Dani Dyer and three models wear the Empower Flare Leggings sets by LOVALL.

Flared Leggings: Flaring Up Fashion for 2024


Flared Leggings are THE thing of 2024. And, Ladies, we’re bringing you the best Flare Leggings for your stylish, every day, and sports-inspired looks this year. We’re flaring up the fashion for your athleisure and exercise fits, bringing you the flattering gym wear looks that use the power of Flared Leggings.

Empower yourself with Flared Leggings that work with your shape to give you a flattering fit, always. The brand-new Empower Sports Collection comes with the option of Flared Leggings, in contrast to the traditional gym Leggings. And they’re giving something a little different for your looks this season.

All that’s left to know is where, when, and how to style your very own Flared Leggings.

Flared Leggings for Everyday

One of our favourite things about the Empower Flare Leggings is that they’re made from durable and supportive sports fabric but offer that casual everyday look. Meaning, you can stay feeling supported whilst going about your day, looking stylish.

Dani Dyer wears the Empower Flared Leggings Set in Vintage Navy.

It’s all about styling. For that sports-look wearing the complete Empower Set, assisted with the Flared Leggings, gives that cute, casual fit for nipping out to brunch in or on your morning dog walk. Whatever the activity, the set can be worn as a daily fit and turn the mundane into something you can feel amazing doing.

Beyond just the set, however the Flared Leggings, can be matched with other wardrobe staples to create perfect outfits for your daily errands. Naturally, Black Flare Leggings are a must-have, for your venture into wearing Flared Leggings. They pass for a day-to-day look and can equally be dressed up or down… ideal for a wardrobe staple.

Once you have your Flared Leggings, it’s all in how you style them. For a cosy, everyday look, match your leggings with a cropped Tee, and an oversized Hoodie. Zip-up or not, the Hoodie will offer that retro style that nods to the athleisure trends of the 90s, including baggy sweatshirts and chunky trainers. All of which are back as big fashion trends 2024 – fashion always goes full-circle!

Flared Leggings for Sports

As a sportswear range, the Empower Collection is intended to be a matching gym set. But we realise that getting active looks different for different people. As it should! So, we’re here to guide you through where we think the Empower Flare Leggings are best suited for getting active in.

Dani Dyer and three models style and pose in the 4 colours of the Empower Flared Leggings Set by LOVALL.

Going to the gym. More and more you’ll see Flares popping up at the gym, and the Empower Flare Leggings have their space there too. Made with moisture-wicking material, a supportive high-rise waistband, and 4-way stretch fabric, they are equipped with all the qualities that make for a great choice for the gym.

Although flared for fashion, they also provide that little extra breathability making them idea for creating gym outfits for women. Without the flares being too drastic, you also don’t need to worry about risking getting caught on gym equipment. We’re here to help you feel empowered, not cause trip hazards!

A group of women take part in a yoga class, wearing the Empower Sets by LOVALL.

Ultimately, however, our ultimate use for the Empower Flare Leggings comes with a workout that is a little more relaxing. When getting active, the Empower Flare Leggings making the most stylish yoga clothes. Flared Leggings are ideal for performing yoga in, especially when they’re designed for impactful movement… I guess that’s why Empower Flares are the best ones out there.

Empower Flares are built to stretch and flex with you as you move, making them the most flattering Flare Yoga Pants. Bum enhancing, sleek against your skin, and completely non-restrictive, you can transition from downward dog into mountain post looking good and feeling free.

Flared Pants Picks from LOVALL

Okay, so we’ve ventured into where and when to wear Flared Leggings (… every opportunity you can, they always look good). But, we’ve got even more tips to delve into on the styling front.

How do you wear Flared Leggings? Well, as we’ve talked about, it will depend on the event. But here are our top picks to pair with your next pair of flared pants.

Dani Dyer and three models wear the Empower Flared Leggings Sets in all 4 colours: Graphite, Black, Vintage Navy, and Deep Forest.

Empower Top & Jacket: It’s obvious, but it shouldn’t go under the radar. What goes better than the pieces that the Flares were always intended to be paired with. The Empower Top and Jacket. The fabrics all work together, and the goal for all 3 pieces are the same, to flatter, fit, flex and keep you feeling empowered.

Ribbed Tank Top: For an everyday outfit, a classic Black or White Ribbed Tank Top will always pair well with your flares. It stays tight to your body, complimenting the shapely figure that the Flared Leggings’ high waist will give you, but contrasted fabrics for a balanced look.

Chunky Trainers: Don’t let the footwear slip your mind. The way to finish off a look and elevate it, is to remember all the details – from head to toe. A favourite for dressing with Flares are chunky trainers. The elegance of the soft flare works well with the contrasting effect of the statement trainer.

Oversized Tee or Hoodie: Go the opposite way with your Flared look. Instead of keeping everything skin-tight up top, why not go oversized. This will highlight your waist in a different way, particularly if you go oversized but cropped. Your upper body will give that looser appearance which creates variation from the fitted waistband of the Flared Leggings.

Leather Jacket: Okay, this one is specific. But, if you’ve opted for the Empower Black Flare Leggings, they can be dressed up as well as down. For an extra everyday look, throw on an oversized leather jacket to go with the monochrome look of the black, and keep that cool, clean, and sleek look for your outfit.

Whatever your style, your wardrobe needs Flared Leggings for 2024. It’s not a want, but a must!

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Dani Dyer - Height: 5'1 | Wearing Size 8 Petite

Empower Flare Leggings - Black

Empower Flare Leggings - Black

Margarita - Height: 5'9 | Wearing Size 10 Tall

Empower Flare Leggings - Deep Forest

Empower Flare Leggings - Deep Forest

Dani Dyer - Height: 5'1 | Wearing Size 8 Petite

Empower Flare Leggings - Vintage Navy

Empower Flare Leggings - Vintage Navy

Margarita - Height: 5'9 | Wearing Size 10 Tall

Empower Flare Leggings - Graphite

Empower Flare Leggings - Graphite


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