Festival Outfit Inspiration for the Summer

Festival Outfit Inspiration for the Summer


Festival season is upon us, so find festival outfit inspiration that will keep you on-trend, comfortable, and ready to party in. We’ve got the summer festival outfit ideas that prioritise the look and the feel. For full-out rave festivals, these fits might not fit the bill. But, for family fun festivals and musical events with your friends, we’ve got the inspo you need.

We’re about finding the fit that suits every beautiful body. So, you can enjoy your summer festival line-up feeling confident and comfortable. And that comes with starting with the staples. Once you have these sorted you can dress up the look with festival suitable accessories.

Clean Girl Festival Look

Let’s first take a look at the clean girl aesthetic which can be perfectly translated into a summer festival outfit. This is the look you’ll want to go for if you want to encapsulate sleek, elegant styles this festival season. It’s minimalistic, yet purposeful.

For that clean girl look, a lot of the style comes from the colours you choose. White is the go-to, for that bright, simplistic, and, well, clean aesthetic. Bare in mind though, as a muddy festival, white might not stay clean. But for those more sophisticated events, this might be the ideal look for you.

Woman wears White Lift & Shape Jeans with a black leotard.

White Lift & Shape Jeans are the answer to any clean look. Perfectly figure-hugging, with that modern twist with the stark colour. They’re the perfect bottom for a festival because they keep you covered, and with their added stretch you can still party to the live music in comfort.

These Jeans also act as the perfect base. Pair them with a light, strappy top, and throw over a blazer and your clean look just got cleaner. Match the look with some flat, knee boots, or, if mud is a possibility, why not grab some plain black wellies to finish the look with style and practicality.

Boho Festival Look

The bohemian look is very much still in fashion and is particularly popular at festivals. It’s all about styling with charm, individuality, and with free expression. Think frills, braids, chunky jewellery, beige colours, and woven statement pieces.

For this it’s key to have floaty, flowing clothes that give you that care-free feel. We love this style for a festival because it whilst it keeps things on-trend, it means you can be unrestricted and still put your own stamp on the look.

Woman wears Stone Linen Trousers with a white cropped tee.

Linen Shorts or Trousers are the way to go if you’re headed down the boho route. They’re suit the style perfectly with their relaxed feel, the lightweight fabric, and the easy-breezy fit. If it’s hot at the festival, opt for the shorts, or for a bit more coverage go for the full-length linen.

Style your linen with a tie-string top, or laced bralette, then finish the look with some ankle-boot wellies (if it’s wet out there), or Dr Martens with some scrunched down thick socks. To accessories, find a cute woven bag and an oversized sunhat. And of course, don’t forget to braid your hair for a proper boho look.

Rock Chick Festival Look

Your type of festival might be down the rockier route. But don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten about you rock chicks. For a fashion-first look that’s appropriate for Download, Slam Dunk, or any other rock festival, we love Flares.

Flares are the perfect way to elevate your look whilst keeping the festival feel and achieving a look that’s easy enough to join a mosh-pit in… if that’s your thing. And, lucky for you, we’ve got Flared Leggings that are ideal for summer weather. So, no need to count them out if it’s a hot weekend.

Woman wears Black Lightweight Flare Leggings with a black crop top and chunky trainers.

Lightweight Leggings in Black or Navy will go perfectly with the rock aesthetic. All you need to do now is get the Tee of your favourite band, tie a bandana through your hair, and grab your platform trainers. Your rock-look is sorted and summer-ready just like that.

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