How to Style Mom Jeans

How to Style Mom Jeans


It’s time to start bringing out your Jeans. Spring is upon us, and denim is back in a big way. So, now is the perfect time to start pulling together some cute, casual looks for the sunshine, with denim at the core of your outfit choices.

This year, the trends in denim are sticking to slim and relaxed fits to keep you cool but stylish in the warm weather. That means, the famous mom style jeans are going to be a huge hit. But, before diving in, first you’re going to want to know what to wear with Mom Jeans.

Discover how to style Mom Jeans with our tips and tricks and pull together spring fashion that you can look and feel good in as the sun shines.

Casual Fit with Casual Jeans

Opting for mom style jeans is a great call for your everyday looks. They are super easy to style a casual look around, with little effort but maximum execution. And it all comes down to what you pair them with. And, as it’s spring, we’ve crafted the perfect guide to your spring clothing essentials that will work well with Mom Jeans.

The mom-look jeans are a specific style. Starting as a high-waisted fit, then remaining slim, but not skinny. They taper down your leg, following the general leg shape without clinging to your body. Which makes them ideal for matching with oversized or skinny fit clothes. We love versatility!

For Spring, we’re being optimistic that the sun will keep shining. For that reason, our first go-to for how to style Mom Jeans must kick start with a tank top.

Woman wears white tank top with mid blue mom jeans. She faces the back to the camera with her head over her shoulder.

Pairing the jeans with a White Ribbed Tank keeps things summery, thanks to the razor-back fit and shoulder-out look. The texture of the ribbed cotton material differs to the denim for a subtle contrast that elevates this simple look. Then the regular length fit is easy to tuck into your jeans, saving the crop top look for the peak of summer.

Of course, to keep on this spring trend, we are talking about blue jeans. The Mid-Blue Mom Jeans are the lightest of the LOVALL collection, and definitely the most spring ready. Spring is all about light, bright colours to match the weather we’re all hoping for.

Add some chunky trainers or converse, and your casual look is complete. Plus, the simple addition of the Tank makes it easy to throw over a cardigan if the weather does get mild.

Slim Fit Jeans for Date Night

Slim fit mom style jeans are not exclusive to everyday outfits. You can wear them with outfits ideal for going out-out in. Including for date night.

When it comes to how to style mom jeans for your next big date, it’s not as complex as you might think.

Swap out your blue jeans for Black Mom Jeans, these keep things sleek and transition your casual look for the daytime into your classy look for the evening. In truth, keeping the White Tank Top for this look isn’t a bad shout to create a simple monochrome look. But of course, you want to add something a little extra by pairing the fit with some heels.

Model wears black Mom Jeans and white tank top, with heels.

Alternatively, though, get yourself a cute leotard that will transition the fitted waistband of the jeans into your upper body. This will hug your figure and give you a silhouette that shows off all your assets.

Add a blazer to the equation, and your casual jeans just turned into a trendy outfit that’s perfect for a meal out or cocktails at the bar. Having this easy finisher to the fit means you can keep off the evening chill whilst keeping that spring-look.

Jeans Just for the Girls

Women’s Jeans are for the girls girls. Especially Mom Jeans. So, we’re here to help you with how to style mom jeans for a night out with the girls, whether that’s a quick drink at the pub or out for food.

I know we said crop tops can be saved for summer, but when it comes to going out with the girls all rules go out the window. Back to blue, you can bring together that sophisticated look ready for girls’ night with the Dark Blue Jeans. These transition from the spring days into the nights seamlessly.

Model wears the dark blue Mom Jeans with white crop top, beige blazer, and heels.

Pair these jeans with a cute white crop top, but don’t forget that all important blazer, as in the UK those spring evenings aren’t as warm as we’d like. Contrast the deep blue of the jeans with the brightness of the white crop top and finish off the look with a neutral colour for the throwover blazer. We love a bit of beige to add a new dimension whilst keeping things subtle and sleek.

Depending on your big plans with your friends, you can pair this look with some simple and comfy heels or go for the flat option with some white trainers to match the top. And that’s a job well done! Girls’ night sorted.

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