Sort Your Next Date Night Outfit

Sort Your Next Date Night Outfit


We love date night. Whether it’s a new blossoming relationship or your long-time partner, date night never loses its importance. And dressing to impress, for yourself, as well as them, is all part of the fun of it. So, get your next date night outfit sorted and feel your best as you go out with the love of your life (or potential to be).

Date night outfit ideas are a speciality of ours. But it all depends on what date night you’ve got planned in. The event will decide whether you’re dressing up, down, or somewhere in-between.

Now is the time to take some date outfit ideas as inspiration from us, as we’ve got the guide to cover you for every type of date in the pipeline. So, you can get those cute date outfits ticked off your to-do list for your next evening of romance.

Casual Date Night Outfit

If your date plans involve something pretty chill, there is still an outfit to be planned for the occasion. We’re talking picnic dates, cinema dates, or coffee dates. Of course, you want to look your best, but with a more casual vibe.

Cute date outfits for these low-key dates are just as important to think through as your posh restaurant dates. They just have a different aesthetic to them. You want to look nice but not try too hard, as the fit might not go with the location. But looking cute and casual is simple.

Model wears Light Bleach Straight Jeans with White Tank and Yellow Cardigan.

Start off with a pair of Jeans and you can’t go wrong. Lift & Shape Jeans are the perfect choice of denim for a casual date night outfit. They will do bits for your figure but keep that chilled aesthetic. Similarly, if you’re not into the tight-fitted look, Straight Jeans can be styled perfectly to give that cute, simple look.

And it’s not just about it being denim, it comes down to colours too. Black Jeans are ideal for your cinema dates, as they keep it casual but give more of that cosy feel for the dark cinema room. Whereas, if you’re going out for coffee or for a picnic, then Light Bleach keeps things cute, light and bright.

Model wears Light Blue Lift & Shape Jeans, with white crop top and great knitted cardigan.

If you’re headed to the cinema, a cute, oversized jumper with your skinny Lift & Shape Jeans is the perfect look. Giving you that stylish, dress-down vibe, whilst being super cosy to snuggle up in during the movie. Pair the look with some UGG boots, and you’ll be set for the film with your date.

For your picnic or coffee run look, grab those Light Black Straight Jeans, a white tank top that can be tucked in for that leotard-like finish. Then simply throw over a cute cardigan that you can wrap up. Bonus points if you add some colour into the mix, particularly whilst it’s heading into Spring and Summer!

Finish off the look with your favourite trainers. But remember, if you’re headed on a walk or for that picnic, find ones that you don’t mind getting mucky.

Dinner Date Outfit

Heading out to a restaurant is a totally different ball game to your casual date nights. Especially if we’re talking a first date! It’s all about making an effort but keeping things classy. Whatever makes you feel most confident, is always a good place to start.

Restaurants, especially fancy ones, are worth dressing up a bit for. It’ll make you feel your best as you sit opposite your date for a good 3+ hours. So, date night outfit ideas for dinner dates is definitely an area we can give you some inspiration for.

Model wears Black Lift & Shape Jeans, with sage green crop top, and beige cropped blazer. She stands looking in the mirror.

Denim has a place at dinner too. To elevate the look, Black Lift & Shape is always a great call. Plus, with the added stretch in the material, you don’t need to worry so much about the jeans feeling too tight after eating.

Pair this sleek pair with a contrasting top half. We love a cute crop top, with a classy, cropped blazer to match. This keeps things smart and elevated whilst also accentuating your figure with the high waist and cropped finishes.

Two Models wear the Beige and White Cigarette Trousers, with an off-the-shoulder black top. They stand together laughing.

If your date night restaurant isn’t a denim affair, we’ve got the answer. Cigarette Trousers are the ideal date night look, giving you the perfect shape thanks to the tapered finish. Plus, with the pleated high waist, they are incredible for highlighting your figure. Pair a white or beige pair with a cute off the shoulder top in black. Then slip on some heels to finish the look and be ready for your fancy night out.

These looks are ideal if you’re dressing up for your long term partner or as a first date outfit. Either way, you’re elevating your look with class and style, to show the best of your body (and wardrobe).

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