How to Style Straight Leg Jeans

How to Style Straight Leg Jeans


Women’s straight leg jeans are a fashion trend that we can really get behind. Giving a chic relaxed look, that is so easy to dress up or down. The only question is, how? We’re here to help you with how to style straight leg jeans to create incredible looks for every occasion.

When styling straight leg jeans, you first need to establish your own style. What kind of a woman are you? Going for the right pair means you can easily dress them to suit your personality, so deciding what looks work for you will help with the styling process. But for us, we have some favourite combos that are always a go to with how to style straight leg jeans. So, trust us, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need.

Let’s discover just how versatile this staple denim piece is. Straight leg jean outfits are a go-to for every event, so let’s delve into styling them for you.

Straight to the Point: Everyday Look

The most useful look is, of course, an everyday look. It’s where you’ll get the most wear out of your straight leg jeans. Plus, it’s easy enough to get creative using the other things you already have in your wardrobe.

Your jeans can take centre stage for an everyday look, they are the fashion statement in your outfit. So really, you don’t need to think too hard about being bold in other areas. The straight leg fit and flattering high waist gives a stylish silhouette that will work for your body and is super on trend.

Casual Blue Scheme Look with Light Bleach Straight Jeans

Add a cute crop top or plain tee to the look, with a fitted shape to contrast the relaxed fit of the straight leg with a more form-fitting top half. This makes things interesting through shape and works with your figure. Then it’s easy enough to finish the look with a chunky knit cardigan or shacket, if the weather calls for it. Adding that cute final layer whilst being easy enough to take on and off without it impacting the complete look.

Finally, we’re in love with a chunky trainer, but they are not the only option of footwear when it comes to styling straight leg jeans. An ankle-cut UGG boot is the perfect way to polish off this casual look if it's a cool day. But for that more summary look, you can't go wrong with a clog-shoe or sandal. Simple and effective.

Keep colours neutral consistent and you can't go wrong. Whites and blacks go with everything, so they are always a go to. But mixing up the look with complimenting shades of the same colour makes it stylish but simple at the same time. 

Straight Talking: Professional Look

Women’s Straight Jeans don’t have to stay a casual thing, they can be dressed to create a smart look for the office, work, or a professional setting. All it takes is a little smartening up.

It’s a myth that blue jeans are not made for the workplace. Yes, true, there may be some places where the dress code doesn’t permit it. But in the grand scheme of things, jeans are fine 90% of the time. You’ll probably see your boss wearing them, so why not you?

All that you have to do is create a professional look around them. Then, all of a sudden, the jeans are looking smart themselves.

Professional Look with Straight Jeans in Light Bleach.

For an instant chic and professional look, pair your straight jeans with a turtleneck. It keeps it modern and modest all at once. This doesn’t have to be some thick, overwhelming jumper made for the depths of winter. Instead, you can find thinner, more breathable turtlenecks that are suitable for Spring and Autumn too. Plus, you can even get yourself ones that are sleeveless for those warmer days.

If you’re a heels kind of woman, pairing this look with some plain heeled boots is a great way to smarten-up the look. Alternatively, some cute brogues will keep things just as smart, without keeping you walking on your tippy-toes all day long.

Finish off your office look, with a work-appropriate coat. We love a long grey number that ties all the neutral colours together and gives you that corporate, yet stylish, finish. Looking like a boss in straight leg jeans is easier than you thought, right?

Straight to the Pub: Evening Look

Back to the fun stuff! Jeans by nature are born for those fun and casual events. They are so easy to throw on and give a more elevated look than loungewear, but still with that comfortable feel.

Plus, as we are showing you, jeans are so easy to style. Which is what you need for those last-minute plans with friends. So, let’s style a look fit for a night at the pub with your pals.

Start with your favourite high waisted straight leg jeans, whether that be light bleach, mid blue, or even black. The choice is yours! Then to keep things classy for a night of drinking, we love the look of pairing the casualness of the jeans with a plain white shirt.

Casual Outfit perfect for the Pub with Dark Blue Straight Jeans.

A white top left open over a vest, or tied into a crop top, or even buttoned half way and tucked in is a great way to turn a staple in your wardrobe into a night-out worthy look. You can style the shirt anyway you want, and the oversized fit will always compliment the fitted waistband of yours jeans.

Now, you might be out with friends, but for us, a pub night out is not an occasion for heels. Keep yourself comfortable and dress down your outfit. Pick out your favourite trainers and you’ll be ready to jump up dancing at any given point.

To elevate the look just a little, you can always accessorise. Find a stylish belt to decorate your jeans and match your bag to the colours in your outfit. It’s easy to be the best dressed in the pub when creating a look around straight leg jeans.

Straight Out: Night Out Look

Let’s take things up a notch. From night at the pub, to night at the club. Don’t neglect your straight leg jeans when it comes to a proper night out. There is still styling to be done yet to transform your denim look into party-mode.

High waisted straight leg jeans are ideal for partying in. They give that flattering look that accentuates your silhouette, all whilst keeping you comfortable. Our Straight Jeans are made with added stretch too, so no need to fear ripping those jeans when it comes to getting down on the dance floor.

Night out look styled with Light Bleach Straight Jeans.

To bring the party-look to life, you’re going to want a statement top. Make it stand out with colour, texture, or shape. We love some sparkles, some bright bold colours, or a unique elevated fit. In this instance, a corseted top does just the trip.

Of course, a night out is the time to whack out your heels. If that’s what you are comfortable in! A classic court shoe or strappy heel is ideal to stay on trend, whilst giving that night-out finish to your look.

And, obviously, the finishing touches come in how you accessorise. So, pop on your favourite earrings and jewellery, grab a matching bag, and get ready for a fun night with the girls.

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