Woman wears Black Leggings, White Top, Grey Blazer and Black Brogue shoes. She sits on a white stool in a studio room.

How to Style Leggings for Work


Nowadays, many places allow you to wear Leggings at work, and why not? There are so many ways to create a smart look in Leggings. But it’s all in the styling. So, let’s discover how to style Leggings for work and still stay professional.

Styling Leggings for work is all in the colours, styles, and, well, the rest of the outfit that you’re pairing them with. The key is to keep the look smart. Leggings are traditionally a casual everyday piece, or a loungewear look. So, if you’re going to be wearing Leggings to work, you’ve got to smarten up the attire.


First things first, colours are crucial when it comes to dressing for work. How are you meant to style pink, green or yellow Leggings for a professional setting? Well, you’re not. Think about what suits your workspace. Your office outfits don’t have to be boring, but neutral colours do work best to keep things looking smart.

Let’s point out the obvious here, black is the best place to start. Black is the most classic Leggings look. So, it’s super easy to find a pair you love in the black colourway and it’s even easier to pair it with wardrobe staples to create a look around. It keeps things simple, professional, and sleek.

Navy and Blue Leggings placed on the floor.

As an alternative to black, you can go for a navy Legging for that touch of colour whilst keeping that corporate feel. Vintage Navy is a deep, dark shade, whilst original Navy is more of a bold blue. So, decide your aesthetic and pick the navy for you.

Grey is also a great option. In either a Grey Marl to add some depth to the look, or a deep Grey for that office-style. Either way, you’re keeping things work-appropriate and easy to style.

Variations of Beige Leggings hung over a woman's arm.

A favourite of ours, however, is Beige. It’s hugely in fashion and on-trend, and it’s the perfect neutral to build a look around. The lighter tone is a step away from the standard black, blues, or greys, but it’s still so easy to make professional.


Leggings for work might sound like a simple enough thing. And it is, but you’ve got to consider what style you’re going for first. There are options too, including Classic Cotton, Seamless, Lightweight, Ribbed, or even Treggings.

You’re most standard Leggings, that probably come to mind first when wondering how to style Leggings for work, are cotton Leggings. These are the Everyday High Waisted range by LOVALL. In 17 colour options, you are not short of choice when deciding on what will suit your aesthetic most. That includes your classic black, 2 navy options, 2 greys, and 2 beige colours as well.

Close up of Seamless Leggings in Black.

Beyond the usual cotton Leggings, however, there are other amazing options to wear to work. Seamless Leggings are the perfect sleek option to dress up for work. Usually styled for that sports-aesthetic, but so versatile they can easily be dress up for a smarter look. With buttery soft fabric that slips on, they are ideal for an 8-hour shift, because they’ll keep you so comfortable. In office-suitable colours black or beige, these are the pairs to go-for.

In summer, you might want an alternative to thick cotton. Especially if you’re stuck in a stuffy office all day long. Which is why we designed the Lightweight Range. For that same Leggings look, with a high waist and full length fit, but with a breathable feel. In all the same colours as the Everyday collection.

Close up of Ribbed Leggings in Grey.

For a more fashion-first look with some added texture, Ribbed Leggings are a great option for styling for work. All Ribbed Leggings colours from LOVALL are perfect for work, with dark tones that work for the office.

Finally, and potentially the most fit for work, are Treggings. A Legging and Trouser combination that delivers on comfort and professionalism. In black, grey, or navy, Treggings are designed specifically for work and you can’t get much more suitable for a corporate environment.


Now you’ve picked your colours and styles, it’s down to what you pair the Leggings with to create an outfit. Styling Leggings for work comes down to what you style them with. We’re talking shirts, blouses, blazers, and, in the cooler months, jumpers. Plus, of course your flats to get your through the working day in comfort.

Woman wears Black Treggings with a white shirt and black shoes.

With any of the Legging options, an oversized shirt or blouse is perfect. This will cover the plain waistband, but give you that more casual, yet professional look. You can even do a French-tuck look, to add the shaping and silhouette back into the look. Throw over a blazer to finish the look, and some brogues for footwear and accessorising purposes.

Alternatively, if you’re place of work is relaxed, you can pair some black leggings with a simple white t-shirt and dress it up with the blazer. You can keep the smart style through the monochrome and neutral colours, and by adding the blazer. But it remains chilled-out and comfortable.

Woman stands on the stairs in Black Treggings, a Beige Shirt, and Black court heels.

When it comes to Treggings, however, you can work them in a similar way you would trousers. So, tucking in your shirts or wearing less long-line blouses works well. Some court heels or simple slip-on shoes to add an elegant finish. All styled to look the part and feel comfortable whilst you work hard in the office.

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