Hear it from the Girls: Emma Easton Hear it from the Girls: Emma Easton


Hear it from the Girls: Emma Easton

Emma Easton is a Yorkshire Mum, who represents all things we love at LOVALL. She knows fashion inside out, and she’s authentic in her content and super relatable to real women.

We’ve been chatting with Emma about what she loves about her favourite picks from our collections. She even shared some inspiration on how to style them, and where to wear them. So, we’re taking the inspiration she’s given us and sharing it with you! Afterall, we’re not ones to gatekeep at LOVALL.

Most recently, Emma has been wearing the Winter Leggings and the Leather Look Leggings. So, these are the fits she shared about the most with us. Discover why she loves them, and how she styles them!

About Emma

Before we delve into the nitty gritty, Emma shared some more about herself. We asked her all about her favourite nights in and nights out, and we couldn’t agree more with her answers.

Favourite date night location: “I love a night in personally. But if we do go out, I would always choose a local country pub for food and drinks. I like the relaxed nature of it, and I love good pub grub.”

Your go-to date night outfit: “I’m always about comfort so I would go with my LOVALL Leggings, dressed up with a blazer and boots. You can’t go wrong!”

Night in or night out: “A night in for sure! There’s nothing better than cosying up with a takeaway and a good film.”

Your OOTD for a night in: “A comfy but cute loungewear set, for sure.”

Emma is a woman after our own hearts. But, why does she love her latest LOVALL picks and what is her secret behind styling them. Let’s learn more!

Winter Leggings

Emma Easton wears the Grey Winter Leggings.

What is it about Winter Leggings that you love?

“I recently discovered the Winter Leggings and, in this cold weather, they’ve been a life saver. I love that the Leggings are designed with a fleece lining. They are so warm and cosy which just makes them so lovely to wear all day long.

Plus, they’re also so nice and thick. Meaning I know they’ll keep me warm in the coldest weather, and I don’t even have to worry about them being see through!”

Where do you wear your Winter Leggings?

“To be honest, the Winter Leggings are just perfect for everyday wear. You can wear them whilst running errands out and about, or just in the house. In fairness, I wear mine like I’d wear my everyday leggings, except when I want to be warmer.

For me, I love wearing them on lazy days at home or out on chilly dog walks.”

Would you recommend them to others?

“Absolutely! I think these are perfect for busy mums who want to look stylish, but also want to be comfortable and warm whilst chasing their kids around the park, for example. As this is exactly why I love mine!

So, for any of my fellow mum friends, these are a set of Leggings I would 100% recommend. Especially as our British weather can throw out some really cold days.”

Leather Look Leggings

3 Photo collage of the Leather Look Leggings.

What is your favourite thing about the Leather Look Leggings?

“I like how versatile the leather look leggings are. They are so easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. Which means I don’t have to stress so much about what to wear to meet friends or for date night, because I know I have my go-to.

It’s nice just knowing I have a pair of bottoms that I can easily style for whatever the occasion calls for.”

When was the last time you wore them?

“I wore the Leather Look Leggings last when I went on a trip to the local pub for dinner with my husband and kids. We love nipping out for meals together, so I wanted to make an effort for the occasion, whilst knowing I was wearing something comfortable.”

More From Emma

Hear more from the wonderful Emma Easton on her own blog page ‘Emma Plus Three’, or catch up with her latest looks on her Instagram: @emmaeaston_

Shop the edit

Grace - Height: 5'9 | Wearing Size 8 Tall

Winter Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Black

Winter Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Black

Eleanor - Height: 5'11 | Wearing Size 12 Tall

Leather Look High Waisted Leggings - Black

Leather Look High Waisted Leggings - Black

Jade - Height: 5'10 | Wearing Size 14 Tall

Curve Winter Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Deep Olive

Curve Winter Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Deep Olive

Penelope - Height: 5'8 | Wearing Size 18 Tall

Curve Leather Look High Waisted Leggings - Black

Curve Leather Look High Waisted Leggings - Black


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