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Two women lie on the floor, with their heads next to each other, wearing matching Pyjamas and surrounded by rose petals.

Galentine’s Day: Let’s Go Girls


Galentine’s Day is for the girls. Forget romance, we’re here for celebrating platonic love with your best friends. In our eyes, friendships come first ALWAYS. That’s why Galentine’s is a very important date in the yearly calendar, and we’re here for it.

What is Galentine’s?

We’ve all heard of Valentine’s but, what is Galentine’s? Well, it’s arguable more important. Galentine’s is your opportunity to celebrate your friendships. Put aside romantic love, and focus on the women and people in your life that you love platonically. Galentine’s Day is the day of bigging up, loving, and celebrating your closest friends.

Two girl friends pose together whilst taking at Galentine's Selfie in matching pink dot Pyjamas.

In a relationship it’s easy to make time for each other, but sometimes friendship accidentally get left behind. Putting aside the 13th February is your chance to really make time for your friends. Because, after all, it’s just as (if not more) important than making time for your partner. Good friends last a lifetime!

Ideas for Galentine’s Day

Now you know what it’s all about, it’s time to pin down your friends and figure out how best to celebrate it. Galentine’s should be about having fun, quality time with your besties, and enjoying each other’s company. So, to give you some inspo, we’re bringing you the ideal date night ideas for your girls night on Galentine’s Day.

Girl sits with a Galentine's Invitation. She wears a white top and pink ribbed lounge trousers. She has flowers with her, and leans on a cream sofa.

• Charcuterie Night – Get all the food in for picky bits, and enjoy indulging in some delicious bites whilst sipping wine and chatting all night long.

• Pottery Painting – An at home or day out activity, you can enjoy expressing some creativity with friends and have a keepsake from the occasion.

• Candle Painting – On a similar branch of activities, you can get some pillar candles in, melt some colour wax, and paint the candles with cute designs. So much fun, and a super chilled activity to enjoy together.

• Cocktails & Mocktails – All bring a cocktail/mocktail to the party with a different theme. That way you get to try lots of different drinks, with half the effort. And you can’t go wrong with a night of drinks with friends.

• Movie Night – Decide on a good film with your friends and enjoy a movie night all together. Throw in the popcorn, snacks, and drinks to make a proper event of it.

Galentine Gifts for Friends

It’s not an essential, but it’s always nice to treat your friends on an occasion like this. Even if it’s not something big, don’t we all love getting a little something from those we love most. And who do you love more than your best friends? That’s why, celebrating with a little something for each of your girls is a nice touch to add to Galentine’s Day.

Two friends laugh together, holding a bunch of flowers each, and wear matching pyjamas in a pink dot design.

The thing is, what do you get for your friends? Valentine’s Day seems easy, it’s all flowers and chocolates. And whilst you could do the same on Galentine’s Day, it’s nice to give something a little more thoughtful. We’ve been doing some thinking so you don’t have to, and bring you gift ideas for your female friends.

• Matching Pyjamas – What’s sweeter than treating the girls to matching Pyjamas? You can all match for the evening, in comfort and style, as you celebrate Galentine’s. At LOVALL we have the best selection for you and the girls.

• A Keepsake – If you’ve opted for a creative and cute night in, you can get in the supplies and your friends will then have their keepsake from the evening to take home.

• Friendship Bracelets – We’re not talking those beaded things you made back when you were 7, but a proper sentimental gift that you and your friends can treasure. Check out some of our favourites at Bloom Boutique!

• Cakes – We’re talking proper cute cakes, like the trending Bento Style mini cakes with the feminine touches that every girl will love. Including your friends.

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