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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Jeans for Your Body Shape

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Jeans for Your Body Shape


Finding the perfect pair of jeans has often been seen as a challenge. There are ones that fit your waist but not your legs, your legs and not your waist, and those that just don’t look quite right. But we’re here to remind you that you are not the problem. Instead, the problem is with the jeans.

Two models stand together wearing Lift & Shape Jeans in mid and light blue.

Choosing the right pair of jeans must start with the make. Brands all too often rely on their models to show off the denim, but in reality, it can look very different on different bodies. At LOVALL, we’ve always been about being for ALL women, which is why we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate denim collection from the best petite jeans to the best jeans for curvy women.

With that in mind, we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to choosing the best jeans for your body shape. Getting the perfect fit wherever it matters most.

Lift & Shape Jeans

Lift & shape jeans do exactly that, lift you and shape you to accentuate and support your natural features. Now, the general aesthetic of this denim piece gives that of the classic skinny jean. But, whilst your standard skinny jeans were invented just because of the trend to have a tight fit, lift & shape jeans work with your body and are less focussed on tight restriction and more focussed on comfortable flattery.

Model wears Lift & Shape Jeans in light blue.

This collection is also seen as a type of bum enhancing jean. They are designed to, well, lift, and that includes your bum. Which means you can feel shapely, whilst remaining content with the coverage and confidence that the soft denim provides.

The way in which these jeans actually does the ‘shaping’ is through the shape retention qualities within the fabric, and a careful seam design that works to flatter your body whilst wearing.

Lift & shape jeans are for every woman. Some claim that the skinny jeans are best for women with a pear body shape. But we are less about comparing a woman’s body to a piece of fruit, and more about empowering all women, with all body types, to wear whatever they feel best in. Which is why all our denim ranges, including lift & shape, come in sizes 6 – 28 and in lengths petite, regular, or tall.

Straight Jeans

The straight leg jean has recently made a comeback in the fashion world, with a move towards more relaxed styles. They are perfect for mixing up fits within an outfit, as you can so easily pair a straight jean with a tight top to enhance your figure with ease.

Model wears Straight Jeans in light bleach.

Straight jeans are crafted to remain well fitted around your waist but then relax around the rest of your leg to avoid that skinny fit approach. Whilst both skinny and straight jeans have their place, the straight jean is popular over the spring and summer as they give that extra room for breathability. All whilst still allowing you to rock denim through the warmer weather.

Now, you might think that straight jeans mean flat bum… or at least the appearance of one. But that’s not how we do things at LOVALL. We know how important it is to feel completely confident in your outfit, which is why we design our straight jeans to fit perfectly around your shape, keeping that lift in place before leading into a relaxed design for the rest of your legs.

Again, in sizes 6 – 28 and petite, regular, or tall, this guide is once again going to say that these jeans are perfect for every woman and perfect for every body shape. They’re amazing for not clinging onto your skin. Therefore, you can feel comfortable in jeans that sit relaxed around your leg without entirely loosing shape. They don’t hang, they flatter!

Slim Fit Mom Jeans

Wanting something in between that skin-tight feel and relaxed shape, well that’s where slim fit mom jeans come in. This denim style was first popular around the 90’s, but as we know, fashion trends always come back around. Which is why people are loving them again in 2024.

Model wears Slim Fit Mom Jeans in mid blue.

Mom jeans are designed to not stick to your body, but not give a wide-leg finish either. Especially when it comes to our slim fit range. These jeans are high-waisted, to give you that sculpt and support you need, but then the rest of the denim follows your legs in a close silhouette. No restriction, and all the shape.

Women who love mom jeans are often those who want that figure enhancing appearance without the tightness. They’re a jean that works to soften a silhouette but keep that shape highlighted in a flattering way. Plus, they’re the perfect style for leaving full length, or rolling up for a small, cuffed appearance too.

At the end of the day, the best jeans for your body shape are the jeans that you feel best in. You should feel empowered to wear whatever you like, no matter if you are size 6 or 28, 4” or 6”, and no matter what shape you are. Every woman is different, and so if every style of jean. So, find the ones you love most, and wear them with confidence. Because nothing suits you better than confidence does.

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