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How to Style Cycling Shorts

How to Style Cycling Shorts


It’s summer, which means it’s the season of shorts. The most on-trend shorts this season are, of course, cycling shorts, and we are loving it! Crafting outfits around quality cycle shorts can transform your casual look, into a trendy, elevated aesthetic for your summer looks. All you need to know, is how to style cycling shorts.

Cycle shorts are a soft, legging-like, mid-thigh short. Reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s and brought into fashion by some icon women. Including Princess Diana. But they are more popular than ever in 2024 and styling them this summer is essential. Summer calls for cycle shorts, so let’s get styling them!

Oversized + Cycle Shorts

The most classic look with cycle shorts, is the oversized t-shirt and short combination. The shorts sit tight against your thighs, which acts as the perfect based for the contrasting oversized t-shirt to go over the top.

Model wears black cycle shorts and white oversized tshirt

Go interesting with you look with shape. By complimenting two different pieces that differ in shape, means you can create a visually appealing look. Plus, by going oversized you can keep things cool. Thanks to the airy nature of the oversized tee, along with the breathable shorts from the lightweight cycling shorts collection, you’ll be set for summer.

Pair the look with some chunky sandals or a pair of trainers and your everyday summer look will be complete.

Sweatshirt + Cycle Shorts

For those cosy summer vibes, you’ll want layers. Summer days might be nice and sunny, but in the evenings, there can still be a chill in the air. But all is well, because a jumper and cycle shorts combination is a winner.

Model wears beige cycle shorts and brown sweatshirt

Chucking a sweatshirt over your outfit when the air gets chilly, doesn’t have to kill your look. In fact, it can elevate it. The cuffed bottom of a sweater can give your outfit great shape. Sitting comfortably at the top of the high waisted cycling shorts, meeting them and bringing in the waistline before relaxing back out. It keeps the look casual and cosy all at once.

This look is best pair with your favourite trainers, leaning on that sporty aesthetic. Plus, having the mid-thigh shorts with a crew sock and trainer, is the ultimate fashion trend right now. So, you can stay on style without even trying.

Crop + Cycle Shorts

Get those full-on summer vibes! Shorts and a crop top are the fit you need in your life when the sun really starts shining. It’s so simple, but so effective. Plus, it gives you the chance to mix things up through colour and texture, as the shape is kept slim fitting through-out.

Model wears navy crop top and cycle shorts

Go for a strappy crop top, in a monochrome to match your entire outfit. Keeping things minimalistic but well-executed. Or that the chance to add a pop of colour to your look, in the cycle shorts themselves or in the crop top.

The other way to go would be to switch up the textures. The cycle shorts are soft, lightweight and smooth. So, pairing them with a ribbed tank top that’s either cropped, or just meets the high waist is a great way to keep things mixed up. All in a subtle, stylish and comfortable way.

Zoomed in image of model in white cycle shorts and grey ribbed top

Of course, the trainers and crew socks strike again. You can’t go wrong in finishing off an everyday summer look with some chunky crepes and an over-the-ankle sock. It’s all about tying in the look through colours, textures, and shapes. And finishing off a slim fitted look with a chunky trainer is the perfect touch.

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