How to Style Coated Jeans

How to Style Coated Jeans


Coated Jeans are the going out trend for 2024, but it’s easy enough to buy them. The important part is styling them. We’ve got the guide to styling your new Coated Skinny Jeans ready for partying, drinks out, and chilled evening vibes. Whatever you want to wear them to, we’ve got you.

Our favourite styled looks for Black Coated Jeans:

• For Partying

• For Date Night

• For Girls Night

• For a Chilled Evening

For Partying: A Jeans Going Out Outfit

We hear from women buying the Coated Jeans for partying purposes all the time. They are perfect for a going out Jeans look. All because they are more comfortable than regular denim, they are skinny fitting for a flattering look, and the leather-like shine adds a little something to your outfit.

But what to wear them with for your next party? Well, we have the answer.

Woman wears party outfit whilst leaning against a fireplace.

Keeping things sleek, classy and elevated for dressing up your Coated Black Jeans, means keeping things monochrome. We look a chic full black look, using texture to bring that something different to your outfit.

The matte, slightly shiny exterior of the LOVALL Coated Jeans, means they’re easy to pair with other materials. Whether that is a matte chiffon, or a silky satin. To create a proper night-out look, we love pairing these going out jeans with a shiny fabric that uplifts the whole look.

We’ve opted for a Satin black cropped top, with a structured fit, sticking with the figure-hugging theme. This shows off enough skin to make the look perfect for a party but keeps things comfortable to help you sustain the look throughout the night.

Pair the look with some cute heels, and perhaps an oversized blazer for warmth, and the look is complete. You Jeans going out outfit is sorted. Never neglecting comfort or confidence.

For Date Night: Flirt with a Flattering Fit

Look your best ready for date night. Whether it’s a 1st date or an 100th date, you can still look perfect for your partner in Coated Jeans. Style the right, and you’ll be feeling good no matter the outcome of your romantic ventures.

Woman wears Coated Jeans with Black off-the-shoulder leotard.

For a date, there is a balance of looking sophisticated and sexy. Put in the effort but do it to feel confident in yourself. We love an off the shoulder number, and we’ve opted for a leotard to keep the look hugging your shape and showing off your assets. An open shoulder look shows off enough but keeps things super classy.

The hard work is all done by the Coated jeans themselves, they create an incredible silhouette which highlights your beautiful figure. Plus, they are soft against your skin, so you can look amazing without being distracted by uncomfortable jeans. Full attention on your date!

Again, pop on some heels for the completed look. In this case, we say ditch the jacket, and look out for green flags when your partner offers you theirs!

For Girls Night: A Fit Worthy of Friends

All the effort shouldn’t just go into your romantic life, your platonic friendships deserve the effort too. And that’s easy enough with your go-to Coated Jeans. Styling for a girl’s night is dependent on what the activity is, but let’s say you’re headed out for some classy cocktails. Now this is an event we can get excited about styling for.

Keep things simple, comfortable, and elevated. Here we’re thinking, you can take the opportunity to throw it a touch more colour. Bring the cheerfulness out of the outfit, just for your friends. Whilst you could go all out with bright colours, you can also opt for keeping it minimalist with neutral tones.

Woman wears Coated Jeans with black top and beige blazer.

For this look, we’ve taken simple wardrobe staples and created a great girls night look that any woman can recreate. These are all items you’ll have to hand, making this styling process easy as ABC. Grab yourself a black top, can be a tank top, leotard, crop top. Whatever style you fancy but keep it plain, we’re about to dress it up.

Grab yourself an oversized blazer, doesn’t matter what colour you have, any will do. For us, we’ve gone down the beige route and chosen a chic sandy blazer. Then finally, it’s all about the heels. Get yourself some cute strappy heels, where you can show off your pedicure. Then accessorise with all your fave jewellery, and you’ll have a look worthy of a night with the girls.

For a Chilled Evening: Dressing it Down

It might seem like Coated Jeans are exclusive for nights out. But that’s not true. They can be dressed down, as well as up. Style yourself an outfit for a chilled evening from our Black Coated Jeans. They’re comfy enough, so why restrict them to nights out.

Three women laugh together. The middle woman wears Coated Jeans with a white fluffy jumper.

All that’s needed to dress down the Coated Black Jeans is to pair them with a jumper and trainers. It really is that simple. Obviously, they are still a more elevated look that your regular denim, so we’re not really talking hoodies and sweatshirts. But a fluffy, cosy jumper can turn these Jeans from night out Jeans into a cute, casual look.

Pop on some trainers, or Converse and the job is done. You’ve made the most out of your Coated Jeans with endless versatile looks. Now, take this inspiration and wear your new leather-look, matte Jeans to your hearts content.

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Coated Jeans - Black

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Curve Coated Jeans - Black

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