Your Yoga Look: A Guide to High Waisted Yoga Leggings

Your Yoga Look: A Guide to High Waisted Yoga Leggings


When it comes to yoga, it’s not just a workout, but an experience. It’s all in the relaxation of the activity, as a means to stretch and de-stress your body of the day’s worries. Therefore, feeling the part is essential to getting you in the mood for yoga. So, high waisted yoga leggings are the only way to go for your yoga fit.

Stretch and flex to your hearts content with high waisted yoga leggings. They provide the best bottoms for yoga-in, with the support and comfort built into their design. Or at least, that’s how we do Yoga Leggings.

Two women wear Empower whilst in pose at a yoga class.

Discover our top picks for your next yoga pants…

Empower Leggings

Feel empowered on your yoga journey, by bringing your look together with leggings that will work with all your yoga ventures. Designed for high impact, you can be sure that these high waisted leggings can go beyond a light yoga workout. So, if you’re feeling advanced, these leggings might be the ones for you.

Yoga instructor wears Empower Leggings and Top whilst running a yoga class.

Built for practicality, the Empower Leggings are crafted with features that go above and beyond your usual yoga needs. Including secure and subtle pockets that can hold your phone and keys. So, if you’re heading to a class without anywhere to lock away your items, you can simply keep them on your person instead.

The waistband is high-rise and high support, meaning you can feel secure as you complete your class. Designed specifically to hold you in all the right places, without being restrictive. Empower Leggings are the ideal gym Leggings that will see you all the way through from yoga novice to yoga expert.

Seamless Leggings

For a buttery-soft, fashion-first fit, the Seamless Leggings combine stretch and support features with aesthetics to bring you the perfect yoga look.

Model wears the Seamless Set in black whilst holding a yoga pose.

High Waisted and designed to pair with the matching Bralette, the Seamless Leggings bring a set that is worthy of your yoga class. Crafted to give that seam-free look, whilst offering 4-way stretch, sweat wicking fabric, and that all-important supportive waistband. You can be sure that these leggings will move with your body, no matter what pose sequence you have planned.

Revitalise Leggings

Revitalise is the comfiest Legging that can go from sports to all sorts. This athleisure staple combines cosiness with convenience. Wear to your yoga class, then venture out of your coffee run or brunch date without ever needing to change.

Model wears Revitalise Leggings whilst holding a yoga pose.

Whilst the Revitalise Collection is not cut-out for high impact sports like HYROX or Cross-fit, they make the perfect companion for your legs in yoga. They are super-soft to touch and offer a good level of thickness that will mean you can keep yoga-ing even on the cold days.

Simple in design, they don’t overcomplicate things, which keeps then on-brand for yoga. Relax into your class in leggings that will support and sit softly against your skin. These, like all Leggings at LOVALL, have a non-see-through guarantee. Meaning no matter what pose comes next, you can be confident that you are covered.

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