High Waisted Gym Leggings: Working it for your Workouts

High Waisted Gym Leggings: Working it for your Workouts


Look around your gym, exercise class, or at your fellow runners and you’ll see a sea of high waisted leggings. Everyone is wearing a pair. The rise in popularity of high waisted gym leggings is not just a fluke, it’s been born out of comfort, practicality and style.

With numerous benefits, these form fitting and waist hugging leggings can elevated your performance through fit, confidence, and support. Let’s face it, you need some high waisted workout leggings in your life. Everyone else has them, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Reason 1: Flattering Fit

Exercising is about feeling good in yourself, it’s for your mind, health, and happiness. So, feeling confident whilst you work out is an essential.

High waisted gym leggings are designed to give you that extra boost in confidence thanks to the flattering fit. Sitting comfortably in a form fitting shape, high rise leggings hold you in place whilst you run through your gym routine. Whether you’re a runner, a lifter, or a low-impact kind of girl, high waisted leggings provide body coverage and flatter your assets. So, you can continue your workout without feeling self-conscious.

Zoomed in shot of the back of a woman wearing the Black Seamless Set by LOVALL.

The Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings are the perfect go-to for a flattering workout legging. Get that sculpted look with buttery smooth fabric against your skin, thanks to the soft-to-touch material and seamless design. The high-rise waist is a thick band that hugs your waist to offer a sculpted appearance whilst keeping you secure.

Reason 2: Extra Support

That brings us on to a workout winner – extra support. You never want to feel unsupported whilst completing you sets. Let’s make exercising an enjoyable experience, shall we?

Wearing a solid pair of high waisted gym leggings gives you the added security you need. There is no room for baggy knees and a loose-fitting waistline. What you need is a pair of leggings that will hold you in place and elevate your performance. Support is key. Ill-fitting clothes have no place in the gym.

Model wears the Thunder Blue Energise Leggings and a white bralette, standing in a white studio.

Your number one for supportive leggings will be the Energise High Waisted Gym Leggings. These leggings are designed to deliver advanced support, keeping your security in mind. Made with compression fabric, these leggings remain lightweight whilst holding everything together.

Complimenting this, you can achieve a flattering and sculpted look with this Energise pair, thanks to the purposeful seam design to provide added structure. Assisting your workouts with 4-way stretch, you can stay supported without restriction. Designed to fit and flatter every size woman. Support, where it is needed most. We’ve got you.

Reason 3: Fashion Fix

As much as you want your leggings to play a practical role whilst you work out, looking good plays a role here too. Feeling good is top priority, that’s why we exercise – to give our mind and body the boost they need. Equally, to feel good we want to look good. You can achieve both with carefully designed high waisted workout leggings. High waisted leggings UK – it’s not uncommon to hear of over here. But why are they so popular?

Low rise was a booming trend back in the noughties, and we can’t deny that the Y2K fashion era is making somewhat of a comeback. At the same time, this is not a trend that is spreading into the gym industry and there is a reason. Although the youth of today are pulling off amazing looks with low-rise cargos on the daily, in the gym the call for high rise leggings is as strong as ever. To look good whilst working out, you want to be sculpted and supported, as we’ve mentioned. So, high waisted leggings are the only way to go.

Woman sits on a white block, in a studio, wearing the Black Focus Leggings and a white bralette.

Another LOVALL favourite is the Focus High Waisted Sports Leggings. Like all our leggings, they’re designed for the purpose they serve. So, whilst they are flattering and supportive, they are on-trend too. With the minimal seam design keeping things simplistic, the winning fashion feature of this range comes in the V-shaped high waistband.

Giving a dipped illusion along the waistline, there is a lean on the retro trend of low-rise, whilst still keeping things very much high waisted. Everyone’s a winner. With sweat-wicking and quick-drying fabric, you can turn your workout to the max, or go running in the rain and still stay looking good. This pair is amazing for eliminating the fear of sweat patches or a soaked through look – instead they are consistent with delivering a form-fitting and flattering look with fashion always in mind.

Popular for a reason, or three

The popularity of high waisted workout leggings speaks for itself. Being flattering, supportive, and trendy are just three of the reasons why high rise are a go-to for women when working out. With women across the UK choosing high waisted leggings as their bottoms of choice for the gym, there is no arguing that these are the best option for your exercise routines.

Now all that’s left to do, is find the pair for you!

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Olivia Bowen- Height: 5'5 | Wearing Size 10 Regular

Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Oatmeal Beige

Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Oatmeal Beige

Rose - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 18 Tall

Curve Energise Full Length Sports Leggings - Midnight Black

Curve Energise Full Length Sports Leggings - Midnight Black

Meg - Height: 5'9 | Wearing Size 8 Tall

Focus High Waisted Sports Leggings - Dusty Pink

Focus High Waisted Sports Leggings - Dusty Pink

Maseray - Height: 5'9.5 | Wearing Size 14 Tall

Curve Revitalise 7/8 High Waisted Leggings - Sky Grey Tie Dye

Curve Revitalise 7/8 High Waisted Leggings - Sky Grey Tie Dye


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