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Seamless Leggings: Why going Seamless is Smart

Seamless Leggings: Why going Seamless is Smart


Seamless leggings, we’re obsessed. Elevating your wardrobe with some staple sets of seamless leggings is a no brainer if you’re seeking comfort, freedom and a body sculpting fit. Designed for working out in and particularly popular as the go-to yoga legging, women’s seamless leggings give you the stretch, fit, and feel you need for an exercise session… but we also just love them for a cosy curl up on the couch.

The science behind seamless

Let’s get technical. Don’t panic, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Zoomed in image of womans back, she is wearing the Seamless set in Black

You might be wondering how we achieve the perfect seamless set when, by nature, clothes are meant to be sewn. Well, in the case of seamless leggings, they are crafted together using a circular knitting technique which binds the fabric together. Creating larger pieces of fabric which are then crafted together to give the appearance of no outer seams and deliver a seamless look.

Designed using a small amount of elastane, our LOVALL seamless leggings are made without outside seams or any seams around your crotch, but with comfortable 4-way stretch. It’s genius really.

Seamless is smart

We’re talking smart in every sense of the word. They look smart and stylish for the gym or for lounging because they are kept simple in design. No outside seams to complicated things. But mainly, they are a smart choice for your wardrobe.

So, what are the benefits of seamless leggings? Going seamless wasn’t just created for the sake of it, there are real-life benefits to why wearing a seamless set is a great choice for you.

Woman wearing the Seamless Set in Black, stands against a white back drop in a studio.


One of the driving factors to bringing you incredible seamless leggings is their comfort. With one smooth and crafted piece of fabric that moulds perfectly to your body, the comfort that the seamless design brings is on a whole new level. There is nothing that gets caught up in all the wrong places. No camel-toe leggings here, ladies! Instead, pulling these leggings on is like dressing yourself with a second skin. They move with your body and are soft to the touch. Perfection.


Seamless gym leggings are the way to go for anything that involves the need for freedom of movement. With the design making these leggings form fitting to your bottom half, you can move as one with the leggings to achieve all the stretches, pulls and lifts that your heart desires. Opting for a seamless leggings set for your workout is a smart move, particularly if you’re looking to participate in anything that involves some flexibility. We love seamless leggings for yoga, Pilates, and even running.


All clothing should be designed to look good, and the seamless set is no exception. With practical benefits like comfort and flexibility ticked off the list, a big factor is the way that you look and feel in a pair of leggings. Seamless leggings are undeniably smooth, and they transfer that smooth appearance to you. Our high-waisted seamless leggings sculpt your body from your ankle up to your waist, giving you a flattering silhouette to give you a boost of confidence.


We’ve mentioned seamless gym leggings, but the gym is not the only place for a seamless pair. In fact, whilst they were designed for freeing movement, the levels of comfort and their flattering fit means their purpose is diversified.

Beside their working out uses, seamless leggings are an amazing choice for your daily routine or lounging about. They offer unmatched comfort, that frankly, is deserved all the time (not just at the gym), and the support they give to keep things flattering can give you daily confidence. We love a seamless pair for the everyday, because they do the trick whilst keeping things cosy, free, and feeling good.

The LOVALL way

Seamless leggings are becoming a global phenomenon in the fashion world, for all the reasons we’ve just mentioned. But at LOVALL, we keep a few extra things in mind to bring you the best of the best when it comes to women’s seamless leggings.

We’re a brand for all women, meaning our ranges come in curve sizes, tall sizes, petite sizes and, of course, regular. We offer a range of fits, including plus size seamless leggings to give all women the comfort, style, and performance that seamless offers.

Beyond just leggings, we’ve created full seamless sets to give you a complete co-ord. To go with the leggings, you can finish the look with a matching seamless bralette. With the same smooth fabric feel, the bralette comes with its own advantages. Thick straps help keep your bust supported, no matter the size. Plus, with removable pads, you can pick whatever look suits you best. Designed to look amazing as a pair, we rave about the complete seamless set at LOVALL… and for good reason.

Our Seamless Collection was designed in collaboration with Olivia Bowen. Olivia discovered us when pregnant and fell in love with our maternity range. So, with her help we decided to design and launch the seamless set to offer everyday women a new legging staple that they deserve.

Woman wears the Seamless Set in Teal

With the 4-way stretch material, the design of our seamless leggings provides comfort and class for all women. Whether that be for a petite size six, a curve size 22, or for women post-partum… these leggings are there to optimise comfort every day. Plus, you heard right, we even offer maternity seamless leggings. No one has to miss out on this set, including the mums-to-be. One of our values as a brand is to stay inclusive, and working alongside Olivia, we’ve upheld this with our seamless range.

Our seamless sets also come in 6 colourways, meaning that there is a co-ord for everyone. Plus, with our brand ever evolving and looking for the next best product, we are sure that more seamless content will be on its way to you. With more ranges, colours, and styles in the pipeline, LOVALL are bringing you the best of the best in all things seamless.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of LOVALL Seamless Collections!

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Lucy - Height: 5'9.5 | Wearing Size 18 Tall

Curve Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Oatmeal Beige

Curve Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Oatmeal Beige

Olivia Bowen- Height: 5'5 | Wearing Size 10 Regular

Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Sage Green

Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Sage Green

Olivia Bowen- Height: 5'5 | Wearing Size 10

Ultimate Seamless Bralette - Teal Blue

Ultimate Seamless Bralette - Teal Blue

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Deep Mauve

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Deep Mauve

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Deep Mauve


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