Fashion Trends 2024: Predictions from LOVALL

Fashion Trends 2024: Predictions from LOVALL


We’re all in eager anticipation for what 2024 will bring. Especially when it comes to women’s fashion. With an expert eye for what looks good, our LOVALL team have pulled together our predictions for fashion trends 2024.

All trends in fashion are likely to come and go, and this year we’re expecting some staple looks to come into the spotlight. As well as leaving some from 2023 behind us. Helping to bring outfit ideas for women to make the most of throughout the year, LOVALL brings you this handy fashion trends 2024 guide. Let’s make this year a fashionable one!

Out with the Old

Before we can delve into what women’s fashion will be doing in 2024, we need to know what’s better help behind. It’s just as much about knowing what NOT to wear, so we’re here to share with you the outdated fashion trends 2023.

Although 2023 was a great year for fashion, there are new trends in the forefront of the fashion world now, and it’s good to keep up.

First things first, Barbie-Mania has had its time. 2023 was pretty much defined by the Barbie phenomenon. After such a hype around the film, the fashion world saw pink take the limelight in terms of colours. Now that’s passed.

That’s not to say pink is completely out. However, you’ll likely be seeing a lot less of it, and definitely a lot less Barbie branded fashion. And, although pink will come into women’s wardrobes, it won’t be the colour of 2024. We’re expecting more neutrals and simplistic colour palettes to be adopted in women’s fashion for the year ahead.

Another no-go for 2024 is trainers instead of heels. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to every situation. Heels can be a killer, so they aren’t coming into our casual looks – don’t panic. However, where the world previously moved away from heels for formal and night out looks, and adopted a comfier trainer, we are likely to see a reverse trend this year.

Model wears the Coated Jeans with Heels.

When heading on a night out, for drinks with the girls, instead of dressing down in the shoe department, expect to start dressing up. That means pairing your Straight Jeans or Coated Jeans with heels over trainers for that party you’ve got planned.

And finally, say a fond farewell to low rise. Yes, it was fleeting but it did crop back up in 2023. With a move towards more Y2K looks, low rise came back into fashion last year. Mainly adopted by a younger audience, the low-rise products were on our shelves. However, without it gaining the popularity it once had in the early 2000s, we can safely say it’s being left in 2023.

Now, let’s take a look at what fashion trends 2024 do have in store for us ladies…

Hit New Heights

When one thing is out, the other is in. High-rise fits have been around for a while now, and they continue to be universally loved, which is why 2024 will be no expectation. After the low-rise flop in 2023, the appeal of high-waisted trousers will be bigger than ever.

To keep up with the trends, you’ll want to be investing in high-waisted bottoms to see you through the seasons. Helping to cinch your waist and give that flattering figure look, there is every reason why high-rise is the way to go in 2024.

Model wears high waisted Mid Blue Lift & Shape Jeans.

At LOVALL, we’ve always been loving this trend. Our Everyday High Waisted Leggings, our Lift & Shape Jeans, our Seamless Sets, and our Loungewear, are all created with that high rise finish.

Sports into All Sorts

Fashionable and flattering sportswear is in. It’s not about the purpose, and more about the look. Whether you’re buying your sportswear for the gym or for nipping to the coffee shop, it doesn’t matter. The normal conventions for sportswear are out the window, and it’s all about appearances.

Two models wear the Focus Olive Green Sports Leggings.

Thanks to women’s fashion becoming more and more about empowering women, this is a great trend for 2024. It’s not about pressure to work out, but to look and feel amazing in clothes that support and flatter. Casual outfits for women will have that sporty aesthetic. No matter what your day entails.

It’s a big focus for LOVALL for this season of 2024, and we have some big names working with us to bring this trend to the forefront. Check out BIG NEWS that relates directly to this trend on 10.01.24.

Wearing White

We mentioned the move away from pink (somewhat) for 2024. But the move towards the colour white, is very much in. Keeping things clean, sleek, and minimal, white is likely to be a spring and summer hit for fashion trends 2024.

Model wears the White Lift & Shape Jeans.

When seeking out women’s fashion inspiration in the coming months, you’ll likely run into a lot of white-focussed collections. This goes for White Jeans, White Leggings, White Linen, White Shorts, White Cigarette Trousers and everything in-between. Branded fashion in 2024 won’t be able to get enough of the white trend.

Short Shorts

Okay, it’s hard to envision right now (as the rain pours down and the temperatures are low), but short shorts are coming back. Women’s outfits for the hot days of 2024, will revolve around short shorts. High-waisted, and booty enhancing, we are ready to see legs out for the summer of 2024.

So long as the hot weather comes, the short shorts will follow. For casual women’s outfits this summertime, expect to have to sun cream your legs from ankle to hip (more or less), and the shorts are here to show off your legs this year.

Model wears Mid Blue Denim Shorts.

Lucky for you, LOVALL covers all bases with our Denim shorts. We’ve designed an easy-roll cuff, so you can adjust the shorts to your liking. Whether that’s sticking with the trend and going for short shorts, or going against the grain and covering a tad more skin.

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