Hear it from the Girls: Empowering Women Hear it from the Girls: Empowering Women


Hear it from the Girls: Empowering Women

The Empower Collection launched this January and we’re hearing from the girls who tried it first what they think.

Empower is brought to you in collaboration with LOVALL and Dani Dyer. A celebrity fashion set that works for real women with real bodies. The ethos of this collection is to empower all women and all their beautiful bodies.

To find out what works best for real women, we worked with a group of inspiring and stunning women. Together the group took part in a yoga class, as a social event and a way to trial out their very own Empower Sets. The diversity of the group gave everyone a chance to come together and learn what they loved about the new collection, and how it worked best for different women and body types.

We’ve been chatting with some of these incredible women about what they’re thoughts of Empower were and how they enjoyed the event day. And here’s what they’ve had to say!

Tell us about the Fit?

Jade Bulmer (@jadelelizabeth)

"I feel amazing in my set it is so comfortable and supportive the material feels so soft on your skin like butter. I felt put together like I had put a lot of effort into the gym fit I could definitely go grab brunch with friends after a workout and feel great in the set.”

Jade Bulmer wearing the Deep Forest Empower Set at the LOVALL yoga event.

Jessica Newman (@jessicarose.newman)

“I am obsessed with the new Empower collection. The set is buttery soft & feels like a second skin. I have tried so many gym sets and flared leggings in the past, but none have felt as amazing and filled me with confidence as much as the LOVALL Empower range.”

Isabella Moore Soprano (@isabellamoore_)

“The Empower set hugs my body perfectly. I love that I know without a doubt that the band of the Empower High Support Flare leggings will not roll down! The star of the show for me is the Empower High Support top. Not only is it the perfect cropped length (not too short/not too long) but the built in support makes me feel ready to tackle any gym class, any workout or even just everyday stuff with confidence.”

Sophie Louise Taylor (@sophieloutaylor)

“Amazing!! Nicest fitting activewear I have had in a long time. Just mould to the body perfectly. Love it all, but especially love the fit of the jackets and the flared trousers!”

Sophie Louise Taylor wear the Empower set in Graphite Grey at the LOVALL yoga event.

How did you feel physically and mentally following the Empower LOVALL exercise class?

Jade Bulmer

"I was excited to workout with everybody I have attend group workouts before and I enjoy working out in a group setting as sometimes one on one can be quite daunting.

I enjoyed the workout both mentally and physically some of the movements I didn’t think I could do and haven’t done and so in doing so felt good!”

Jessica Newman

“I absolutely loved the day. I often get anxiety, especially at the thought of attending events with people I’ve never met in an environment I don’t always feel 100% confident in. However, I always love working LOVALL and I knew I had to take up this incredible opportunity.

From the moment I walked in I felt at ease and my nerves were left at the door. I got changed into the Deep Forest set and I genuinely felt SO SO confident. I don’t often look I the mirror and love what I see looking back BUT I was slaying in the gym wear! The exercise class was perfect! I think this was what made me feel less anxious. Exercise is always a mood lifter and only impacts me in a positive way. I found it a really fun, empowering, and confidence-filling day!”

Jessica Newman wears the Deep Forest Empower Set at the LOVALL yoga event.

Isabella Moore Soprano

“After the exercise class I felt invigorated and strong! I loved working out with such an amazing group of women. Not to sound cheesy but LOVALL couldn’t have named this set more accurately as the Empower Collection, as I definitely felt EMPOWERED! Not only did wearing the set make me feel supported while working out but it also made me feel HOT while doing it!”

Sophie Louise Taylor

“Empowered! Nothing better than exercising with a group of women who are all there for the same thing! Inspired by how different everybody was!”

What is your advice to others on improving positivity and motivation?

Jade Bulmer

"Small steps. I used to push myself too hard to look and feel a certain way and now that I don’t, I’ve learned to love who I am and who I am becoming along the way.
Don’t get caught up on these long intense workouts you see on social media, just do you! Start slow and find your own flow with fitness. Motivation will come and go but dedicate that time to yourself for you for your mental health.”

Jessica Newman

“Surround yourself with people that bring you up & are your biggest supporters. Be kind to yourself & do things in life that make you smile! Wear clothes that make you feel confident & increase your mood every time you look in the mirror.”

Isabella Moore Soprano

“I found that when I started to show myself kindness, that drastically improved my own positivity and motivation. I’ve been practising patience and kindness by speaking to myself as though I’m speaking to my loved ones. We can often be so harsh on ourselves, but we would never speak to the people we love with such criticism.”

Isabella Moore Soprano wears the Empower set in Black at the LOVALL yoga event.

Sophie Louise Taylor

“Fight for it! It doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s something that’s taught and something you have to go out and look for. Self-help books, positive affirmations, learning to believe in yourself and surrounding yourself with great people!”

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