Without pockets, you’d need to wear a smart watch to achieve the same… and we know which is more cost effective!

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