How to Style Joggers

How to Style Joggers


Contrary to popular belief, Jogging Bottoms don’t have to be a ‘house-only’ product. It’s all about how you style them that counts.

We’re exploring the best ways for how to style joggers to give you a trendy look for going out and about in. Whether that’s for a comfy cosy look, or a sporty look. There is a place in your wardrobe for women’s high waist joggers.

Look 1: Cute & Casual

Transforming your sweats look into something cute and casual, is easier than you might think. It’s all about what you pair them with that counts.

Start off with your simple jogger set, in black or beige, and pair with some chunky trainers (these are essential for all the looks). Then on your top half, you want to fashion the look with a cute tight top that contrasts with the relaxed, cuffed look of the joggers. Go for either a tank top, or a leotard with long sleeves.

Styling your look is all in the colours too. If you’re going for the simple look, you want to keep everything on the same colour palette. Blacks with whites, beige with beige, that sort of thing.

Model wears Beige Everyday Joggers Set by LOVALL.

If you’ve opted for an alternative colour jogger, like Forest Green or Espresso Brown, it’s good not to go too far with the colours. Perhaps pairing your jogging bottoms with lighter versions of the same colour or keep it simple with plain white.

The finishing touches come with the outer layers. Pairing the look with over oversized trench coat makes it the perfect look for getting out and about in. Keepings comfy, casual and classy all at once.

Look 2: Sporty & Fresh

Go for the sporty aesthetic by styling your joggers to make you look the part. It’s all in the overall appearance. Women’s high waist joggers are the perfect sporting staple for those easy days. If you’re going hardcore on the exercise, you might find these a bit too cosy. But for the sporty look with the everyday feel, women’s joggers by LOVALL are perfect.

This is where completing the set is the goal. You need the finished sweaters and sweatshirt look, so a proper sportswear aesthetic.

Model wears Everyday Jogger Set in Forest Green, by LOVALL.

Get yourself the Joggers of your choice and the matching sweatshirt. Pair the Jogging Bottoms with a simple ribbed tank top. This mixes up the textures whilst keeping the look clean and simple. Then you can layer on the sweater, either over the top, or we love the ‘around-the-shoulders’ look. This keeps you looking ready for anything, whilst staying fashion first.

Of course, the look needs to be completed with a pair of chunky trainers to perfect the sporty look.

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