How to Style Maternity Leggings for New Moms To Be

How to Style Maternity Leggings for New Moms To Be


Getting used to your pregnancy body comes with its adjustments, including how to style your new maternity clothes.

First things first, Maternity Leggings are the staple you need to create everyday looks around. So, there is a way we can help you find maternity products that are comfy, supportive and look good. Discover the best Maternity Leggings and how you can style them, with our tips and tricks.

Woman sits in living area, wearing Blue Maternity Everyday Leggings, a white top and a grey cardigan. She holds her baby bump.

At LOVALL, we know a thing or two about maternity fashion. Brining you the best of Maternity Leggings UK. That’s why we’re full of useful pregnancy styling advice for you.

Follow our guide to finding what Maternity Leggings you need for what occasion, and how to style them. You’ll be rocking the bump in no time.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• Styling Maternity Everyday Leggings

• Styling Maternity Gym Leggings

• Styling Maternity Lounge Leggings

Styling Maternity Everyday Leggings

The ultimate must-have product for your pregnancy wardrobe is the Maternity Everyday Leggings. They’re a bestseller for a reason… because they are SO easy to style.

Woman wears Oatmeal Beige Everyday Maternity Leggings with white cropped top.

Okay, so there are 18 colours and 6 pattern variants, which is both incredible and too difficult to pick just one. The good thing is, as a core staple for the entirety of your maternity, it’s worth investing in a few pairs. And here is why.

The Maternity Everyday Leggings are the comfy, non-see-through, support that you need. They remain sculpting to boost your confidence, with shape retention technology to avoid any sagging. Plus, with added stretch and an over-the-bump band, they work with your growing body.

As a fan favourite amongst the moms-to-be, these are the one product that you can’t go through your pregnancy without. But question is, how do you style them?

Woman wears Black Everyday Maternity Leggings with Black Tank Top. She stands against a studio backdrop.

As Everyday Leggings, they are made for everyday looks. Pair with a LOVALL Tank Top and size up until the fit accommodates the bump. Next throw over an Everyday Sweatshirt, which you can wear (buy oversized) or wrap around your shoulders for a cute, casual look. Finish off the look with some chunky, lace-up trainers.

This outfit keeps things comfortable, breathable, and on-trend. A perfectly executed look, with barely any effort involved. Make life that bit easier whilst pregnant with these versatile Maternity Leggings… you’ll thank us later.

Styling Maternity Gym Leggings

The gym doesn’t have to stop when you’re pregnant. In the same respect, if you’re not a gym person usually, pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you becoming one.

It’s important to keep active across your maternity, under your doctor’s advice of course. So, it’s important that you have the outfits to help you feel good as you move. We’ve got the Maternity Leggings you’ll need for all your exercising needs, and we’ve got the picks to pair them with.

First up, we’ve got the Seamless Maternity Leggings. Brought to you in collaboration with the incredible Olivia Bowen, who did her pregnancy journey with our brand.

Woman wears Chocolate Brown Maternity Seamless Leggings with the matching Seamless Bralette. She stands against a studio backdrop.

These are the perfect Leggings for low-impact exercise. Whether you do pregnancy yoga, like to get out on walks, or are part of any easy-going pregnancy classes. Made of buttery soft fabric, with stretches and flexes with your body and around your bump. Offering support and a non-see-through guarantee, these are Leggings that can be relied on.

The best part about the Seamless Maternity Leggings is they still pair with the Seamless Bralette. Get yourself both to create an instant matching look. You might need to size-up on the bralette, to adjust to your new bust size. With this combo, no thought needs to go into the outfit, because the look is created for you. You might just want to grab an Oversized Hoodie to throw over the fit for warmth.

Another Maternity Gym Legging option is the Maternity Revitalise Legging Collection. In Black, Navy, or Berry, these minimalist Leggings provide athleisure comfort to assist you through your light gym sessions.

Made with lightweight fabric but finished with that all-important non-see-through guarantee, you can feel comfortable and cool as you move. The sweat-wicking qualities in the material also negate the risk of getting sweat patches in all the wrong places.

To style, get yourself a supportive sports bra (keep your eyes peeled for more on this in 2024) and then simply throw on an Oversized T-Shirt. This is a simple style that pairs up causal with comfort. For extra warmth, a snuggly Hoodie will do the trick to keep you looking sporty and feeling cosy.

Styling Maternity Lounge Leggings

Style doesn’t have to be thrown out the window when it comes to relaxing. You might think the cosiness takes priority, which may well be true, but looking good means feeling good.

We’ve created the ideal Maternity Leggings for lounging. The Maternity Luxe Loungewear Leggings are the best pair you can sink into after a long day, or a sleepless night.

Olivia Bowen wears the Maternity Luxe Loungewear Leggings in Grey Marl. She sits in a living room area, sat on a large armchair.

Offering luxurious comfort that stretches with you to create the ideal fit. With a soft-touch over-the-bump band to offer you the support you need. Plus, finished off with a contouring seam design to flatter your shape.

For the cosiest look, pair these irresistibly soft Leggings with a Hoodie or Sweatshirt to optimise your relaxation fit. You can go oversized for something to sink into or cropped to show off your bump. Relaxing is the essential activity during pregnancy, so optimising your maternity outfits for the occasion is a must.

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