Reveal Your Star Power: Embracing Celebrity-Inspired Fitness Fashion

Reveal Your Star Power: Embracing Celebrity-Inspired Fitness Fashion


There is a star in every woman, all you need to do is release it.
Well known women who are keeping things real, grounded, and realistic are the ones we should be looking up to. That’s why, at LOVALL, we collaborate with women who align with what we believe in. And that’s being empowered!

Women to Look Up To

Reveal your own star power by embracing the styles of those celebrities you trust most.

Model poses in the Navy Empower Leggings Set by LOVALL.

Celebrity-inspired fashion does not need to be about getting the ‘next best thing’ that every other person is talking about. But instead about finding those women you look up to and being inspired by their style, real opinions, and try-ons. If you love the women you’re watching on your TV or socials, you’re likely to love the brands she works with too.

This is particularly true when it comes to gym wear. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when everyone in the public eye is talking about going to the gym 3 times a day. But the women you really want to be listening to, are those who understand real life.

Fitness celebrities, UK, don’t have to be those who have a six-pack and enter body building competitions. Instead, they can be the women who are inspiring others to get moving, not just for their body but for their mental health. They’re the women we love to hear from at LOVALL.

Dani Dyer wears the Graphite Empower Set by LOVALL.

Dani Dyer is an incredible example of a woman who believes in other women, no matter their shape, abilities or position in life. She’s been loving LOVALL since she was pregnant, and now works with us to bring you the best, most flattering gym wear for real women. The Empower Collection.

Get Empowered

The Empower Collection is made up of gym tops for women, sports jackets, gym leggings, and even flared leggings. It’s all about wearing what makes you feel good when you move. Whether that’s going to the gym or just on a daily walk around your local park. However you like to get moving, the Empower Set is fit for the job.

Dani Dyer wears the Black Empower Set in a Yoga class full of other women.

That’s the ethos Dani came to LOVALL with. To create a set that empowers women and is supported by female celebrities who understand that need to be supported by a community. It’s not just about celebs in leggings, in fact it is not to do with celebs in leggings at all. Instead, it captures the real opinions and feedback of those women that we look up to, and works to spread this empowering message to all those women who need the love and support most.

Dani Dyer worked with our designers to create the set. From concept through to execution, Dani and like-minded women were on hand to trial, test, and improve the designs until the final product was just right. It might be celebrity-inspired fitness fashion, but it comes from understanding the true wants of women, and has been brought to life by the experts who know how to take the idea of empowerment and turn it into gym outfits for women.

Women Advocates

Dani Dyer is the face behind our Empower Collection. She worked tirelessly with our team to make it into a reality. But beyond Dani, other incredible women have been a part of the LOVALL journey and the Empower journey.

Olivia Bowen wears the Seamless Set in Sage Green by LOVALL.

For years now female celebrity, Olivia Bowen, has collaborated with LOVALL. Again, she stands for what LOVALL is all about. Real women with real lives, seeking fashion that works for them. Olivia Bowen worked with us from pre-motherhood, through her pregnancy, and still to this day is an advocate of LOVALL. She is the name behind our celebrity fitness gym / athleisure range, the Seamless Collection. Built for everyday wear, and for your light fitness activities, this set is a bestseller and was brought to you by Olivia and the LOVALL team.

Woman wears the Black Empower Top and Leggings, she laughs with other women in a yoga class.

We are also loving the looks that @lottietomlinson, @kirstyannemarr, @nevertoobold_, @curvynyome, @monicarudd, @jessontheplussize, and loads more incredible women, are creating using LOVALL pieces. Whether that be cute fitness outfits, or everyday looks. All shared on their social media, to show you the best ways to dress your wardrobe staples from LOVALL.

Follow and be inspired by women you admire!

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